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COUNTY TRIBUNAL. u.Z. ';.\....;...a'


COUNTY TRIBUNAL. u Z. a' YESTERDAY'S SITTIXG AT LLANELLY. A meeting of the Carmarthenshire Countv Tribunal v.-as- hold at- Llanelly yesterday when Mr. AYm. Griffiths pre- sided. Dismissed. Ann Lewi*, tui-i., applied for her son, Reginald Lewis, licensed house manager. The Clerk (Mr. )■ ^idv;) rc- ported that Lewis had been examined by the Central Medical Board and da-wled C. 2. It was urged by the Borough Tribunal that as there was a brother-in-law who was a school teacher, at home, Lewis could be spared for the Army, the hojurs for the opening of public houses now be- ing limited hy the Central Control Board. The appellant was represented by Mr. Wm. Davies, and Lewis said that owing to illness he had done no work for twt'ive months. Dismissed. The only Boot Repairer. A boot aid shoe maker named T. M. Jones, Clifton House, Llwynhendy, in appealing said he was 18 years of age, and classed A. He was single and was the only boot repairer in the Llwynhendy 1 district. The Rural Tribunal wrote to say that the inhabitants of the distrjfct should put up with the inconvenience;, which might be caused, e: ther by repairing their own boots or by taking them to a boot re- pairer some distanco away. Mr. D. G. Rees, who represented the appellant produced medical certificates, and asked that the man should be re- examined by the Medical Board. Dismissed. Net Satisfied. f Edward Williams, o, Glandafen ter- race. Halfway, appealed for his son, W. Williams, who had been passed Class A, and was 19 years or age. Appellant said he w?^ s Appellant said he ".s not satisfied %%zit'?-i the Lion as his son r?- ? XLUd h* ■ f ?'n. suinr: ertng Hom rncunntlc fever twice and his health at present was not such as to justify his being classed A. Capt-. Cremlyn: His health cannot he very bad if he can earn Cos. a v.*eefc as a. furnaeeman and labourer.—Dismissed. A Question of Heaiih. I In the case of D. n. Stoensun, Pcny- bank House, Cwmbach, Mr. J. Lewis Phillips appeared. Appellant, who described himself as a miner, pig breeder and market gardener, • said ?c ?5Si?gb??.J ??????A. Since his examination !y -Li?c? Board, however, he had been suffering from rheumatism and heart trouble. He therefore asked for re-examination by the Board. Capt. C'remlyn: I object erstirely to that as the man will again be examined •' on entering the Army. The Tribunal ordered the case to pro- ceed. Appellant said he said the vegetables I he cultivated and there were at present wn t? attend to. I t.J!t !'I. t. Dismissed; < The Last Straw-; I D. J. Davies. 4i fcinma street, a single man 27 of age, who had been passed Class A, had been granted condi- tional employment by the local Tribunal, and Mr. D. Jennings, as military repre- sentative, appealed against the decision. Mr. McAllister, of the Mwiydd Mawr t Railway Co., resisted the appeal, and said the man was the traffic foreman. It would require two or three years to train a substitute. Lieut. Ingrams: Your raen are not overworked, are they ? Witness: I don't kr.i\v your idea about a day's work, but our men wcrk from 14 to 15 days per day. We have even in- fluenced our men to join the Colours, but ■r now we are at the ctd of our resources. It has been said that it is the last straw which breaks camel's back, and this is our position now. We hcvse three large controlled collieries, and Davies is the only man L, L the trahic. The Chairman I suppose you must be training someone else to fill an im- portant position of this kind ? Witness: We only have boys now. We used to have one man but he Lot us to go and work on munitions. The military was dismissed. I Appeal Withdrawn. I Lieut. Tngrams appealed against the I temporary exemption granted hy the Rural Tribunal to John Thomas, Cwm- caereithyn farm, Llwynhendy. Mr. D. G. Rees represented the re- spondent, and rrs. Thomas said she had removed to Grovesend farm where she had a farm 110 acres in extent. Her husband was an invalid and her son was fully employed on the farm. One of her sons was staying on at Cwmeaerefthyn. ( Her two sons were away and they were colliers. Capt. C'remlyn: If the facts are as stated and I have no reason to doubt them, I must withdraw the appeal. A Handy Man. j TntI??.-cf ?. H. ?!1'??. u ? Kew Houses Trimsri'r.r. Mr. l> ;nH"f r ,< ¡ Phillips appeared. 1 fffirrawMrv mwi-j u Temporary exemption had been granted, a:id in resisting this JLieut. Ingrams wrote to say that the man was single, 33 years of age, and classed B 1. Williams said be was employed as a mason at the Trimsaran Colliery, and owing to the scarcity of men he assisted in the manufacture of bricks which were supplied to the Pembrey factory. lír. Evan Jones, dii-ectoi- sail owiug to the scarcity of labour Williams, who was a colliory repairer, had to be brought from the pit to do other work. "He is the handiest man we have," added Mr. Joiic, "and I have never known him to decline to do any job." Mr. Dd. Evans This man being very useful I hope you pay him well. Mr. Jones: I pay all my mtn well; he gets paid better than I do (laughter). Some of my men earn Sl per day. The appeal was dismissed, and the con- dition of the local Tribunal was varied the man to be allowed conditional ex- emption.


t Borough of L la nelly.

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