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i Girls' County School.

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i Girls' County School. THE PRIZE LIST. -& The list of Welsh Central Board successes at the Intermediate School has already been published in the "Star." Appended is the prize list:- Gold Medal (presented by tite Mayor of Llanelly): Mildred Gwenllian Jones. Form VI.a.—1, Mildred Jones; 2, Dorothy Thomas. Form VI. b.-I, Elsa John; 2, Olive Powell. Form V. a.l, Jessie Greene; 2, Victoria Timothy. Form V. b.—1, Beryl Lewis; 2, Blsie Glassonbury. Form IV. a.—1, Kate Hughes; 2, Rachel Rees. Form IV. b.-I, Bronwen Harries; 2, Dorothy Brock. Form IV. c.—1, Gwen Harries; 2, Annie Every. Form III. a.-I, Alice Godsell; 2, Mary Thomas. Form III. b.—1, Margaretta Gwynne 2, Irene Bowen. Form III. c.-I, Hattie Jenkins; 2, Hettie Davies. Form II. a.—1, Margaret James; 2, Elsie Jones. Form n. b.-I, Violet Griffiths; 2, Millie Jones. Form II. c.—1, Gwyneth Davies; 2, Grace Phillips. ENGLISH. (Given by Harry D. Evans, Esq.). Form 6a.—-Mildred Jones, Dorothy Thomas. Form 6b.-Enid White. Form 5a.- Vic-ioria Timothy. Form 5b.-Beryl Lewis, MyfanwyJohn Form 4a.-Elsie Gaudern. Form 4b.—Bronwen Harries, Elaine Form 4c.—Gwen Harries. Form 3a.—Alice Godsell. Form 3b.-Sibyl Evans. Form 3c.—Florence Davies. Form 2a.—Elsie Jones. Form 2b.—Ceinwen Thomas. Form 2c.—Violet Hancock. WELSH. (Given by Lady Howard). Form 5.-Hilda Williams. Form 4.—Elsie Treharne and Elizabeth Jones. Form 3.—Eunice Jones. Form 2.—Millie Jones. FRENCH. (Given by Lady Howard). Form 6a.—Dorothy M. Thomas. Form 6b.—Enid White. Form oa.—Jessie Greene. Form 5b.—Beryl Lewis. Form 4.-Bessic Lerigo, Elaine Ungoed Form 3a.-Alice Godsell, Mary Rees. Form 3b.-Sybil Evans. Form 2a.—Elunid Morris. Form 2b.—Millie Jones. Form 2c.—Gwyneth Davies. SPECIAL. • Scripture.-Hilda Williams (given by the Old Girls' Association). Mathematics (Upper School).—Mildred Tones (Middle School): Bronwen Harris (gi'en by Miss C. Davies M.A., head- mistress). Needlework.-Bi-onwen Harries (given by Miss B. Havard). Cookery.—Alice Godsell (given by Mrs Jenkyn Lloyd). Latin.—Dorothy Thomas (given by Miss *G. Morgan, B.A.). Drill (Upper School).—Beryl Lewis; (Middle School) Kathleen Evans; Lower School) Myrtle Williams (given by Miss Y. Cook). Drawing (Upper School) .-Dorothy Bath; (Middle School): Kate Hughes; (Lower School) Edith Lyall (given by flPenry Roger Thomas, Esq.). Games.—Helen Jones. Photography.—Dorothy Brock: (holiday work).

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