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psales bp Suction. IMPORTANT SALE OF MOTOR CARS. ABERGAVENNY FAIR DAY, MONDAA, MAY 15TII. JAMES STRAKI?R :r.A.i.), SON & CHAD- WICK (F.A.M arc favoured withm strnc- tions from an Officer on Active Service, and another client about to join II.1I. Forces to Sell by Auction, in the CATTLE MARKET, their excellent MOTOR CARS, including a 2-seater "Star," witn Dickie seat, 7/9 h. p. 4-seater 1913 HumbfT," excellent rut four- seater Overland," 2.0 h.p.; also 1911 four- seater Ford Car. Sale at 11.30. NOTE. The above will lie in the Market at 10 o'clock on morning of sale, or inspection and trial, while the Auctioneers have pleasure in stating that they are all in perfect condition, and will be sold, under the circumstances, practically without reserve. Conditions Cam on delivery. MONDAY, MAY 22nd, 1916. NEW MARXKT INN, LION STREET. JAMES STRAKKR. SON & CHADWICK are instructed by Mr. Lloyd (who is retiring from business) to Sell by Auction his j Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND OUTDOOR EFFECTS. Sale at x. ?o. Full particulars later. C.TT1.E MARKET, MONDAY NEXT. JAMES STRAKKR, SON & CHADW1CK U "?1 Sell by Auction, without reserve, for Mr. Matthew?. of the Lamb Inn, owing to the premises having been sold to a Brewerj Co., the whole of his VALUABLE BREW!NG PLANT comprising Coolers, Vats, 12 Fresh Stock Pieces, Refrigerator, Piping, Taps, and the usual Utensils. Sale at 10. 50 The Auctioneers have pleasure in drawing particular attention to this compact Plant, which is all in excellent condition. -.0. PAIR DAY. MONDAY NEXT. JAMES STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK will conduct tneir usual' HORSE SALE commencing at 11 o'clock, in the Cattle Market, for which they have to hand several useful Cart Horses and Cobs, together with a large entry of Trap, Conveyances, nog Carts, Tip Carts, etc., also about 50 lots of Harness. The Auctioneers will also sell, in aid of the Mayor's Blue Cross Fund for Wounded Horses, MISCELLANEOUS EFFECTS including Har- ness, 4-wheel Dog Cart, and numerous other items, which may be sent into the Market 011 day of sale and be sold free of charge by them. Further entries solicited. I-IENTO-1 HOUSE, .MONK. STREET, ABERGAVENNY. THURSDAY, MAY ISth, 1010. TAMES STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK fj are instructed by Mrs. Morgan, who is leaving her residence, to conduct an Unreserved Sale by Auction of her Well-preserved Surplus HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE including a few Garden Tools, Ladder, Steps, Garden Pots, Gas Stove, Tin Ware, Fish Kettle, Stock Pot, Dolly and Tub, Fresh-emptied Cider Cask (30 gallons). Kitchen Chairs and Table, Large Qu; nlity of China and Glass, Child's Chair, Go-Cart, Four Dish Covers, Capital Com- bined Sofa Ottoman Bedstead, Brass Spirit Kettle, Clock, Pair of Roller Skates, Fenders and Irons, Copper and Brass Spirit Kettle and Stand, Large Number cf Engravings* Print:, and other Pictures. Three Busts under glass shades, Lino, about 20 yds of Axnimster Stair Carpet, Lino. Square 5 yds. x 2 yds., Mirror and Ornaments, Four Glass Dishes, Pair Decanters, Japanese China Tea Service, China Morning Set China Tea Service, 45 pieces Five Water Bottles, Two Fruit Dishes, Two Oriental China Bowls, Pair of Two Light Brass Caa 'eh'-brj brackets, Papier Machie Tray, A Few Lots of Silver, Sheffield Plate and Cutlery, including Silver Spoons, Old Sheffield Teapot and Cream, Eight-bottled Cruet, Three- bottled Tantalus, Candlesticks, Table Cutler-. &c THE CONTENTS OF HALL & RECEPTION ROOMS comprise Oak Corner Cupboard, Two Antique Caddies, Two light Oak Chairs, Large Union Jack Flag and Mast, Two Antique Swords, Walnut Hall Table, Brass Gong Grandfather Clock in oak case, with brass dial; Mahogany- cased Weather Glass, Oak Six-hook Coat Rack and Mirror, Iron Stick Stand, Vases, 4ft. Walnut Sideboard with bevelled-plate back, Two Easy Chairs in mahogany and leather, Couch in leather, Six Mahogany Chairs m leather, Two Occasional Chairs in plash, Dining-room Table in walnut, Handsome Engravings, Antique Mahogany Pembroke Dining Table with wings, Walnut Pedestal Table, American Rocker. Two Oval Louis Wall Mirrors in gilt. Four Turkey and Oriental Rugs, Excellent Sweet-toned Up- right Pianoforte (as good as new) iron frame, by Bord Se veral Kidney-shaped Side Tables, Bras- rail Curbs, Coal Scuttle, Two Chairs in walnut, Wicker Chairs, Carved Oak Chair, Oval Chippendale Mahogany Pedestal Table, Six Green Curtains, Portiere Curtain and Rod, Two Bamboo Afternoon Tea Tables, Very Comfort- able Easy Choir in mahogany, Handsome Daven- port in mahogany with columns and five side dr r.vei- Coloured Prints. Skin Rugs, Overmantel in gilt 31: 3in., Three-tier Mahogany Dinner Waggon, Carved Walnut Pedestal Table. "THE BEDROOM APPOINTMENTS include Toilet V/are, Towel Rails, Circular- fronted Mahogany Wash stand with marble top, Dressing Chest of three drawers, with glass attached Washstand, Corner Brackets, Linen Basket, i) Door Mats, Cane-seated Chairs, Box Ottoman. Large Stained Hanging Wardrobe, 2 Single Iron Bedsteads, Springs and Overlays, 2 full-sized Brass-rail Bedsteads, Spring Mattress and Overlay, Nearly New Feather Bed, a few lots of Linen and Eiderdown Quilts, together with numerous other lots too numerous to mention. Goods on View Morning of Sale. Sale at 2.13 p.m. sharp. SPICCIAI, CONDITION.—All Lots to be paid for before same will be permitted to be removed. J Auctioneers' Offices Abergavenny. ABERGAVENNY CATTLE MARKET MONDAY, MAY 15TU, 1916. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., will .H'-L Sell by Auction as above, at 12 o'clock precisely, a Special Consignment of 8 Well-bred 3-yr.-ofd HEREFORD BULLOCKS, the property of the Rev. John Rees, Llanvihangel Gobion. Auctioneer's Offices Abergavenny. PRELIMINARY. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A I has .t\. _'f J. ri-' 1' _k l, llas Jj'i- been instructed to Sell by Auction On TUESDAY, J UNE I.1th, 1916, The Excellent FP EEHOLD FARM known as LLWYNGWYN FARM situate about three miles from Abergavenny and close to Llanvihangel Crucorney Station on the G.W R., and containing in all an Acreage of 168 Acres or thereabouts. Details in future advertisements. Vender's Solicitors MESSRS. ('.ABB AND WALFORD, Solicitors, Abergavenny. FOR SALE BY PRiVATE TREATY. REDBURY VILLA, NORTH STREET, ABERGAVENNY. I [EXCELLENT well-built House, large Garden >j well stocked with fruit trees commodious stabling. Apply MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., Auctioneer, Abergavenny. ffiUscfllanequ'B- The Mayor of Abergavenny's Fund FOR THE BENEFIT OF LOCAL MEN (irrespective of wkat Regiment they belong to) WHO GAIN DISTINCTIONS IN THE PRESENT EUROPEAN WAR. SUBSCRIPTIONS are invited from t? Residents of the Borough and immediate neighbourhood for the above Fund, which is to be used for recognising the honours brought to the Town by these Gallant Soldiers. Cheques may be sent to His Worship the Mayor (Alderman Z. Wheatley, J.P.), Town Hall, Abergavenny, or the undersigned. WM. H. HOPWOOD, Town Clerk. Town PI all, Abergavenny, May jthj 1916. ISEantttJ. WANTED, Plain Needlework. Mrs. Jaine, 7, yV Qtiten Screet. UJ ANTED, strong Lad to Learn Butchering.—  W. Demur & Son, Frogwore St. V 4 ANTED, immediately, strong respectable DAY V Girl —App y, Gharibury. Holywell Roar). "IRANTED, at once, Warehouseman; ineligible. Also experienced young Lady for Counter.— William Davis, 7, Cross Street. WANTED, Man on F«IM ineligible: 15s. per W week; also Boy, 15 to 17; ,,Os. per week live in.—^PPLY- J. Davies, Parsouege Farm, Llan- ddewi Skirrid, Abergavenny. \T TANTED, '?wo Strong Lads, 16 CV 17, accue- V tomed 10 horses: good ?nges given.—Day, Ray Merchant* EXPEHIE\CED General wanted; three in L J family; good noliciays.-Apply, Uri. E. Foster, Asthal House, Abergavenny. WAITED, single Man on FrLrm; ineligible; V must be abie to plough and liedge.-Williains, Pentregwithel, Abergavecny. Q ITU A.TIUN nquired as Companiou-Help, Honse- ? ?Ct-per, or any po??tion of trus^.—Misa Ct?rke, I Farm. Her, f rd Road, Abergavenny.  ANTED, Farm Foreman, RISO Waggoner; ? V hon-e and Lo,?den provided and good wage. — Illy. <,7<ro?tc? Oince. 1Y1\ 7 AN 1 KD, General for Farmhouse.—Apply, by Yv letter, slatiug wages required to P. U., (Chronicle Office. VVTV TANTED, General Workman on Farm, or I V snong Boy, abm to Plough or willing to le.trn.-Apply, Jones, Pant, LlaoelleD, Abergavenny. WANTED, at once, good General Servant for ) V V Farmhouse; washmg; references reqnired.- Apply, F. H., Chronicle Office. WANTED, single Woman to look after old W person and house in countrv good home state particulars.—Address, Box 18, Chronicle Office. W ANTEL) a General Workman good co.tngs "V and garden. Apply, John J. Vaughau, Estate Office, Coldbrook, Abergavenny. \V\V T ANTED, a. general Farm Workman one used W 10 self cinder.—Lewis & Sons, Hendre, Lian- over. DRESSMAKING.—Wanted, Bodice and Skirt, also Coat Hands; permanency good wages Also Apprentices for Dressmaking; wages to com- ruerice.-Apply, Thomas & Sons, Goldeu Fleece, Abergavenny. VM13ITIOUS Women, Girls, and Youths wan?ed Aimm,-ciiately to train as Cbrk, Shorthand Typists, Book-keepers and Secretaries. Quick inex- pensive home training. Good positions waiting whenqnalifi d. For free illustrated hooklet describ ing these and many other openings, apply The Registrar, International Correspondence Schools. 188, Kingsway, W C., or Local I.C.S. Manager, 39, Cwmavorr Road, Bluenavon. A LYONS, Frogmore St., Abergavenny ) A (by Government permit), Cash Buyer of Old Artificial Teeth, Gold, Silver and Platinum, Dental Scrap, Jewellery (condition immaterial), Curios, Antique China, Glass, Furniture, etc. Highest prices given. Cash or offer by return jloot otr tii t 1" '} '1 î. 'J ?;'? f?? ??? '?J T t, ? <?'?ti "?'?????' ? i!?U '"J ?..  STRAYED, to Lamb and Fl-g, Black-faced Shropshire Ram. If not claimt), will be sold to defray expanses —W. Edwards. ( STRAYED, to N<!wydd Lwydd, Cwmyoy, a. Black and White Scotch Collie. STRAYED, in November last, to the Mardy Farm, ? Llanwenarth Citra? a Cardie Sheep.-If not claimed within seven days will be sold, I alt. I G ;Ladd:s, CartGa;o, G -WatkW[i, Wheelwright, Mar?y, Mnn. TISSES WILDE, Graig, ?lonmontb, have now AL reduced Turkey Egg? to 63. per dnen. FOR Sale, by Tender, abont Two Acre capital j_ Spring Cabbage, at Red Barn, Abergavenny. A. P. Rowers. IOIZ Sale, lar&(e qliayitity of Hedge Stake", Kidney [1 Bean Sticks and Pea Sticks, within one mils of PeDpergwm Station. Apply, George, Mauor House, Penpergwm. GOOD Larch Hedging Stakes for Sale, also Tionet, Bean and Pea Stakes. I honias, Buildeis, Lion Street. L'OR Sale, Four Small Houses, nicely situated 1.1 and always command good tenants.—D. W., Chronicle Office. FOR Sale, "Albion" Binder, also Mower, same Ju maker both equal to new view by appoint- went.-D. Joni a, Hill Farm, Bryngwyn, Raglan DARK BLINDS in holland or paper, Casement material and artserges. All in great variety. —E. Howard Davies & Co. (Edwards, Furnishers), High Street and St. John's Laue, Abergavenny. Phone No. 52. FOR Sale, Horse Powders, Pig Powders and F Poultry Spice, Is. per lb.. 3lbs for 2s. 6d. Fine-t quality obtainable Also Saltpeter for Bacon Salting, lOd. per lb —Roberts, Chemist, Frogmore Street, Abergavenny. NO dead chicks in pens where Karswood J_\) Chicken Powder, containing ground in- sects, is used. 2d. packet supplies 20 chicks 7 days. Customers delighted.—WiBBERL,EY, Corn Merchant, Lion Street, Abergavenny. KILL THAT INSECT, TOMMY I—Send ) your pals out yonder some tins of Harrison's Nursery Pomade—they'll be vry acceptable. When you haven't time to wash, there's a big chance you'll have companions A little Harrison's Pomade kills every insect on hair and body. Insist on having Harrison's Nursery Pomade, Tins of Comfort," at 4td. and gd. Sold by all Chemists-or by post from Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Agent for Aber- gavenny H. Shackleton, Chemist, 9, Cross- street. Brynniawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 47 King Street. Crickliowell Kirkland. RATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES and BEETLES greedily eat Harrison's Reliable Rat Poison. Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Prices 6d., is., 2S. 3d. and 3s. Sd. Postage 2d.— G. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny H. Shackle- ton, Chemist, 9, Cross-street. Brynmawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King St. Crickhowell I Kirkland. G, REY HAIR permanently and spc.-dilv re- stored to its original colour by using Harrison's Hair Colour Restorer. It is not a dye, but by natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is beneficial tc the growth and beauty of the Hair. In bottles, price is. 6d. (postage 3d. extra). Manufacturer è. W. Harrison, Hair Specialist, Reading* Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny H. Shackleton, Chemist, 9 Cross Street Bryn- mawr A. M. J ones, Chemist, 74 King Street. Co 3Ut. TO Let, Blortnge View, Mardy, with large garden. T-Apply, Blorenge View. LURNISHED Apartments or Board-Residence.— 1.: Apply, Victoria House, Crickhowell. G OODBoard-Itcsidence; ladies or students 15/6 weekly inclusive.-Apply, D., Chronicle Office. LINDEN House, Monk Street; two reception, L j five bedrooms, bathroom, etc.—Apply, R. I. Donjon, Merthyr Road. TO Let, Two comfortable Bedrooms, with use of i kitchen.—Apply, Mrs. Jon(s, New Cottages, Llwynda, Abergavemjy. '"pO Let, Moreton Villa, Brecon Road detached X residence with good garden and grounds rent £ 40.—James Straker, Son, & Chadwick. BEDROOM or Bedroom and Sittingroom to let; JD centra).—Apply, R., Chronicle Office. TO Let, Llangwillym, superior and commodious Dwelling House iu the parish of Lianvihangel Gobion. with large garden and orchard, on the banks of the Uab.—Apply, David, Llansantffraed, Aberg&- venny. Do 1Jttt. TO Let, Westbourne House, Brecon Road, Aber- i- gavenny, from March 25th next. Apply, Facey & Son, Atergavenny. F PO Let, Myn-y C&steII, Ca?Ue Road, X howell. a.lso a Cottage in same road.-Apply, J. Reginald Jacob, Solicitor, Abergavenny. "OXES BARK FARM. Llautillio P,rtholey; 60 11 acres; immediate possession.—Apply, J. W. Earls, 49, The Village, Old Charlton, Loudon. S E. '1'° Let, large Bed-Sittingroom, alxo Sittingroom and Bedroom use bathroom, h. and c.-Apply, Pritchard, 1, Trinity Terrace. FJNU Le,?, all that commodious Premises in CroFs X Street, now naed as a post office, with Lookup Shop (pr-vionaly cycle shop). Vacant possession now. To view, etc apply, Tong and Cobon, Rocklands, Abergavenny, or Auction Chambers, I Brynmawr. I jHtattllaitaras. Re James Straker, deceased. I NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all creditors, or other persons, having any claims or demands against the Estate of James I¡ Straker, late of Plas Derwen, near Abergavenny, in the County of Monmouth, Esquire, who died on the 13th day of April, 1916, are required to forthwith send particulars in writing of their claims or demands to us, the undersigned, on behalf of Edith Emily Straker, Edgar Straker, and James Arthur Gilbert Price, the Executors and Trustees of the Will of the said deceased. Dated this 20th dav of April, 1916. GABB & WALFORD, I Solicitors, Abergavenny. Monmouthshire County Council. MAIN ROADS. PERSONS desirous of Contracting for the JL SUPPLY OF MATERIALS or for HAUL- ING broken and unbroken STONE for the repair of the Main Roads within the County for the year ending March 31st, 1917, may obtain particulars and schedules on application at the County Council Offices, Newport. Sealed Tenders to be sent to me on or before Monday, May 22nd, endorsed Tenders for Hauling and Supplying Materials for Main Roads." WILLIAM TANNER, County Surveyor. County Council Offices, Newport, Mon. May 2nd, 1916. NOW OPEN. MR. C. W. HUGHES, Central Dental Rooms, (Over Bradleys') Frogmore St. (Entrance Lion St.) Abergavenny. Hours 9 a.m. until 6.30 p.m., or any time by appointment. Fraser's Plants are the Best ASTERS and Stocks, 4D. a dozen. Marigold, W Verbenia, Cornflower, Antirrhinum, Scabious, Lobelia, Pyrethrum, Petunias, Alys- sum, 6d. per dozen. Coreopsis, Gaillardias, Canterbury Bells, Sweet Williams, 1/- per doz. Early Flowering Chrysanthemums a speciality. Choice-named Varieties, 1/6 per doz. CARNATIONS 50 Varieties to select from, 2/6 per doz. PERCY FRASER, Florist and Seedsman, Queen Street,-Abergavenny. ABERGAVENNY CARNEGIE LIBRARY. NOTICE TO BORROWERS. SO long as the existing Order to Subdue Lights is in force in Abergavenny, the hour for issuing Books from 9 to 10 p.m. on Monday and Saturday nights will be abandoned. On Mon- days the hour from 6 to 7 p.m. will be sub- stituted. In all other respects the hours will remain the same. EDWARD H. RESTALL, loth May, 1910. Borough Librarian. Abergavenny Union. PAYMENT OF CLAIMS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 1 Accounts for the past quarter, which have been passed by the Finance Committee, will be paid at my Office on Monday next, the rsth instant, at from 10 to II o'clock in the forenoon and all persons having claims against the Guardians are requested to apply for pay- ment of the same during the hour anmed. Dated this 12th day of May, 1016. W. H. P. SCANLON, 1- 1 P. ?z Clerk to the Guardians. Union Otfices, Monk Street, Abergavenny. Re Thomas George Davies, deceased. ALL Persons having any Claims against the AEstate of the above deceased, late of The Steps, Llanwenarth, who died on the 15th April, 1916, are requested to send forthwith particulars thereof in writing to Mrs. Winifred Davies, of The Steps, aforesaid, one of the Executors. Dated this 6th day of May, 1916. ROBERT T. GRIFFITHS, Hay, Solicitor to the Executors. Supreme j Style Style Selection Value I in Furniture P.,E. GANE, Ltd. 161-2-3 Commercial St., NEWPORT. Catalogues Free. jHisceilantous. I Telephone 146. ABERGAVENNY STEAM LAUNDRY COMPANY, LIMITED, MERTHYR ROAD. Why Buy New Clothes ? When you can have the old WASHED, DRY CLEANED, or DYED equal to new. Heasonable Charges, consistent with good work No sweating of workers. CoHars, Id. each. Owing to the great rise in all materials, we are COMPELLED to slightly advance a few of our prices. Christadelphian Synagogue, LION STREET, ABERGAVENNY SUNDAY NEXT, MAY 14th, 1916. At (5.30 p.m. Speaker: Mr. Z. WHITEHOUSE, of Newport. Sabject The Great Secret What after Death ? Come and hear this Lecture. Saatb free. No collections. I Bethany Baptist Church, MARKET STREET. i ANNIVERSARY SERVICES SUNDAY NEXT, MAY 14th, 1916. PREACHER: REV. J. T. JONES (Ynvsbwl) "THE WELSH BARITONE." Services at 11, 3, and: 6.30. A Solo will be rendered by the Preacher at the Evening Service. All are cordially welcome.  L i tS E M a ?? a*« a ABERGAVENNY. Telephone, 33. MANAGING DIRECTOR RICHARD DOONER. RESIDENT MANAGER W. H. WALLER. MONDAY, TTTESDAY & WEDNESDAY ;— TIMES AS ESTAIV. (Continuous Performance Fair Day, 2 till 10). ANOTHER STARTLING AND STUPENDOUS PICTURE PROGRAMME, Entitled VIA WIRELESS A Sensational but Romantic Chapter in the Great World Story of Munitions. Four Reels teeming with Thrilling and Sensa- tional Incidents. Episode 28 of the Super Serial, "THE EXPLOITS OF ELAINE." Featuring THE MISSING TORPEDO. Tlrilling aIld Interesting. VERSUS SLEDGE HAMMER Essanay Comedy. L.K.O. LATEST COMEDY. Entitled JERRY'S BLUNDER A Scream. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY EXCLUSIVE AND SENSATIONAL PHOTO. PLAY, Entitled WHITE HOPE Exclusively controlled by the IAIOSS EMPIRES. A Sensational and Romantic Story of the Prize Ring. Episode 10 of the World's Greatest Serial, "THE BROKEN COIN." The Picture that will chain you, because it is Thrilling and Romantic. SNAKEVILLE LADY DOCTOR and other Special Comedies, time permitting. j SPECIAL NOTICE. ALTERATION OF PRICES CINEMA TAX. FUTURE TRICES OF ADMISSION :•—2d. (plus Tax LI d.), 2 d. 3d. (plus Tax id.), 4d. 6d. (plus Tax id.), 7d. 9d. (plus Tax 2d.), lid. APRLTS 4EI. CHILD KEN, I 2D. I ADULTS, (Tip np Chairs) 7d. CHILDRKN, 4d. ADULTS, (Tipnp Chairs) AID. CBILSHEN, 6d. -"W: V' BOROUGH OF ABERGAVENNY. HHENDERS are invited for the supply of about X A,000 Tons of SCREENED GAS COAL, through and through as worked, nuts or slack, for delivery during 12 months ending June 30th, 1917, delivered at the Gas Works Siding, Aberga- venny. Tenders endorsed Gas Coal," to be addressed to the undersigned, and sent in by the 1Rth May, 1916 Particulars and FORMS of tender may be obtained from the Gas Manager. The Committee may accept any tender as re- gards any one or more of the items included therein, or any part thereof, and do not bind themselves to accept any of the tenders in whole or in part. WM. H. HOPWOOD, Town Clerk. Town Hall, Abergavenny, 12th May, 1916. CARS FOR. HI EE. Open, Closed and Touring. PARTIES CATERED FOR. RIHQ UP 119, LEORANDYJARAGE. L????.?Di ??K??. REASONABLE CHARGES.



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