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I National Children's Orphanage.



ABERGAVENNY BOROUGH I' TRIBUNAL. BUSINESS MEN'S D'FFICULTCASES. I The AU'g:iv<:v.iv Borough Iribunal had }yl:ore tlifcin on Monday night 2 cases. Most of the wvrc those of married iiien, and tho presented some difficulty on account of the "fcu^uiesri -,ilities of the applicants. T'he Town Clerk, reported thac there had been 10 appeal:, from their decisions to the Appeal Tribunal a.ud that of these thre* v-ere granted temporary eX'r.ption, three conditional ex- •*j!notion and tour were dismissed Councillor Graham asked if it wc-re possible for them to object to any of these decisions. The Mayor said he understood that the Tribunal could r-.view any case ar. any time they feit so disposed, i: the circnmstan* warranted them in doing s, Single and Married Men an Business. I The first case was that of o <0.1-: man in I business as a r^eelsman ami corti merchant, who his shopman was called up he was now carrying on with the assistance uz a hoy. Councillor Plowman said there were married men and single men in business, and it was difficult to know what to do. Councillor Palmer said that tii^y. as the local Tribunal, should be the best c)f the cir- cumstances. The point raiseii by Councillor Plowman was one that weigheu heavily with 1 in. The Army wanted men, ar.- i they were going to open the gate lie did net Know where tiiey would be presently. Councillor Graham said that i: they were going to exclude single men in business he did not see how they could refu><: to exempt one married man in business. Councillor Plowman said the question was vhetlier the business was of national importance. They must take each case on its merits. Mr. H. B. Stc-cken suggested that they had "b-^ter adjourn the case for a week. The Mayor There will be a Ir.t of alteration in a w?k and .?lestion whether the Tribunals i;: a R-i??k an?i :Liestion whet-' Mr. (lower Andrews (military representative) s-:d he did not think it would be_a bad^idea to adjourn these cases. The Mayor: We won't ge: any further in- formation for a month. It will be some time- before all the details of the Bill are settled. The Town Clerk said he had 50 ur 60 more claims from married men already. The Mayor suggested that they should take the list as it stood and agree to the recommenda- ti :0115 cf the Advisory Committee The Advisory Committee had recommended two months' exemption in this ca>e. and this was agreed to. A butcher who had been recommended ex- emption till June 1St had been examined and declared medically unfit, and the Tribunal^there- fcre could not deal with the c '• « The Tribunal adopted the reo. rninendatiou of tiie Advisory Committee that a single grocer be exempted till July ist. A warehouseman, who had already been given two periods of exemption, again applied on the ground that he was the support 01 a widowed mother. He said he had two brothers serving in the Army and his mother received 5s. yd. from them. but she had not yet got the Government allowance in respect of either. One month's exemption was granted. One Son Killed.. A baker, in applying for his son. said one son had been killed at the front and this was the only ocie he had left. He had no wife and no one wiaatever to help him besides. Ke was patriotic aid he knew the call was an urgent one, but if he had no one to assist him he could not carry on and meet his liabilities. He was not strong -enough to do the baking himself, and only did tne delivering. He thought his was a hard case. The Mayor We are here to do the best we can for the country, and we are in great difficul- ties about men at the present time. One month's exemption was granted, and applicant was told that he must find a substitute. A tailor asked for temporary exemption, owing to the illness of his mother. Ke had been ex- amined and passed for home service. The Tribunal gave him till June 1st A baker, who said he was the support of his acred parents, aged 75 and 72, was given ex- emption till July 1st. A printers' packer, aged H), claimed that he was the sole support of his widowed mother, said, in reply to questions, that he had two married sisters in Abergavenny and a single sifter in service. The application was refused. A tailor and draper, a single man, in business on his own account, said that if he were to join the colours it would bring about financial difficulties and might mean closing the business. Temporary exemption till j nly 1st was granted. i Councillor Graham said that in another case, v. r.ich was practically on a par, they had given si*: months' exemption. Mr. Gower Andrews said he was going to ask fe., a review of that case. Messrs. Foster & Hill, in. applying for a married plumber, aged 26, said that 30 of their had joined, and this was the first instance in which they had asked for exemption. He was the only man they had Li that particular department. Exempted till July 1st. Local Firm's Difficulties. J A stationery binder and guillotine operator was applied for by Messrs. Seargeant Bros., who said that so large a number of their skilled workers had been called up for military service that it was only with extreme difficulty and by constant overtime that they were able to carry 02. This man was engaged on Government contracts and the had a large number of orders considerably in arrears. They had advertised extensively for skilled labour, without satis- factory results. [a replv to questions, Mr. \V. P. Cooper said they had lost about 50 men and they were still advertising. This man was tl e only cutter they had, and the firm were left practically single- handed in every department. If the Tribunal took the men away he would have to seriously consider whether it would not be better to close f 1 f)W"1 I Councillor Palmer What training otee:s ? Mr. Cooper It takes seven years to learn the trade. Councillor Palmer Is that c-.Li ? (Laughter) The war will be over by then. Mr. Cooper I hope so, but it seems rather dubious. Ln reply to Dr. Glendinning, Mr. Cooper said that cut of all their advertisements they had only succeeded in getting two men. Councillor Palmer Are you really serious in saying that seven years woulc be occupied in becoming quite proficient ? Mr. Cooper That is the term c: apprentice- ship laid down by the federation. Councillor Palmer Quite so, but they have to be varied in war time. Exemption till July 1st was granted. A grocer, in applying for his married assistant, said his son had to join and fre assistant was the only one left to him He was quite indispensable to the conduct of the business. In reply to questions, applicant said, I don't think anyone would expect me, at 60 years of age, to carry on without assistance, but if the Tribunal say I must, well, I must try to do so." exemption till July 1st was grained. The licensee of a public-horse in his claim, said he met with an accident four or five years ago, while farming, and had to take lighter work. By Councillor Palmer His wife would not be able to carry on the business, owing to the con- dition of her health. Applicant was also represented by his father, wrio said he had a son working at Ebbw Vale, but he had received notice under the Military Service Act. Applicant was exempted till Jniv ist. Not Old Enough. I A grocer ir. business on his ■. v. n account said there Was no one to carry on the business. It was a populous neighbourhood, and there was no other business of the kind within a quarter of a mile Since sending in his claim lie had a son, •five weeks old. The Mayor Is he old enough b • take charge of the business ? (Laughter) Exemption till the 1st of July was granted. An outfitter- claimed that hardship would ensue if he were called up. owing t" his business obligations. There was no one tc take charge, and it would cause financial embarrasment. He l was married since xational registration. Exempted till July 1st. A firm of multiple shop propnete rs applied for their grocer's manager and assistant. A repre- sentative of the firm said that three out of a staff of five ad joined. It was practically im- possible to replace managers in the grocery and provision trade. If the assistant was exempted# lie wanted to take him to manage the branch at Al>ertillery. Councillor Graham said that applicant should not hesve said that. It did not help his claim. I The Mayor said applicant had made a slip when he again referred to putting the assistant as manager at Abertillery. Applicant Well. I am not the first who has made a mistake, and I don't suppose I shall he the last. It was stated that the manager had two children, and the assistant four children under seven and an ailing wife. The Tribunal exempted the assistant till July 1st. and the application in respect of the manager was refused. A Merthyr firm applied for a hay cutter, who is working 011 hay supplies for the collieries and is ahu the licensee of a local public-house. The application was refused. A saddler and rope dealer said he was the part owner of another shop in Abergavenny and of one in Ebb", Yale. He claimed that his business was important, as he supplied agriculturists. Exempted till Julv 1st. A local baker applied for his bread foreman, aged nS. He also had an application oil his own behalf. He baked 3,000 loaves per week, and he wa:- working with two men short, inside, and one short outside. He had another man in group (4. If applicant went, there was no one to carrv on the business. The foreman was given one month's exemption and the employer was exempted till the 1st of August. [ Didn't Give the Correct Age. I A slaughterman, whose case had been ad- journed on a question of age, again appeared, and the employer stated he had ascertained that the man was H) years and some months old. Mr. Gower Andrews Could not the butchers co-operate with regard to slaughtering The Employer It might be possible. The application was refused, and the Mayor, addressing the man who was applied for, said that the National Registration Act required everv person to give their proper name, age and addre-s. Why did he not give his correct age ? He had caused a lot of trouble by not doing so, and he was liable to severe penalties. In future, if he was asked for any information he had better uive it correctly. A marine store dealer again applied for his son. aged 40, and asked for a little time to make certain arrangements. One month was granted.



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