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Prepaid Advertisements A HALF-PENNY A WORD. One Three Insertion Insertions 12 words 0 o. 1 0 I' 16 words 0 8 1 4 20 words 0 10 1 8 24 word* 1 0 2 0 10 words 1 3 2 6 This applies only to prepaid advertise- ments. Advertisements not paid for w hen ordered will be charged extra. The Publishers do not guarantee the insertion of an advertisement in any specified issue, or all, and will not be liable for any loss occasioned by the failure of an advertisement to appear in I any specified issue, or at all. They also 'I reserve the right to refuse insertion of an advertisement. Whilst great pains are taken to secure accuracy, the PublisWs would impress upon advertisers the need for legible writing. In any case they only insert advertisemei-its upon the condition that thev do not accept responsibility for in- accuracies, nor for any consequence arising therefrom. MISCELLANEOUS. WANTED Second-hand FURNITURE ?? Bicycles, Gramophones, Old Gold and Silver, etcs., etc. In fact, we buy (and .sell) anything that has any value. Whole houses of Furniture bought outright; distance no object.—Silverstone, 35-36, Murray street, Llanelly. BSSRS. M. PASTER, Buyers for ?L Prompt Cash of Cast-oS Clothing, Boots and Shoes, etc.-21, Station road, Llanelly. Send postcard. DOMESTIC SERVANTS. w A-N-TED, young GUlL, between 16 ( and 18; Welsh preferred. Apply, Star Office. WANTED, immediately, NURSE- MAID, not under 18 years of age; comfortable home and good wages to suitable person. Apply, Box 33, Star Office. GOOD General SERVANT Wanted; Galso young Gl, ai NuTse. App)y, Mrs. C. G. Ace. Murray street. WANTED, at oace, experienced GENERAL for a good home; small family; g*od wages. Apply, Mrs. Ivoi- Wilfiams, Brig-y-don, Old rd., Llanelly. WANTED, a NURSE GIRL, from S to 3 daily. Apply, Star Offioe. WANTED, by respectable V;cman, Offices to clean, or daily work. Apply, Star Office. WANTED immediately, a re?pc?tt ble w DAY GIRL, about 16. Apply,- "Wingfield," 12, Coldstream street. GOOD General SERVANT Wanted. Apply, Mrs. Randeil, Hall street, Llaaelly. WANTED, a good GENERAL. Ap- ply, Mrs. Gwilym Price, 4, Goring road. -1T7ANTED, a young GIRL, 16 to 18; able to Milk. A14ply Mrs. Williams, Pen-y-fan, Llanelly. Utr ANTED, good GENERAL; willing to assist in Bar; two in family.— Mrs. Hughes, Bryn terrace Hotel. WANTED, a GENERAL. Apply Mrs J. Whittington, 10, Great Western Crescent. SITUATIONS. WANTED, immediately, LADY AS- SISTANT for Drapery and Boots; Welsh desirable; Union rate 01 wages paid to competent person. Apply not later than Wednesday, October 10th. giving full particulars to Committee Co- operative Society, Burry Port. "INTELLIGENT GIRL. aged Ii, re- quires situation in Office; no ex- perience; willing to learn. Apply, D.T., Star Office. T -j "ITTANTED, inmuV.hti'-] X i STOKERS AND General LABOURERS Apply, Llanelly Gas Co. TO LET.—MISCELLANEOUS. N '?REHO -USE at Sta- TO LET, large WAREHOUSE at Sta- tion road, Burry Port; suit any business. Apply, T. Davies, Cloth Mart, Burry Port. BUILDING LAND TO LET; 999 years -° Lease; within 2 minutes from tram terminus Felinfoel; no borough rates. Apply, Evan Thomas, Westfa, Llanelly. TO LET—BUILDING LAND, Ty'rfran -L side of Pare Howard. For full particulars, apply Messrs. Roderick and Richards, Solicitors and Es.tate Agents, 2a, Thomas street, Llanelly. t OR 8AÏE, FOR SALE.—FARM, 40 acres, Mid- reader!able offer refused. B«;v. mug street, Llanoily. TYPEWRITERS; Yost, Remington, ..1. 1. l.1.l.L. .1 _v' b 'IL.I., and other makes for Sale, cheap- 43, Albert street, Llanelly. FOR SALE, Pekingese DOG (prize- winner). Apply, 16, Christopher street, Llanelly. I 7vi OTOR BICYCLE for Sale, 3* h.p., l'J.. in perfect condition. Apply.— "Cycle," Star Office. XI OR SALE, several useful PONIES, 3 to 5 years old; reasonable price.— Wilkins, 16, Goring road. EVER YTHING in Stock in Household Ironmongery, including Mangles, large and Table Mangles, Lamps and Stoves, Blowers, Fire Guards, Fenders, and Coal Vases; Portable Boilers; also Bicycles, both Gents and Ladies, all at lowest prices. I SPECIALLY INVITE YOU TO INSPECT MY LARGE STOCK, D. Hughes, Ironmonger, Station Road. APARTMENTS. rpwo Furnished ROOMS Vacant, Glen- alia district. Apply "Towey," Star Office. TWO Unfurnished ROOMS to Let, for young married couple. Apply, E.T. Star Office. ANTED Comfortable APART- MENTS for gentleman; use of bath. State terms and particulars to Box 2, Star Office. mo LET, near Market, Bedroom and — Sitting Rooms; suit young lady. Write "Rooms," Star Office. OITTING and Bedroom, suitable for — married couple and gentleman dining out. Apply, Star Office. LOST AND FOUND. "VTTTLL the Person who picked wp a HANDBAG in Vint's Palace on Wednesday, Sept. 26th, please return to the owner whose name and address will be foixid on card inside, or to Star Office. Finder rewarded. It's a long, Song way TO 90 TO FIND A CHEAPER PLACE FOR —— Writing Padsi THAN THE Star StationeryStores VAUGHAN STREET. <84 Commercial School '0 ARCADE CHAMBERS, LLANELLY. Re-opening1 After Summer Vacation. AUGUST 27th, 1917. COMMERCIAL TRAININC at the abovo School is directed by Experts. Courses include:— HIGH SPEED IN SHORTHAND. TOUCH TYPEWRITING. BOOK-KEEPING. COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC. BUSINESS METHODS. COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE. LANGUAGES. Over 100 positions in Llanelly and dis- trict for this year up to date. Banks, Corporations, Professional and Commercial Houses are still making in- quiries. DAY AND EVENING CLASSES. For further particulars, apply the Head- master, Mr. E. T. Rees, or the Head- mistress, Mips L. M. Baries. Stop! and Read this." THEN ENTER FOR THE  r ?Q?'???yQ  Gi and Carnival Which will be held On October 20th, 1917, (Weather permitting). In Aid of the Ladies' V.A.D. Detachment and the St. John Ambulance Brigade. 8 JrDGES :-Ir. E. M. Dickens, Miss Davies, Lakefield School, Mr. and Mrs. 8 W. T. Morris, Mr. Owen (Owen and Bowser), Mrs. Gollingridge, Mr. and 6 ili-s. Williams, Plas, Llanxon. I PROGRAMME. § PROCi=:AMME. 1st 2nd Entrance- I » d s d Fee I 1. Best Equestrian If 6 5 0 1 0 2. Best Trade Exhibit 21 0 10 6 2 0 1 3. Tableaux 21 0 10 6 2 0 8 I' 4. Gents' Comic Band (not less than if in number) 15 0 7 6 2 0 | 5. Ladies' Fancy Costume 10 8 50 063 6. Ladies' Humorous Costume 10 6 5 0 0 6 I 7. Keystone Policeman. 7 6 36 0 6 8. Children's Tableaux (not more than 10 in iamrsbei-) 10 fi 5 0 1 0 I 9. Boys' Fancy Dress (under 16 years of age) 7 6 3 6 0 6 1 Humorous Dress do. 7 6 3 6 0 C 11. Impersonation of "John Bull" 10 6 5 0 0 6 jj 12. Kirls' Fancy Dress (under 16 years of age) 7 6 3 6 0 6 1 13. Girls' Humorous Dress do. 7 6 3 6 0 6 1 | 14. Ladies' Comic Band (not less thanl2 in number, for I J Munition Workers only) 15 0 7 6 2 0 jj | 15. Impersonation of Charlie Chaplin. 5 0 2 0 0 6 | jj 16. Gents' Fancy Dress 10 6 50 1 0 1 5 17. Gents' Humorous Dress 10 6 a 0 1 0 § | 18. Best Humorous Dress (confined to wounded soldiers a only) 7 6 3 6 Free. | J | 19. Boys' Comic Band ,under 14 years of age, not less < than 10 in number) 10 6 5 0 1 0 I | 20. Best Decorated Bicycle or Motor Cycle 10 6 5 0 1 0 1 I Best Collector, Boy or Kirl (under 14 years of age) 2 6 1 63rdl 0 p Best Collector. Lady or Kent 5 0 2 6 I An additional Prize of 5s. will be given to the Lady or Gent., who collects the highest amount ever 8 jj ROUTE.—Town Hall, Station Road, Ann Street, Wcrn Road, William St., f I Park Street, Vaughant Street, West End, Coleshill Terrace, Town Hall Square | I Stepney Street, Market Street, Murray Street to Drill Hall. For further particulars, and Entries, apply to the Joint J enerl Secretaries jj | Mr. W. J. Evans, 45, Coldstream St., Llanelly, and Mr. E. D. Jenkins, | I £ danm?r Founds'. a iJ .?.   ?S?????t??ESS???ms??&?S??????? Peglerr'Stores 1 ? Ltd., Lianelly. 1 s THE FIRM THAT LOWERS PRICES FIRST. 1 ? Make Peglers' Stores Your Sugar 1 ? ?? *i  Retailer. I ? Under Lord Rhondda's Scheme, the | ? Food omce will issue a SUGAR CARD gj  to each Householder after the 5th 1 ? October. § ? The Scheme does not Snally come in- g to operation until the 30th December. j| ? Householders must register with j| ? their Grocer or Provision Merchant, S I and leave with him a portion of the || Card issued by the FoodOSiee. |j ? Householders are free to select their I ? Own Grocer or Provision Merchant ft I | Feelers' Stores, Ltd., welcome Lord 1 Rhondda's Scheme, and will do all in || ? their power to make it a success. S Peglers' Stores, Ltd., have now jS opened at each of their Branches a | register for the names and addresses I of their customers. ■ ? Householders should now registep i N their names and addresses at the g j nearest Branch. H Bring your Card to Peglers' Stores, Ltd., 1 ? as soon as you receive it. I PeglersStores B g P,Ier.s | Ltd. Llanelly. EVERY MOTHER SAYS that Gower's Our Babies' SSuw, yU\ ur a..1 p Mixi? ,00.J i' ¿' r. V 1. Is the Best and Safest Medicines for Wind, Gripes, Restlessness, &e. FISST DOSE RELIEVES I TRY IT 7 £ d. per BOTTLE. jold only by John Gower, M.P.S., (from London and Cheltenham), 'The People'a Chemist, 14, Vaughan Street, Llanelly. Paper Tray Cloths, Supper Cloths, and I Lace TabJe Cloths, at an prices.-Star Stationery Stores. Money Lent. DAVID DAVIDSON FINANCIER, Makes Cash Advances Privately and promptly from £ 3 upwards to respectable householders at reasonable rates of interest. Distance no object. Eaey repayments to suit convenience of borrowers. Mortgages arranged. Apply person lly or by letter to The Manager, CLIFTON HOUSE, Queen Victoria Road, LLANELLY. 66 Gymry, Deweti at y Cymro." Good Jewellery at Mode rate Charges, ,,¡ If/ ) j' W. j. THOMAS )\ ,ff. W j). 1 j !??.? l"IQ7¡  ) (THE MAN OF THE HOUR),   t ?'T????? ?? ?? s  ?? J ? ??? ??AV ??? ?? ? ??s y Jo- wcl'er, Is Noted for Choice, Beautiful, and Really Good Jewellery at Moderate Charges, AND WATCHES OF PROVED RELIABILITY WEDDING, KEEPER, and DIAMOND RINGS a Speciality. CHAINS, BANGLES, CHARMS, AND LADIES' TOILET REQUISITES. A Present given with each Lucky Wedding Ring. SILVER DISHES, CRUETS, etc., FOR THE TABLE. SPECIAL TERMS FOR GOLD and SILVER CUPS, WATCHES, CHAINS, MEDALS, BADGES, etc., FOR PRESENTATION. INSPECTION COR DIALLY JNVITED. 'r'?.?'T" ?'? ¡"'oJ  EXCHANGE BUILDINGS, Park Street L ?. w, 6 4 & ?U?Li?U?t?O? ??i? !jli???. OUR DAY. A FLAO DAY A ?srL? ?.?? /? D A Y To be held by the LADIES' FLAG DAY COMMITTEE (President: Lady Howard). On October the 13th, Proceeds to he given to the Red Cross I working Overseas. This movement has the best wishes of the King, Queen, and Queen Alexandra. Red Cross expenditure and good works of every kind havo recently risen to a level of £ 250,000 a month, and the money is spent in minimising suffering. To buy and wear a Red Cress emblem ?n October 1st will be an outward sign I iN I 't ,,u -u o-Liti? s'g-n of sympathy. PRIZE DRAWING. DRAWING for Jchn Parker farther postponed to November 3rd, for re- -urn of books and duplicates.—. J. Morris, Secretary. j Cruet Papers, suitable for 3, 4, and 8 j bottle Cruets; 4^d., 6 £ d., and 7 £ d.— j Star Stationery Stores. No. Name. Age. Address. Group or Class. 1 JWAES, P. 31 41 or 7, New Dock road, Llanelly. C. 12 2 Walsh, M. 32 56, New street, Burry Port C 13 3 McKenna, T. 23 43, Coronation road, Llanelly C 4 4 Baker, John 31 London House, Thomas street, Llanelly. C. 12 o Hester, AVin. Ernest 32 Mowberry and Co., Contractors, H.M. Factory, Hereford G. 13 G Burlison, R. M. :2- 27, Bridge road, Saltley ••• G. 9 7 Hill, A. 42 G, Park street, Llanelly, or 45, Biddulph road, Tunstall, Staffs. G. 46 8 Quam, Anthony 24 17, Nevill street, Llanelly C. 5 9 Griffiths, M. 2, East Cottage, Burry Port 10 Galvin, Jerry 37 31, Dolau road, Llanelly C. IS 11 Doyle, Pat 37 31, St. David's street, Llanelly C. IS 12 White, Charles 3G 7, Colby road, Burry Port G. 40 13 Lewis, Reuben 35 Llanacron, Pembrcy • G. 39 14 Hull, Albert 40 3, Market Place, Llanelly C. 21 15 Li'(' John 42 p, 'Western street, Swansea G. 23 I C, Humphreys, John 38 3, Sand field row, Burry Port G. 19 17 Messenger, Cecil 28 19, Parkyminos"street, Burry Port C. 19 I a-,iy of above-named is invited to do so, either peisonaliy or by letter, to the neare-st Recruiting Officer. The names of the individuals giving such information will on no account be disclosed.

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