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In the Coils of Battle.


Occasional Notes .—

Board of Guardians, -——.—


Board of Guardians, -—— — A meeting of the Board of Guardians was held on Thursday when Mr. W. Y. Nevill presided. A Sad Case. Lady Howard reported that she had not succeeded in finding a permanent home for an epileptic girl in the House. The girl had been sent to two institu- tions, and in each case they declined to keep her. In the second institution it was found necessary owing to the girl's behaviour to place one nurse entirely in her charge, and as the institution was understaffed they could not do so. The girl had since returned to the workhouse. The Board thanked Lady Howard for the interest she had taken in the case. A Woman's Removal. A letter was read from the Local Government Board regarding the re- moval of a woman to the Asylum, and stating that in future the relative should a lways be notified before such removals took place. Mr. Win. Pugh said the woman's hus- band had also seen him upon the matter. The man was much annoyed because he did not see any report of his having sup- • ported the written protest which he sent to the last meeting. Deaiituts Aliens. The Clerk acknowledged the receipt of J.¡a 19s. from the Government for the J j relief of. destitute aliens in the district. I 1 Improved Vagrancy Figures. I The Clerk called attention to the fact I that there was a further improvement- in the vagrancy quarterly returns. LH '.> ,L. v. A Special Operation. The minutes of the- Finance Committee shoved that it was recommended to pay: Dr. E. Evans for a special operation, and i:3 3s. for assistance in administering anaesthetics. The recommendations were adopted. Drapery Tenders. In moving the adoption of the minutes of the House Committee the Chairman (Lady Howard) called attention to the tenders for drapery, and said it had been suggested that a double quantity be ordered as fie prices were likely to rise and it would probably be more difficult to obtain what they required later on. Not desirable. A question arose as to the proposal to employ a lad under 13 years of age on a farm, and Lady Howard said the House Committee felt that it was not desirable that a boy of that age should be placed on a farm <1t£6 10s. I hey thought he should remain in the House until he was 14 years of age at least. It was decided that the boy should re- It (1(,cided tliit the I)oN- sl I nt tl,(, Sytcrsased Wages. Lady Howard said that in these days most of the time of Boards was occupied in considering applications for increased wages, and that Board did not seem to I bo an exception to the rule, but still if they wanted to retain their staff they had I to be prepared to pay as good wages as was being paid elsewhere. Applications for an increase had been received from i the cleaners and dressmaker. I At Bryntirion. I The Master reported that there were I V25 inmates in the House as compared with 140 for the corresponding period of last year. During the last week only five vagrants were dealt with. There was a decrease of 430 inmates during the last six mosths. I The Master reported that Lady Howard, Mr. Samuel Rees, Llangennech, and Mrs. Davies, Brynmair, had given various gifts to the sick. They were also indented to Lady Howard for giving the inmates a drive. j A vote of thanks was accorded the donors.

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