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Lieutenant's Tragic Death


To Burry Port Pacifists.


To Burry Port Pacifists. WHY WE ARE FIGHTING. (From today's "Burry Port Star." Pacifism is gaining ground in the country, and it is snarling at Burry Port, and like many snarling dogs it can't al- ways be got at. Last week we had something to say about the conspicuous absence of ministers from the War Aims meeting, And we referred to the "pieties" "heard time after time at the English Baptish Church." I "Behind the Times." I The Rev. D. J. Thomas has retaliated In one convincing slash he has disarmed us; with a powerful, swiping argument he has rendered us prostrate. We are now waiting to be buried What did he say ? This-that those who write as we did are "behind the times In that case the rev. gentleman has not yet been born His paltry "reply" is a sample of the utter weakness of the whole pacifist case. This argument is that all war is wrong and that because it is hateful it should be stopped now. Mr. Asquith,—who knows something about the war, not so much, probably as the Rev. Thomas, but still, something-says: "W e are fighting for peace." War is hateful, true. It is a crime and an abomination. But, as the world stands to-day-not as we wish it stood, or as it will stand in forty years' time—war is sometimes inevitable, and the lesser of two evils Did we wish, will, plan, or help to force the war upon humanity ? We challenge Mr Thomas to prove that, anywhere he likes. What is his alternative policy to the one this country, honourably and nobly carried out in August, 1914 ? Would he have stood aside to see Belgium and France crushed to the dust Would he look on at the impending disintegration of the Empire which affords him, through the heroic and continuous efforts of its soldiers and sailors, opportunities to prattle arrant nonsense and tantalising humbug from the pulpit ? Does he look upon the murderers of Nurse Cavell, Captain Fryatt, and of the passengers of the Lusitania as his brother-Christians ? If he does, let him read "Degenerate Germany," by Henry de Halsalle. It only costs Is. Perhaps,—but we are doubtful, for argument, sense, and an appeal to humanity are wasted upon crazy pacifists —he might then leave the dream world of his snugly complacent and roseate visions, and descend into the world of hard fact, clear reason—and the things that matter Meanwhile we beg to inform him that we are highly amused at his attempts "to state a case," and that we intend to steer a straight course despite his "hurricane" of rhetoric Another "Charge." I There is another colleague of Mr. Thomas whose views are somewhat "peculiar." We refer to the Rev. R. Ellis Williams. From the pulpit at Tabernacle on Sunday he, with more vehemence than wisdom, denounced those who "spoke at street corners or wrote to the papers" about peace-in the strain we have written about it-and he went on to declare that such attempts were con- trary to the teachings of Scripture. The real Christians, we presume then, are the pacifists and conscientious objectors If that is so, we say, and say seriously, heaven help Christianity The real peace- makers to-day are the soldiers and the sailors. The men who are doing, in a day, more for religion and Christianity than noisy fulminations from the pulpit can do in years, are those who are keep- ing the foul Hun at bay I Are they better ? Does Mr. Williams suppose that the pacifists are actuated by purer or more idealistic motives than, say, President Wilson ? Would a man of Wilson's in- tegrity and moral worth have pledged the whole might of the Great Republic if this were a war, on our part, for anything else than the lofty motives, we contend, actuated our participation ? The ques- tion has only to be asked to be answered The men who want the war finished as honourably as it was started are not lovers of war or blood-lusters, as some of the devout persons with a marked mental squint would suggest. No sane man lives who does not desire peace No sane man lives who does not desire the proper kind of peace Has Germany shown a regard for Christian principles P Has she or has she not ? What does the Rev. R. E. Williams think ? What does the Rev. D. J. Thomas think ? No man out- side a lunatic asylum will say so. If we have a patched-up compromise peace now it will be a Victory for Germany A I [ victory for that spirit which of it is any- thing is definitely, inherently, fundamen-I tally, completely Anti-Christ. How then can it be consistent, or fair, or reason- able for those who are the recognized ad- vocates and exponents of the principles of the Gospel compromise with the evil which would make the gospel impossible? Where is the church militant to-day ?

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