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Big Increase for Teachers…


Big Increase for Teachers ALLOCATION OF THE FISHER GRANT. | A special meeting of the Borough Edu- cation Committee v.-as held on Wednesday evening for the purpose of revising the scale of teachers' salaries, and at the outset the Chairman (Coun. J. Walter Thomas) suggested that the members should first of all look over the scheme prepared by the clerk whereby it was pro- posed to allocate the supplementary grant allowed by Mr. Fisher, the President of the Local Government Board. He (the Chairman) suggested that for the moment the Committee should not consider the question of revising the scale of salaries but that they should confine themselves to the one concrete proposal before them, viz.. the allocation of the special grant. The Clerk's scheme showed that it ap- plied to 43 males and 129 females. The proposed increase varied from £ 50 to £10 per annum, according to length of ser- vice. The total increase amounted to £ 5,175 per annum, but there was also a sum of JE120 required to raise the salary of certain teachers to the Govern- ments suggested minimum, bringing the total to £ 5,295. It was further suggested that the war bonus which cost £1,372 an- nually should be merged in the increase, leaving £ 3,923 to be provided. Ald. H. D. Rees: Is it understood that in discussing this matter we are going to consider the withdrawal of the present war bonus ? The Chairman: The Clerk has men- tioned in the scheme what that would mean. Ald. Rees: I take it that the statement which the Clerk has prepared is simply based on the claims put forward by the representative of the N.U.T. ? The Chairman That is so, sir. I would have the committee understand that Mr. Fisher does not ask you to allocate the £ 4,000. Coun D. Jennings: But it is wiser to do so. Coun. W. E. Clement: If we grant the teachers ;C4,000 this year, we shall be able to get a grant of C6,200 next year. Because of the accumulative effect it pays us to spend as much as possible on teachers' salaries. The Chairman: You will also have to decide from what date you are going to spend this money. The Clerk It has to be from April 1st J last. The Mayor: Then we shall have to be careful. Coun. Jennings: As far as I under- stand it the idea is to allocate this money and then appoint a committee to go in into the revision of the scale of salaries. I take it that the new sc&W of «nlarie-9 would then come into operation on April 1st next. After further discussion, Coun. Jen- nings proposed that the figures as sug- gested by the clerk be accepted. There was now a general feeling that the educa- tional autnorities throughout the country had to treat the teachers in a proper and fair spirit. Unless good inducements were given to persons to enter the teach- ing profession they would not do so. Furthermore, those who had been in the profession for some time deserved the suggested increase as they had served the town and country well on the pay- ment of small salaries. The scheme would mean a total cost of £ 3,823. At the pre- sent time there were anomalies in the present scale cf salaries, and in moving the adoption of the Clerk's scheme he proposed that the new Committee which would come into existence in November should be asked to take in hand imme- diately the consideration of a new scale of salaries for the teachers of the town which should come into operation on April 1st next. The Mayor seconded the motion. Aid Rees: I should like Coun. Jennings to indicate precisely what he means. Coun. Jennings: I mean that the amounts as set out by the clerk of an in- crease of ilO to each teacher plus long service grants which amount in all to £1,175 should be paid. Ald. Rees: Then I contend that you are paying C4,000 plus the war bonus. Coun. Jennings: 'Ye shall be paying £ 4,000 plus a part of the war bonus. Aid. R-ees: I only want to make it clear that you are giving an increase of £ 1,295 above the grant assuming it to be £ 4,000. Coun. Jenning: But we are already paying £ 1,372 as a war bonus. Eventually it was decided to increase the pre-war salaries by £5,295, and also to ask the new committee to consider im- mediately the revision of the scale of salaries and to take at the same time the salaries of the administrative staff. It was further decided to increase the salaries of the student teachers to JE30 per annum in respect of males and £ 26 for females.

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