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I National Children's Orphanage.


I National Children's Orphanage. I HOUSE-TO-HOUSE COLLECTION AT ABER- GAVENNY. Arrangements have been made for a house-to- house collection in Abergavenny during the week ending May 20th, on behalf of the work of the National Children's Home and Orphanage. This Home was founded 46 years ago by Dr. T. Bow- man Stephenson. It began with the rescue of two boys, and it has grown to be one of the largest child-saving institutions in the country. While its primary purpose is the saving and training of destitute children, provision is also made for those who are orphaned, crippled and otherwise afflicted. The children are received irrespective of creed or locality, need being the determining factor in respect of their admission. The Home has received motherless children of soldiers who have been called to the front, children of Belgian refugees, and the orphans of soldiers and bailors who have fallen in the service of their country. Applications for the admission of such children are being received daily, and the Committee are anxious to help to the utmost these bereft little ones. The erection of a sanatorium at Harpenden, a recent development of the work, has already proved of incalculable benefit to a number of children threatened consumption. The Home has branches in London, Lan- cashire, Birmingham, Farnborcugh (Hants), Cheshire, Isle of Man, Yorkshire, South Wales, Hertfordshire, Alverstoke, Chipping Norton, Oxted, Doddington (Kent), and Canada. At present 2,400 are being cared for and trained. The children receive a good elementary educa- tion, and a number of them have from time to time taken scholarships and passed I<ondon and other University Arts Examinations. There are excellent farm colonies in connection with some of the branches, thus enabling the boys and girls to be trained in farm and dairy work. Trades, e.g., printing, tailoring, shoemaking, and knitting are being taught, while careful training is also given in domestic and laundry work. The best is done to prepare the children for suitable positions in the world. The Emigration Centre at Hamilton, Canada, is an immense benefit to the lads who go there year by year. More than 2,500 have emigrated to this land of opportunity since the work was begun, and 10,000 have passed through the Home. At least 95 per cent. of these have done well, a fact of which the Home is greatly proud. The Principal, Rev. W. Hodson Smith, will be pleased to supply reports and particulars to friends making application to him at the Chief Offices, 104/122 City Road, London, E.C. or Mr. Albert Taylor, 28, Merthyr-road, Aberga- venny. who is the local honorary secretary, will also be pleased to give information respecting the work of the Home, and also to welcome such assistance as friends may be able to give. 300 children have been admitted into the Home from Wales and Monmouthshire. ————




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