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_c. O 1 N Ocrs??o?? ? i?o?e? ¡fII"'íi' [By Arthur Mee.] THE MALCOLM CASE. Very few people will fcol inclined to disagree with the verdict in this "cause celeb re." It has been a most painful business all through, but the accused has carried himself nobly from beginning to end; he slew a blackguard, and the black- guard well deserved his fate. There is many a woman in this world who would give her soul for a husband as loying, as faithful and as chivalrous as Lieut. Malcolm. THE IRPSH CONVENTION. Ireland is like Russia iu one tiling: it has a way of surprising people. When the Irish convention began its work pre- dictions were heard on dl ides that it Would be a disastrous and miserable failure. Instead of that the conference is turning out to be a gratifying success. Perhaps the secret lies in the fact that it has for the first time, given Irishmen as a whole a chance of discussing their own business. May God grant that here we have the beginning of a better order of things. THE SECRET Cr SUCCESS. Some few days ago the "Manchester Guardian" published a most interesting photographic group of the members of the convention. I am rather fond of looking at faces and so judging of character, and a good deal can he done in that way. It seemed to me as I studied that group that after all the con- vention was bound to succeed. No body of men with faces like those in the photo- graph could meet day after day and fail to understand one another and do some- thing worthy cf so groat an occasion. Nay I go further and predict with some confidence thai if this convention cannot point the way nothing else on earth can possibiy save Ireland. WHAT IRELAND WANTS. __M Alter all, what Ireland wants is mum responsibility; likewise more sympathy on the port of people over here. Irish- men are full of sentiment. You can lead them. but they will not be driven. Make a friend of an Irishman, and he will he your friend for ever. He is the soul of generosity and kindness. But try to; lord it over him or to do any "swank" business, and yon will find him as tricky and as obstinate as one of his own pigs. And just one other thing: don't, forget his religion. Your Catholic Irishman will stand no meddling with that; whilst as to your Orangemen, ii-ell- THE PAIR OF SCISSORS. Just one word more on this subject. You know what a thankless and danger- ous job it is to intervene between hus- band and wife. Perhaps they have been quarrelling, and you step in. Then you I find the pair of them close on you like the blades of scissors, and ytfu begin to wish you had never been born So with the Irish! Home Ruler and Orangeman abuse one another to their hearts' con- tent; but let an outsider interfere; then may God help him, for nobody else can. After all, they are Irish, and they wont let you forget it. Let us leave our friends in the Mi eon Isle, as far as possible, to work out their own salvation and we shall rind even the Sinn Feiners will see the sense and the reason of it before long. ANOTHER FAIRY TALE. It is with real regret I give up the "Ich Dion" story; but really after the letters of Dr. Gwenogfyn Evans and Mr Llewelyn Williams what is one to do? The suggestion that 'Ich Dien' was after all of Welsh not German origin seemed so pretty and so plausible; but I suppose it must go. We want no fairy tales ill these prosaic days. It is wonderful how one language accidentally mimics an- other. There i, a oits instance j il a place-name not far from Llaiielly [ Goitrcwen. is a wen, I sup- pose; yet Goiire-wen is a "Welsh compound meaning something entirely different from that. Ag;1 in in English, donner is one who dor. but in Freach the same word means to give, whilst in German it signifies thunder. So careful have we to be 1:1 threading our way amongst words.


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