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 .0- fr. t P' 1 -:? i a L >1 J?w? at ? b e Trib?riaL I -41 I AN INTERESTING BATCH OF CASES. r ) Members of the Jewish fraternity monopolised the time of the Borough Tri- bunal on Thursday evening, when the ) Mayor (Aid. D. James Davies) presided. They were thirteen in number. j Medical Re-examination. J. Landy (22), single, who had been classified B 1, in appealing said he was in the Arnar for seven weeks her which he was discharged as unfit, Lieut. Ingrams: Those were different days. There was no departmental busi- ness which you could do at that fime. Lauily I am willing to join up but I would like to be re-examined i) N- the Medical Board. I was the first volunteer amongst my race in Llanelly. Adjourned for 1-1 days for re-examin- ation by the Board. Shatykel Davidov, w ho is known as Cnarles Davies. marine store dealer, was represented by Mr. E. Kammerer, in ap- pealing said that although he had been placed m Cla-s A he was medically unnt. It was decided to itllow a rr-examin- at'en the Ire..]. A Private Hearing. An application was made by Mr. T.erd 'i I Williams on hohalf rf e h o-it i' nr n j i': rate b u-: t h ere were 1. i 3ii::iter. to 1C o, aTc with -}¡:(")¡ he (iid 11. r nnc rns i'.11::v,- Jews to Lnn any- thing about, Lieut. Ingrams They w ill t1t Lt. in the Army soon, so that the information will not b? of ;riy advantage to them. The. I • ibunal decided to take the C1,C In pi i vate. Of National [rnnroiancc. Coleman D iJ, nH11 d(.a1"<i. ap- pealed for exemption on the ground that his busines-- was of national importance, end stated that he wa-s in Class C 2. He had been rejected three times from the Russian Army. Lieut. Ingrams: Why did you leave Russia ? Appellant Because I wanted to make my living. Lic"t. Ingrams: Why didn' t Y011 re- turn when your country was at war ?—I don't want to go back. Why did you change your name to Davies r—It is easier for people to I t .>l )..1, I J. understand. You are not willing to fight for your country or for this country?—I have boon rejected and have sent for my papers in Russia. Appellant stated that hfc took up his business "for the good of the country. Lieut. Ingrams: I believe you (laugh- tcr). The apoen 1 was d 1 S1}1SS0d th; .)C: L 1: not to he called for a month. A Ssrisus Loss. Morris Rose (36), a married man, I :O¡l!, -L!tJ\. \uU, \to L1Hl..l.>.l:1 t grading as a watchmaker and jeweller, said it would be a serious loss if he was Dbliged to join theArmy. Replying to Mr. W. Davies. who repre- sented him, he said he worked for jewellers in the town who had lost their men. Lieut. Ingrams: Why did you come over to EngbnJ ? Appellant: I was brought over as a boy when I had no parents. Lieut. Ingrams Why didn't you return to Russia ?—Because I have been here all my life, and I am willing to do all I can for the land of my adoption. Then why don't yen fight ?—Boc-anso the law of the country allows me to come before the Tribunal to submit that it would be a case of hardship. Local watchmakers have gone to the Army ?— Yes, because they were more fit Lieut. Ingrams: If you were in Russia you would havp no right, of appeal. Wo want watchmakers. You are only in B 3. so that we are not asking you to go and get hurt. Appeal dismissed, the man not to be called up for three months. Three Months. Morris Rubenstein, a travelling draper, in (bs C 3, stated that his parents were in Siberia, and he ordv asked for three months to wind up his 1 ,I ro I,.  Tl(. I ? i). ? was ocooik I to. A Large Business. Ruben Palto, a draper, 23 years of age, who was represented by Mr. Davies, said he had a large business and also supc'i vised mat which was m charge of his sister. Lieut. Ingrams: Why didn't you return to Russia when you had a chance ? Appellant Ru-sui is entirely foreign to me because I came here with my parents when I was a boy. It is cur country thong'1. 1 ou chose to remain hero for the logger part "î the war as a Russian subject :1 applied for my naturalization papers be-fore the war began and I eoula not get them in time. meat, tugraiiii V:a ear. gc t :> 1..1 free now if yea r. o in me Br:ti>L Armv for three months. There is a great cry for •single men iirst u single British men, why- wot single Russian subjects ? Pcstp >ueu f*-r three month s.

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