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-Clarke's the Man. - "-


Clarke's the Man. Tremendous crowds visited the Llanelly Cinema to see the picture of Saturday's great reception to Sergt. Ivor Rees, V.C. Many, many familiar faces are shown on the screen, and it is most ? ??sti? ng ?to recognize them. Clarke is Xto hST,tQ~- 7 «s ?-?i« :+:. ????? From  next ?eek a picture ??to  West to H.?,i/  '?'? ?- titled, "A MnmV 'S screene d en- titled, "A ??nn;. ? ?'? Romance." The artistes in picture ?-- ? the best, ?r"' ? '?-? P?.ture ,?-usbVeis?t Hopson ^he heroine, J'in? whilst by the kind nerirn* ? ? A. Whitehead, of the °f A" hwd Aircraft Co ?? C88r*- Wh^- most inf,?, ,,?,? Mr n, ee ? most intrepid airman, 1fr. H. Syke< In this n!m, which eht ? ??? ?. ?' ""? -? c?te?t, ? expect the local ??ion workers will l0CaI ™Bnition o-0 to ,vatch tws  F • pretty o. Fatty's ?r"—?'?,?" a Ctoema" 2. also be seen r, rom I'll v t fine lie drama, is hilled. "Tilly AVak-es ?p" ?n cause m:my ?arty laugh, and "The Trail ? ? ?' a classy dr.mn. and "The T.  „ Lonesome Pill" is part of an ?cell"e?°" programme. The hall is Open daily from 2.30 to 10.30 p.m. .v. Jf