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In the Coils of Battle.


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Church Property,.


Church Property,. r- T TRANSFERRING GLEBE LAND. At the meeting of the County Council' on A\ ednesday, a communication was considered from the Welsh Church Com- missioners stating they were advised that a clause in the Welsh Churc h Act was now operative anti that they had already received a number of applications for their consent in regard 10 transactions in glebe land. which would ultimately be transferred to County Councils. Owing to certain technicalities the Commission- ers found that unless some arrangement i*. as made all sales of .ancient glebe land under the Act must be foregone until after the date ox Disestablishment, and possibly altogether. The Commissioners had therefore e. t,-> • the matter to all the Welsh county councils and suggest that they should consent yO the holding of any movie's hecomlug payable under the section in th-- /ct bv the Com- missioners in trust, fcr the Conutv Coun- cils until the date of Disestablishment. In moving th> the County Council ac- quiesce in the suggestion. Mr. Morvyn Povl said it d a difh. ulty which the owneis c; the p' ipertv might fed at the p:y-ent time, and aUo remove a technicality T .th regard to the t ans- lerence of that property to the Cojnty Council. He thought every member of the Coun;]]. whatever denominate r he belonged to, would see the rev euabie- ness of the suggestion. Aid. Ben EVaus asked the the County Council. had a vo-ic- in v-i,. sale of the propert. nune'rot; he the money came to the County Cwatscils and therefore it was o.ily fair that they should have some veiee "I the S: iiing and in seeing tl Ilk sale wa-- realized to the best advantage. The Clerk (Mr. J. W. Nichcla.-) saic his reply was "Ye." and that it was based on the s, et:?" Mr. Peel said County Councils he. no Commissioners existed. It was only after-the Commissioners ceased to ■■ xist that. County Councils had such power. Rev. Fuller Mills ;¡;-k"d for more time to consider the Commissioners' h tt e and it was referred to the fhu.rtce committee for a report.

Old Lad y am! her Money.