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*T'*3 The TribunalI


T 3 The Tribunal I ANOTHER BATCH OF APPEALS. I Nineteen cases were dealt with at the meeting of the Borough Tribunal on Thursday evening when the Mayor (Aid. D. James Davies) presided. The first appellant, David Griffiths, prouced a certificate to the effect that he was totally disabled and permanently dis charged. I Further inquiries. I Thomas J. Thomas, who had been twice discharged from the Army, again appeared, and Lieut. Ingrams said that if the man started at the Steelworks be- fore May last, he would be entitled to a protection card. It was decided to make further in- quiries I A Russian Subjet.. I I On re-examination a Russian subject named J. Saper, was reduced from Class I A to C 2, and he now appealed on busi- ness grounds. Replying to Mr. J. Lewis Phillips, who represented him, appellant said he was a, glazier and picture framer, and carried on business in Station road. He had a contract at a munitions factory which would take him six months to complete. The Mayor: How long has he been in business ? Appellant: Before the war began. Lieut. Ingrams: Why did you attest ? Appellant: Simply to do my duty. I do not ask to be totally exempted now; I shall be prepared to join on the com- pletion of my contract. Lieut. Ingrams: Then I agree to three months. The appeal was dismissed, the man not to be called up till the end of March. I For re-examination. Morton Every appealed on the ground of domestic hardship, and said he had two brothers and three adopted brothers in the Army. Mr. J. Lewis Phillips, who represented the appellant, asked that the man should be re-examined by the Medical Board and produced a medical certificate. The application was acceded to, the case being adjourned for a week. "Very Significant." Thomas Evans, a married man with three children, who had been classed A said that on re-examination he was placed in C 3. He v. as employed by Messrs. Ferriday. Lieut. Ingrams I don't think we want this man. Coun. E. Roberts: What Board ex- amined you when you were re-examined. Appellant: The same Board. Lieut. Ingrams: What significance is there attached to It ? Coun. M. R, R ichards It is very sig- nificant. Exemption was granted.. I Four Months. I Robert E Thomas (25), a married man, employed as a grocer and confectioner in the employ of his father, was appealed for by his employer, who was paralyzed. Lieut. Ingrams: I know there is as much hardship in your case as in any other, but you are young and in Class A. If I agree to a temporary exemption until March will you go then ? Appellant: It will be quite as im- possible as it is now. If I could possibly go I would have gone; you would not have had to ask me. Lieut. Ingrams In the House of Com- mons yesterday a member asked whether any guarantee could be given that wounded men should not be sent back to the Front, and the reply was that it de- pended entirely how many men wero placed at the disposal cf the Army by the recruiting authorities. It is very unfair to send wounded men who have three or four stripes back to the front while there I are men here who have not been in the Army at all. Postponed for four months. I "Nursing the Twins." Levi Evans (26), a married man with three children, said his protection card had been withdrawn. He was employed as a bricklayer. Lieut. Ingrams: This is not a case of exceptional hardship, is it ? Evans: Yes, as the children arc very small, including twins. Lieut. Ingrams: You don't want to send soldiers who have been wounded back again ?—N o, but if I have to go I shall have to break up my home. We are in a strange town, having come here from Fishguard. Is your father living by himself ?—Yes. What is he ?-A farmer. Who is assisting him now ?-A servant girl. Dismissed, the man not to be called up till Ifarch 31st. The Mayor: Can you join the V.B. in the meantime ? Appellant: It is impossible sir, as I am working night. The Mayor Nursing the twins I sup- pose ? (laughter). Eventually, appellant agreed to join Section D. of the V.B. Reclvors Davies, who was passed as "Class A potential," in appealing said he was 18 years of age. He asked for re- examination, Adjourned for a week for re-examin- ation. ..o.. F"

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