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COUNTY TRIBUNAL. u.Z. ';.\....;...a'


t Borough of L la nelly.

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, Noles from Pwll. I ",'i)"6.""'''…


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! The Trijhimal ?T? he in?na!I


The Trijhimal ?T? he in?na! TRANSFERS TO THE VOLUNTEER BATT ALION. A meeting of the Borough 1 ribunal was held on Thursday evening when the Mayor (Ald. D. James Davies) presided, and there were present Aid. R. P. Thomas, Councillors Evan Roberts, W. j. -L Jo-?ies, .ti d T. Y I. Powell Rees, J.L. Jones, and T. H. A Case for Review. think this is a case for review as thi.smauou?htt?h.j m ill /rE1Y," ;liJ A?d Nafhrm Ci -s lyncn the qU0stion of transferring J. Bowen Davies, New Dock, from the V.T.C. to the Volunteer Battalion was considered. The Tribunal ordered Davies to join. Section B., and Aid.. Griffiths said the case would he reviewed. Liked a drop. I "I don't see why you cannot find time to drill, as you are your own master," said Lieut. Digrams in addressing Thos.' Davies, butcher, who stated that he had an old man in his employ, "but he likes a drop (laughter). Lieut. Tngrams: Well, don't you !.laughter). Are you a T.T. ? D .ivies Yes, practicaHy. The Tribunal directed Davies to join Section D of the Volunteer Battalion. Pretty Fit. I "I must say you look pretty fit, served Lieut. Ingrams when Luther Lee, a Jwffi aceman employed at the Old Lodge 1 Tin pi ate Works, said he was a single man 23 years of age, and could not join the Volunteers because he suffered from cramp. The Mayor: We cannot compel you to join as. you hold a protection card from another Tribunal, but I would strongly advise you to jcin Section B., in your own interest. A Lapsed Certificate. I "Yon hold a conditional exemption or. the ground that you ar:> in a certified oc- cupation, I believe ?" Lieut. Ingrams when Stanley Pearce, fish- monger and fruit dealer, uepped into the f P- i boj £ Pearce Yes. Lieut. Iiigra us: Then you are no longer in a certified occupation, so that your certificate has lapsed. The Mayor: To-night we can only deal with the question of whether he should join the V.B. or not. Lieut. Ingrams: I think I can dead with the other point as well. The Mayor The law lays it down that a man shall have a fair chance so that he will still have a right to appeal on business grounds. -in( ] 1 Pearce said he was Classed B1 nnd bo work xl very long hours. Be was a mar- Mad man with four children, I 1 tjiliik you ought to he in the Army. Pearce sid he employed four a-ssi-t- :1!,s excluding his wife. Lieut. Ingrams: And she is a good business woman. Conn. E. Roberts But she has enough work looking after her four children. ) T?o Mayor (to Pea.ree? You must join I Sect foil B. ri i Wiii da him good. I e cannot insist upon I the Volunteer Battalion a., you hold a I protection card but it will not do you anv harm if you join and you ill be assist- ing the country if you do so," said the 3Iayor to D. T. J.dan, a C2 man em- ployed at the Tinstamping Works, and Lieut. Ingrams obscrr^d "rt will do him good." Anything and Everything. I "I have to turn my hand to anything and everything now," said W. T. Leon- ard, the proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, when asked his occupation. Leonard put in a medical certificate, and Lieut. Ingrams pointed out that he was in Bl. Replying to t -li,ivor, Leonard said he would like to be re-examined by the Medical Board. The Tribunal adjourne,] the case for re-examination by the Board. Human. can t possibly do it; a man is only human after all," :,1;d Thomas Blay, dra- per, when asked if he could join Section B. "My business is of a yery strenuous nature, added the appellant. to lie was absolutely his ov,ii master. He was classed Bl and was secretary of the Tradesmen s Association. Lieut. Ingrams: Tour eountrv must come in somewhere. I think you should close your shop an hour or so earlier if necessary. Coun. J. L. Jones: Are you the secre- tary of the Liberal Club? Blay: Yes temporarily while the per- manent secretary is v.ith the Colours, but tnat does not take niy any of my time. The Tribunal ordered Blay to join Section D.

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