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Mother and hzx Children


Mother and hzx Children WRETCHED NEW DOCK STORY. I Talicsin Llewellyn, back of 14a, Stanley street, was charged at the Children's Court on Thursday with larceny, knlr. Thomas Jones in the chair. Mr Poolman, 66 New Dock road, fancy goods dealer, stated that on October 15, he had a number of combs and thimbles in the shop and missed some of them be- tween 9.45 and 10.15 a.m. He identified some of the articles prod uced. They were valued at 14s. 6lL Defendant had been seen continually playing about the door, and witness saw him in the shop on two occasions that morning. P.C. Connick stated that he charged the lad with the theft, and he said: "r did take them." Defendant handed over some of the stolen property and said "I took the combs home for my mother and sister to wear, and told them that the combs were foand in the back lane." Defendant pleaded not guilty, but ad- mitted that he handed the combs to the police officer, Mrs. Llewellyn stated that her husband was on active service. She had two daughters in employment and also re- ceived separation allowance. It was stated that the lad was unable to read or write, and did not attend school. Mrs. Llewellyn stated that five of her children were in the cottage homes. This one was 13 years of age. Mr Jones said he did not know whether this one also would not be better in a j heme. Here was a boy of 13 who could not read or write. Mrs. Llewellyn said one daughter earned 24s. to 30s. a week, and another 27s. She also received 36s a week Army allowance. For the maintenance of the children in the home a sum of 26s. a week is paid. Mr. Jones said that left an income of -E3 2s. The Bench dismissed the case on pay- ment of 20s..6d. towards the costs, and placed the boy on prnh.t;()1J, Mrs. Llewellyn I do not think I shall I pay anything at all. Supt. Jones said the woman was con- tinually about the streets. Mrs. Llewellyn That is more than you can say. Supt. Jones You have been seen about the public houses. Mrs. Llewellyn: It's a very funny thing I have never been charged. The Clerk: You have I t days to pay ..i-A then the law will take its course. t Mrs. Lkwdlyn I pay.

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.Liineliau Croesaw I

Clarke's the Man.




*T'*3 The TribunalI

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