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:-J3. ¡; -?- S 11 ? (' '?% !? 1I ?? eJ 9 1 ? Ct, ,?.- ?- ———— á i>uY s> ii kA.'i.'na" i Oi j_r>iiEAK. i-I" ) Y,  -i, I- 1  AT LL-vN ELL f. Leslie V\ ell s, AIs street, at the Juvenile Court was charged on remand with being ound oil enclosed premises on October liiiud. ilieiv 1.1re three other cuarges of lireakiiig and entering. Mr. T. U, LudiOid appeared for the defence. P.C. Kennedy said that at 6.15 a.m. on Oct. 22nd, he was at the back of Stepney street when he saw the defend- ant climbing a wall connected with 66, Stepney street. W. J. Beynon was pass- ing at the time, and witness posted him to keep watch at the back door of No. 68, whilst witness went into i\o. 64. When witness came out he saw Beynon on the wail. Beynon shouted to some- one inside, "it's all I-e (-01-- lared." \Útness then forced open the back door oi No. GS and found defendant had made to the back of No. 6-1. fit- ness went there and found him concealing himself. On the way to the Police station cieiendant prod uced a broken breakfast knife. On searching him the Police Station witness found a pocket knife, a box of Vigoral cubes, and a part oi a packet or Speaker's Cachov.-s. W lien charged defendant said "I will tell you about Only Thursday morning I was in Allegri's. I took one packet of 50 B.D.Y. cigarettes, aud of o0 i orchbgio C'lga.ic,tlé:, three packets cf cachousa t'our packets of chewing one I-ni) three till* I, Yigord cubes. I was there twice in Aliegri's. I had three packets of Chiek- ie is on F rid ay morning. That is the stuff for the two mornings. I was in the eh: em a on \I,!lC<{.1¡I' night and I saw a picture, and from what I saw in the pictures I went to Allegri' s shop on Thursday nn]'njl1g.' Dealing with the other charges, the officer stateu that he preiera.. d two charges against defendant of breaking and entering No. 68, Stepney street, and (. iiniULtiOg a tluljY and also wr.n a.t- t nipt ing to break into the shop on an- other date. Defendant said "1 will tell you (.(11<1 :uüt it. and then maue the s t a te m e u t. For the 'di-fei.ee, Mr. Ludford said the most extraordinary part of the case was that there was nothing known against the boy before, but lie seemed to have broken ovi. suddenly. l't. is clearly a case in which your worships Trill be able 1: y-dg~ < 1", effect which the strong im- ression that pictures had upon the soft and plasti'* mmd of a boy of 13. It is '?tU-.h '? .ew him en to do taiiigs of this ia- Ci 1-?, I to blame. W--> --et the trap and he takes the ?(,t t?,o t r:t ?l, e the iv uch having referred to the bad rueet of -.< ■ on dis- missed the cases on payment of £ 2 to- ware! s the costs.

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