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IAppointment of Teachers

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Appointment of Teachers I QUESTION OF SALARY. J A meeting of the Borough Education Committee was held on Wednesday even- ing when Coun. J. Walter Thomas pre- sided, and there were present the Mayor (Aid. D. James 'Davies), Aid. Joseph Koberts, Ald. H. D. Rees, Mrs. Phillips, Councillors D R Jones, Thomas Jones, J. L. Jones, John Hughes, W. Powell Pees, Morgan Morgan, D. Jennings, and W. E. Clement. Nothing Fresh. Coun. J. L. JOBes asked whether any correspondence had been received regard- ing Mr. Dan F. Griffiths. The Clerk I have not heard anything I since I la.st reported to the Committee. Appcintment of Certificated Teachers. Seevn application were received for the appointment of two certificated teachers and it was decided to reduce the number to three in the first ballot, the result be- ing as follows;- Mr. J. Edgar Rees Maesteg (late J. l,Igar R-c?es -Nlac,,?teg (ILite Mr. Du. Powell, Neath (I;?c of 40.' (. d. i#(J\\l\H _Ll¡lt¡l .late 01 I J Lll;, n:) 11 C'orpl. Hiram E. Richards (iax-e of a i c Mr. J. Griffiths, Llausamlet 3 Mr. W. J. Harries. Port Talbot 2 Mr. Robert E. Bonllell, Holloway, I (late of Pwli) 1 I Mr. W. H. Mitchell, Abordiire 1 The final ballot resulted as follows:- Mr. David Powell a Corpi. Hijam E. Richards. 9 Corpl. E. J. Pees S I On the motion of the Chairman, Mr. PoweII and Corp!. Richards were ap- p 0 111 L- (I pointed A Que^ior. of Salary. Coun. Clement: What will be the salary paid to these teachers ? The Clerk: It depends what view the committee will take in the matter. A letter has been received from Mr. Powell with regard to the salary. In his letter \1r. Poweil drew the com- mittee's attention to tht! inadequate salary owing to the existing regulations, and asked them to recognize his seven years experience under other authori- ties. The Clerk said that at the last meet- ing of the Committee the minimum salary of the certificated and uncertifi- cated teachers was. raised according to what the Board of Education should be paid. The Mayor: According to cur scale we recognize previous service ? The Clerk: Y L' Aid. Roberts Isn't it three years that we recognize ? The Clerk: Y-. The. salary Coun. Jennings: I submit that he with the other should participate in the Fisher grant. Aid. Roberts: AVe cannot differentiate. Coun. Jennings: He would get a por- Ition of the Fisher grant if he remained at Neath. It was decided that the newly appointed teachers he paid according to scale. Aid. Roberts: In the event of Corpl. Richards being unable to get his dis- charge from the Army, I propose that Mr Pees be appointed. This was secon ded and agreed to. but it was stated that it was not anticipated there would be much difficulty in Corpl. Richards' case as he was in a very low category. Uncertificated Teachers. Nine applications were received for the appointment of two uncertificated teachers, and it was dccided to reduce the number to four in the first ballot after one had on account of her age been disqualified. The result of the first- ballot was as follows:— Miss Muriel D. Tanner, n;gyn rd. 13 Miss Keziah Charles. Sandy 10 M'ss M^. bel M. P;eho,ds, Coldstream street 8 Miss Rachel A. Bowcn, Sandy 6 .ris Arm:; Dr1\'i('" ni!I"l r('[!.t1  | Miss Am? Dnvr? B?g? r?n d o j Miss Sybil Richards, BIgyn road 5 j Mis? Ann)? L. St?phpn- Ponyfon st. 4 [ Miss Edith L. Evans, Bryn 1 In tno final. ballot the result was as follows Miss Muriel D. Tanner 11 Miss Mabel M. Richards 9 j Miss K. Charles 6 J Miss R. A. Bowen 2 I The Clerk formally moved that Miss Tanner and Miss Richards be appointed, j and this was agreed to. Coun. D. R. Jones: There is a great disparity between the average attend- ance and the accommodation at Bigyn I School. Coun. Jennings: Yes, but we cann'? I build new schools now. I A good cause. A letter was read from Mr. Pearson asking the committee to allow the distri- bution of envelopes at the various schools for the purpose of collecting for the purpose of collecting for the institu- tion for blinded soldiers. It was decided to accede to the appli- cation. Tender for Coal. It was resolved to accept the tender of Mr. Wpi. Eynon for the supply of coal.



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