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apatc!a bp auction. PRELIMINARY. BOROUGH OF ABERGAVENNV TUESDAY, JUNE 5th.—Important Sale of all that Charming and Commodious Freehold Residence and Grounds, known as FAIRLEA (adjacent to G.W.R. Station). THURSDAY & FRIDAY, JUNE 14th and x5th.-Higlily Attractive Sale of the Valuable Furnishings at FAIRLEA. Further particulars and catalogues as to both sales, and any other information, may be ob- tained in due course from the Auctioneers, Messrs. J. STRAKER, SON AND CHADWICK or of Messrs. HODGENS & CUNUFFE, Solicitors, both of Abergavenny. PRELIMINARY. EWIAS HAROLD MAY FAIR. MONDAY NEXT TEMPLE BAR SALE YARD. THE Auctioneers beg to announce capital -L Entries 10 Cows and Calves, Calves and Barreners. 70 two-year-old and yearling Bullocks and Heifers. 200 Couples, 200 Fat Ewes and Lambs. Entries solicited. Sale at 10 o'clock. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, Auctioneers. PRELIMINARY. MONMOUTHSHIRE, HEREFORDSHIRE AND ERECONSHIRE. AN IMPORTANT SALE OF TIMBER will be conducted at the ANGEL HOTEL, ABERGAVENNY, On TUESDAY, MAY 29th, including important lots of Valuable PITWOOD. Particulars from the Auctioneers and Estate Agents, J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK. GENUINE UNRESERVED CLEARANCE SALE AT THTMARK ET H ALL r-ABERG A VE N NY^ FRIDAY, MAY 25TH, 1917, 01- UPWARDS OF 500 Lots of Modern & Antique Furniture and Effects r WHICII J AS. STRAKER, SON, & CHADWICK (W. M. CHADWICK, F.A.I.) are favoured with instructions from Mr. Goff Morgan to remove, for convenience of sale, from the Old Volunteers' Hall and Show Rooms and Sell by Auction without reserve, including: VPPOINTMENTS IN MAHOGANY AND OLD OAK Kitchen Utensils and Requisites, HALL AND RECEPTION ROOM FURNISHINGS, Fine Old Chests, Cupboards, Tables, &c., DINING, DRAWING and BEDROOM SUITES, Bedroom Equip- ment., Outdoor Effects. About Half Ton of Old Metal. View Dav Morning of Sale. Sale at 11.30 sharp, commencing with Outdoor Effects and Old Metal, and continuing with the Furniture at 12 Noon. Catalogues may be obtained seven days prior to Sale, from the Auctioneers or from the Vendor. All Lots will be sold without reserve, to ensure an absolute clearance. I Auctioneers' & Valuers' Offices Aberga- venny and Crickhowell. WEIRING. PYSCODLYN FARM, ABERGAVENNY. AS. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., invite TENDERS for the im- mediate completion of the above work. Copies of specification may be had upon application to the Estate Agents at their Offices, Abergavenny. MONMO UTHSHIR E. IN THE VALLEY OF THE USK and midway between Newport and Abergavenny, and near to Nantyderry and Penpergv.-m Stations. THE WELL-TIMBERED & ATTRACTIVE FREEHOLD SPORTING & RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY, with nearly two miles of some of the best Salmon and Trout Fishing on the Usk, in the centre of the Monmouthshire Hunt and five miles from the Monmouthshire Golf Club's Course at Abergavenny, and known as PANT-Y-GOITRE. Ff.?" t M' ESSRS. STEPHENSON & ALEXANDER -"Lt- (F.A.I.) are instructed by the Trustees of the Berrington Estate to Sell by Auction at the ANGEL HOTEL, ABERGAVENNY, on TUESDAY, MAY 29th, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon, THIS FREEHOLD SPORTING AND RESIDENTIAL ESTATE, which for the purposes of Sale has been divided I into the following lots :— Lot I.-The FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, with the GARDENS, COTTAGES, ORCHARDS, LANDS, and WOODS (in hand), the FARM and LANDS known as Pant-y-goitre Farm, the whole covering an area of 310a. 3r. 6p., or thereabouts also the valuable Fishing Rights in the River Usk, com- prising some of the best Salmon Catches in the River, the whole forming a most attractive and desirable Sporting and Residential Estate. Possession of the Residenze, which is at Dresent untenanted, with the Gardens, Cot- tages, etc., surrounding, and the Fishing, may be obtained on completion. The Farm, known as Pant-y-Goitre Farm," is one of the best- known and most productive in the Usk Valley. It is now in the occupation of Mrs. Thomas upon an annual 25th December tenancy, at a rental of £ 439 per annum. Lot 2.—THREE FREEHOLD COTTAGES""and GARDENS, situate at Llanvair Cross, now let on quarterly tenancies, at rentals of ,{S per annum each. Lot 3.—FIVE FREEHOLD COTTAGES, situate at St. Mary's Yard, now in the occupation of various tenants, at rentals amounting in the aggregate to ^27 16s. per annum. Plans, Particulars, and Conditions of Sale mav be obtained u pon application to Messrs. Fresh- fields, New Bank Buildings, 31, Old Jewry, London, E.C. Messrs. Smith and Marshall, Land Agents, Chippenham, Wilts or to the Auctioneers, 5, High-street, Cardiff. jfUBceUaneous. Re Elizabeth Lewis, deceased, 14, Castle Street, Abergavenny. ALL PERSONS having any Claims against J* the Estate of the above deceased, who died on the 19th April, 1917, are requested to send particulars forthwith to me. Dated this 2nd day of May, 1917. J. R. JACOB, Abergavenny, Solicitor for the Executrix. National Master Farriers' Association. ABERGAVENNY & DISTRICT BRANCH. A LIST OF THE INCREASED PRICES, as from 1st May (caused by the great advance in cost of labour and materials) for all classes of Shoeing is exhibited in the Shops of all the Farriers in Abergavenny and the sur- rounding District. Abergavenny Union. COOK WANTED at the Workkouse. Salary £25 per annum, with residential accom- modation. Appointment will be made subject to the Poor Law Officers' Superannuation Act 1896 and to a month's notice. Applicants must be single women, or widows without children depeudant upon them. Application, with copies of three testimonials of recent date, to be sent to me by 10 o'clock in the morning of the nth of May next. Dated 27th April, 1917. j W. H. P. SCANLON, Clerk to the Guardians. Union Offices, Monk St., Abergavenny. We Must Produce More Eggs, therefore more Poultry Keepers must use Ovum, Thorley's Poultry Spice. Those who do so are producing the maximum quantity of Eggs those who j don't are limiting the output.—Sold by Jeffreys and Son, Frogmore Corn Stores, Abergavenny. tESaanteD. A YOUNG Lady Assistant; mast have drapery experience.—Masters & Co. GENERAL Servant wanted. Apply, Asthal CX House, Holywell Road. WANTED a smart Lad.—W. Deuner & Son, 13 W Frogmore St. MILLINERY young Lady one accustomedto 1" sales preferred.-Paul, Frogmore 8t. GOOD business Lady required for Insurance Collecting; fixed wage cyclist preferred.— Apply, 8 Mount Street, Abergavenny. WANTED, in Aber?avenny, small nicely for  nished House, or Three Room, for lady and gentleman.-Apply, A. B., Chronicle Office. WrANTED Schoolboys to know a. good Raler W will be presented to boys calling at Bradleya, Abergavenny, between 12 and 1 on Wetinesday next. I ANTED strong Boy or Man nsed to farm work as Workman-Waggoner indoors.—Matthews, Chapel Farm, Llanvapley, Abergavenny. WANTED General Servant for farmhouse; two if in family; no milking.-Williams, Panty- colin, Llauveihtrine. N,NTANTED respectable Girl or middle. aged per- bola as Help; fam ly two comfortable home. —Apply, W. L., Chronicle Office. WANTED good General Servant; young widow not objected to.-Apply, L. A., Chrorucle Office. DRESSMAKING. Wanted good Bdice and Blouse Assistants. Also Apprentices.-Apply, Miss Priichard, 2 Park Road, Abergavenny. () OOK-GENERAL wanted; thjrougbly reliable; V widow might suit; country house nr. Gilwern. —Apply, H.G Chronicle Office. WANTED Working Farm Bailiff, near Aberga- venny good house.-Apply, stating wages, age, and number of family, "BailiS," Chronicle Office NN r ANTE D a Female Canvaster and Saleswoman V tor Abergavenny and district.-Apply, Singer Sewing Machine Co 8U High St Newport. yt V ANTED immediately, experienced Bodice and and Coat bands.—Thomas &. Sons, Golden Fieece. WANTED Two Maids as Cook-General and House-Parlourmaid.—Mrs. Lee, 16 Gold Tope, Newport, Mons. D R.kPERY.-Wanted experienced Yonng Lady for Manchester department.-J oDes aud Co., Bank Hous:, Abergavenny. f nVV rANTED immediately smart Boy &j Junior 1\1 CJerk.—Apply peLsonally, Straker, Son and Chadwick, Auctioneers. \V\V T ANTED yon to produce all food possible. Sow Sngar Beet Bee-d now and have yoar crop for frait preserves ready.—Obtainable at The Aberga- venny Seed Stores (Eraser's). jfor ale. ARDEN Barrows, Ladders, Carts, Gambos, &c, VJC —Watkins, Wheelwright, Mardy, Mon. PEN of Fowls for sale.—Apply, 7 Summcrfield _L Road. Y OU will be delighted with the New Perfnme- J. Dlffodil It i< all the rage in London. Price 10id 1/6 and 2/6 —Local agent, Roberts, Chemist, Abergavenny. T WO-SEATER Humberette, late water cooled model, dicky seat, &c. Very little used. X80. R .Price & Sons. 1'0 g. Sale, Sittings Black Wyandottes Arthur -1 Ellett's (originator) strain, 5s. Anconas (Ead- gons), 4/6; White Wyandottes, 4/6.—Percy Fraser, The Abergavenny Seed Stores. Pig Keepers Who Wish Their Pigs to pay should use as a Condiment Thorley's Food for Cattle; keeps Pigs thrifty. Sold in Cases con- taining 56 packets 4s. 6d. by Agents in all parts. I/OR Sale, Sitting of pedigree Black Wyandottes II (Arthur Ellet's originator strain), 5s. Anconas (Edson's), 4/6. Inspection of stock iiiited.-Perey Fraser, Seedsman and Florist, next G P.O. You Should Know That Ovum Thorley's Poultry Spice is different to any other Poultry Spice and contains all that is necessary for Keeping Poultry Healthy and producing abun- dance of Eggs. Sold in cases containing 72 packets Six Shillings Cartons (two sizes) 1/1 and Sixpence each, by Agents in all parts. OXIDE OF IRON (Compound) enrich the blood, strengthen tfce system and bring the colour of health to pale faces, also acts as a gentle aperient. Invaluable for anaemia. 50 tablets in box, Id.— Shackleton, Chemist, Cross St. SHALL Germany starve Britain ? Not if every poultry-keeper produces every egg possible. Karswood Spice, containing ground insects, will help. 2d., 6d., 1 /—Jeffreys & Son, Frogmore Corn Stores, Abergavenny. Pigs Are Often Troubled With Worms Thor- ley's Worm Powders will clear same. Sold in Cartons containing 6 powders Sd. by Agents in all parts or by Post 12 powders 1/1—96 powders 6/6., on receipt of remittance, by Joseph Thorley Ltd., King's Cross, London, N FOR Sale, 2 double or single Broughams (the JT former property of a local nobleman), several lawn mowers, tennis court marker, ladies and gents' second hand bicycles, traps, waggons, baed trucks and a quantity of wheels of all description and numerous other articles.- Stanley, Black Lion, Abergavenny. Poultry Keepers should write to Joseph Thorley Ltd., King's Cross, London, who are the Manufacturers of Ovum, Thorley's Poultry Spice, for Thorley's Poultry Keeper's Account Book, also Book giving useful hints to Poultry Keepers-both sent Free. FLEAS, MOTHS, LICE, BUGS, BLACK- J' BEETLES and all other insects speedily exterminated by using HARRISON'S CIMO- BANE, the New Insect Killer. Harmless to animals. In tins, 3d., 6d., and is. Post id.- Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny H. Shackleton, Chemist. You Should Note the Fact that your fowls will be healthier and lay more Eggs if you give them a sprinkling of Ovum, Thorley's Poultry Spice, in their soft food.—Sold by Jeffreys & Son, Frogmore Corn Stores, Abergavenny. KILL THAT INSECT, TOMMY !—Send Kyour pals "out yonder" some tins of Harrison's Nursery Pomade—they'll be vsry acceptable. When you haven't time to wash, there's a big chance you'll have companions A little Harrison's Pomade kills every insect on hair and body. Insist* on having Harrison's Nursery Pomade, Tins of Comfort," at 4td. and 9d. Sold by all Chemists—or by post from Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Agent for Aber- gavenny H. Shackleton, Chemist, 9, Cross- street. Brynmawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 47 King Street. Crickhowell Kirkland. RATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES I and BEETLES greedily eat Harrison's Reliable Rat Poison. Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Prices 6d., IS., 2S. 3d. and 3s. 8d. Postage 2d.- G. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny H. Shackle- ton, Chemist, 9, Cross-street. Brynmawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King St. Crickhowell Kirkland. FEEDERS! PURE PALM NUT CAKE (Whole or Kibbled) & MEAL; for all kinds of stock used by Continental feeders in immense quantities before the War. Are CHEAP sellers for February-March delivery. P.CJ naming station and estimated quantity to J. Pi Harvey & Co., Ltd., Corn, Seed and Manure Merchants, Kidderminster (Sole Midland Agents for African Oil Mills Co., Liverpool) Gold Medal lists) will bring you special terms. Or please enquire of our Air. H. Hammer, Trelawney, Llanthewy Road, Newport, Mon. WITH eggs at present prices would you I V V not like twice as many a?? you are getting ? Then use Karswood (harmless) Spice containing ground insects. You will be delighted with the results. Packets 2d., 6d., 1/ J efj'reys & Son, I Corn Merchants, Frogmore Corn Stores, Aber- gavenny. go Itt. I TO Let, Hairdressing and Shaving Saloon.— JL Apply, IS Frogmore Street, Abergavenny. TO Let, Hoiue and garden, Albert Road bath, JL hot and cold.—Apply, Lewis Parry, Pandy. TO be Let, furnished, small Cottage; moderate JL terms.—Apply, M., Chronicle Office. COTTAGE and Garden to let near Plough, on the Old Monmouth Road.—Apply, Gladwin, Holy- well Road, Abergavenny. TO Let, Farmers' Arms, Abergavenny; free. JL house; moderate rental; ingoing by valuation -Straker, Son, & Chadwick, Abergavenny. GREENFIELD, Windsor Road, to let.-Apply, GThe Hall, Windsor Road. TO Let, Henton Honse, Monk Street; large rooms JL every convenience lawn, greenhouse garage or stables.-Apply, Horsington Bros. TO Let, House and Garden at Ethelbert Place, Trent 4/6 per week; and Two Small Cottages.— Apply, Williams, Llanellen. TO Let, at 7 High Street, Large Room suitable JL for storing furniture or workshop. TO Let, the desirable family residence known as JL Cherry Orchard," situate at Llanwenarth. within one mile ef Abergavenny, containing dining and drawing rooms, study, seven bedrooms, bath- room (hot and cold water), kitchens and usual offices together with stabling, coach-house, conservatory and garden, and paddock and orchard adjoining, the whole comprising about 4. acres rent E55 per aonum possession can be had at Lady-day, 1917.— Apply, Messrs. HOlgens & Cunliffe, Solicitors, Abergavenny. _n iost or ^trapefc. LOST, some Motor Cycle Tools.—Jeffreys, Seeds- JLj man. L OST, from Cwm Koggar, Llangrwyney, on i J Tuesday last, a young Sow.—Finder rewarded on returning same to Mr. W. Fisher, at above farm. W ILL the person who took the Diamond Ring "V fr m the Victoria Cafe (as it was an engage- ment ring and husband abroad) kindly return to Abergavenny Police Station. STRAYED from Chnrch Farm, Trevethin. near Pontypool, early in March, Eleven Welsh Lambs; ear mark crop point of right ear, punch hole in left ear.—Information to Police Station, Abergavenny. IOST, Five Welsh Yearlings; ear mark crop ?? point of left and BpU after two splits it ,1 right.—Information Mr. Joshua Williams, Penriew, Clydach, nr. Abergavenny. jlfUsreUaneons An Outlay of a Few Pence on Ovum, Thorley's Poultry Spice, for mixing with the morning's soft food, is well spent by the large increase in Eggs and healthy condition of your fowls. Get it at A. J. Wibberley's, Lion Street and 50 Cross- street (Saunders & Co.), Abergavenny. > P.O. 30 Abergavenny. Telegrams Stanley, Abergavenny. CHAS. P. STANLEY, Black Lion Yard, Abergavenny. Always a Buyer of Iron, Brass, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Pewter, Spelter, Gun Metal, Rags, Bones, Rubber Bottles, Rabbit Skins, etc., etc. BEST PRICE GIVEN. Upon receipt of Post Card will wait upon you immediately. ALWAYS NUMEROUS ARTICLES FOR SALE. C. W. HUGHES, CENTRAL DENTAL ROOMS, FROGMORE ST., ABERGAVENNY. Hours, 10 toOl. 3°. Thursday, 10 to 1. GREAT LOSS OF LIFE-50,000 KILLED. 80,000 ITALIANS FORGING AHEAD. I HAVE HAD 50,000 Cabbage Plants killed _L with the severity of the winter, but still have 80,000 Red Italian Tripoli Onion Plants forging ahead. Sturdy Plants, i/- per 120. TOMATOES, 1/6 to 3/- per dozen. VEGETABLE MARROWS & CUCUMBERS, 3d. each. Celery and Cauliflower Plants now ready. NEW CONSIGNMENT OF SEED POTATOES. NEW GARDEN SEEDS DIRECT FROM GROWERS. Finest Selection in Town. PERCY R. FRASER, The Abergavenny Seed Stores.

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