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II Dancing in War Time I .…


II Dancing in War Time I I To the Editor of the "Star." Sir, Having seen in the "Star," which I receive regularly out here, references -to the dancing class at home, and being a < lover of dancing, I feel that I have some right to say a few words. I have been in France for the last 21 years,. and my judgment is that the two soldiers who made a nuisance of themselves to those in the class acted out of ignorance. The fact that one of them was wearing the Military Medal does not cxcus-e them in the least—in fact, it only makes their interference look worse. Are these two Tommies too ignorant to know that all of us cannot be in the trenches ? Instead ot being glad that somo of their friends are lucky enough to be kept at home do- mg important work, they actually show their jealousy. You can't put their silly j conduct down to anything else. j I was fortunate enough to get my fint leave some three months ago. Do yon think that whon we do get a chance of Some enjoyment on leave wo do not .take it ? It does not help things at all for the young fellows at home to be unhappy. Vv hy should they he as long as they do their work every day. and what rigid J have we to dolly them recreation in the evenings ? When I was home recently, ihe M.C. of line class at St. Peter's did me the favour of opening the class for me to have a dance. The great point to remember is that we all have to do our bit, whether at homo or abroad. The young fellows in the munition works are certainly doing their share, asd without their work, the sol- diers would not he able to do theirs. I say, therefore, let them enjoy themselves in their owm way without any inter- ference from jealous Tommies or anyone else. In conclusion, I would like to lie kind-" ly remembered to all the Llanelly boys. I am, etc., B. Battery, (Gunner) J. MORGAN. 84th Brigade, B.E.F. France. A REPLY FRO fvl HOSPITAL. I To the Editor of the "Star." Sir, 1 have HOW been admitted to Hospital and 'hope to be fit again soon. I read a reply in the "Star" from a discharged soldier in regard to our protest against slackers in the dancing class, and i -I arxious to make it clear that I did not refer to the boys in Llanelly who had done or were doing their hit. I know thcra are many such in the town, hut also, I am well aware that there arc hundreds who have not. It was this latter class that I was referring to. Yo. can easily tell a comrade by his discharge badge. I hope that the new recruiting scheme which is about to come into operation will have the effect of making these young slackers toe the line. Instead of attending the dancing class, it will be far better for them to learn how to form fours and handle a rifle. If they need exercise, they can get it under the best conditions and with the guidance of a good i nstrllctor. This will keep them in trim better than dancing, and they will also have the satisfaction of knowing that they are doing something for their country. I wish to convey to Sergt. Ivor Rees our congratulations on being the first Llanelly boy to have the Y.C. bestowed upon him. The Y.C. was bound to come to Sospan town sooner or later, and we arc proud that it has fallen to the lot of this gallant young Sergeant to bring it here. I am, etc., W. J. JENKINS. Highfield Military Hospital, Knotty Ash, Liverpool.


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