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" Johns, Capel Als."


Johns, Capel Als." 7DEATH OF THE VETERAN PREACHER. With deep regret we announce the ■^eath of the Rev. Thomas Johns, D.D., rthe veteran pastor of Capel Als, which -took place last evening after a shw-it ill- ness. The deceased gentleman had been visibly breaking up for some time, and the end was not unexpected He was in his 79th year, and had he lived until, Sunday week, would have had the felicity of celebrating his jubilee in the ministry. "Johns, Capel Als," -ts lie was faaniliar- ly known, not only in Llanelly, but all f over Wales, was born on the -slopes Of Tabor Hill, Llanwrda in 1836. He was thus one of the sons of "Sir Gar," and his life work was done in his natrve county. As a youth he was received into church membership by the eloquent Thomas Jones, the poet preacher (father ot hir Urynmor Jones). He was edu- cated for the ministry at Brecon, and afterwards took up the pastorate of Ebenezer. Carnarvon, But a wider sphere of labour was awaiting him. In 1869, he received a unanimous invitation to succeed David Rees as pastor of Capel Als—one of the most historic churches in the denomination. The invitation was accepted, and thus began a connection with Llanelly which was not to 'be "broken "until death do us part." At Capel Als. The history of his pastorate is one long story of progress .and development, and bonds of affection between pastor and people which the passing years only served to strengthen. It would be im- possible to adequately measure the love which was felt by every member of the church for the pastor. Indeed, Capel Als has been for over 46 years one big happy family. ('Ar not ye members one of another." Under the wise guid- ance of Dr. Johns, the church prospered ttbundantly. A new schoolroom was, bujit, and in 1875 a batch of members went out to found a new church at Tabernacle, towards the eost of which 'Capel Als contributed £1,t>29. In 1895, Capel Als itself was re-built at a cost of; £ 5",000, and is now one of the most! 'bea-ntiful churches in Wales. j ,.TIA,ysjjd y Plart. II The subject of our noiicr has rendered .notable service to the denomination out- ride the pupit. Not only did he succeed: (David iRees at Capel Als, but he also be- came his successor as editor of "Tywys- ydd y Plant," the well-known magazine which has been circulating all over the 'Principality for upwards of half a een- tury. His editorship was highly success- tfifl tfrom the beginning, and when the •magazine was acquired by the Union a few years ago, his services in the editorial chair were retained with the happiest results. For the last 20 years, ,the ipilace of honour in the "Tywysydd" has been occupied every month by a biographical sketch by the Editor of one of his 'brother suinisters. It is no exag- geration to say that he knew every preacher from "Caergybi i Caerdydd," and there was no one more fitted for the post of iiiiograpber-in-ebief to the denomi- nation.. In Puttifs Urfe. I I Dr John* was a man of wide sym- pathies, and was not content to confine his activities to his pulpit. He had a wider conception of the usefulness of the Christian ministry, and from his earliest years, threw himself with characteristic ardour into the public life of the com- niunity. He fought the battle of the Free Churches with unabated zeal, but I always without bitterness, and was ever or the most cordial terms of friendship with th^s^ to whom he was politically on- posed. His attacks were never against ne'-soTi*. hut against their principles. He ? prominent member of the County and was raised to the dignity of A ]d->rinan for three triennial periods. Education found in him a devoted' friend and he rendered excellent service on the County Education Committee and on the Intermediat3 Board of Governors. He took an active part in the formation of the LJanelly Free Church Council, and filled the position of President for three I years. In the Welsh Union. I Our late fellow citizen was largely in- strumental in the establishment of the Welsh Congregational Union in 1872, and acted as joint secretary for some years. In 1889 he was elected to the chair, and presided over the meetings at Portmadoc in 1890. The address from the chair which he delivered on that occasion is still remembered as a courageous pro- nouncement on the needs of the church in the 20th century. In 1884, the Union visited Llanelly for the first time, and Dr, Johns acted as secretary of the local committee. In 1889, She Union honour- ed Llanelly with a second visit, and he was then chairman of the local commit- tee. A man of blameless character, he gained the respect and esteem of all with whom he came in contact. It could truly be said of 'him that he adorned the re- ligion which he professed by a life filled with useful activity, and took with him wherever he went an influence for good and for all things that are lovely and of good report. The deceased gentleman was twice married, his second wife who survives him being a daughter of the late Mr. Richard Hammond, Llanelly. Three children also survive—Rev. W. Arvon Johns, Blaenavon; Mr. Aneurin Johns, London and Mrs. Rees, wife of the Rev Gwilym Bees, Merthyr. The funeral will take place on Tuesday at 1 o'clock, service at Capel Als and in- terment at the Llanelly Cemetery.


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