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1 1 AUCS-TLI.j STORES ELEPHONE P.O. 32. 0 0 Yes, Stoneham's Triple Blend Tea at 2s. 4d. per It). is delicious. I ad- vise you to try it. I ABERGAVENNY. I Whitstable Native Oysters FRESH DAILY. FISH" FRUIT STORES. SEEDS! SEEDST SEEDS! Pitt's New and Reliable Seeds. No Better Procurable. Fruit Trees, Roses, Ornamental Trees and Shrubs. Landscape Gardening in all its branches a speciality. CATALOGUES FREE. Cut Flowers, Wreaths, Crosses, Bouquets a speciality. HEJSHY prn\ F.RH.s., Brecon Road and Old NurseHes, ABERCAVENNY. I Liceused Agent to stock a.i'd EeU poisonous com- pound for use in Eort.icult.nre. TEL. No. 19 Redwood's BREAD AND CONFECTIONERY PERFECTION. H??yi?st?if y s ??""?? Bakery, Flannel Street. r17111 WRITE SISTERS GIVE LESSONS IN French, P!anoforte, VtoHn & MandoUn, Painting, French Pa!nting, Poker-work, NeedieworK, j to Children a.nd Adnlta, both Ia.diea ant! gentlemen. They tCLke a.lao young Indies who have left achool for accomplif-ihmcuta, French &nd Needlework, at moderate charges. FRENCE CLA.SSKS are held. Tcims: 10/6. if Ciaaa is compos,!u of at least six meraberB 12/6 if only four members. For further particulars, i Apply to The REV. MOTHER SUPERIOR, j Pen-y-ponnd Honae. The Cheapest Merchants — FOR — SLATES, RIDGE TILES. PANTILES. CHIMNEY POTS and COWLS, BATTENS, LATH, RAFTERS. DEALS, CEMENT, GALVANIZED SHEETS,&c< nOBERT P!{!CE & S"S, BUtLDERS' MERCHANTS. FOR MALT & HOPS TRY Tt'!?T??T?tT\ fitilf?U?<&&AC !) jjDLT..cUi!M?, KINGS ARMS, ABERGAVENNY. D rç TO .E10(XJ) without sureties prompt attention öt U convenient repayments and periods—Acptv in confidence to actual lender :—Sbikbo, 84, Htsh Street, Newport. DOWNES BEST & CHEAPEST FOR RELIABLE n???frt)? tUMUUM OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Frogmore St., YE OLDE FYRME. WILL7 EV \NS, SCULPTOR, 2 Brecon Road, ABERGAVENNY. For testimonials see work erected 'during the past century. Personal attention to all New Work, also the Cleaning of Memorials for Palm Sunday. RespectfuHy solicits your patronage. Telegrams Piompt. Abergavenny. Tel. No. 69. The Monmouthshire and South Wales Nursino Home, Abergavenny. Matron: Moss EHtson. Patients Received and Private Nurses Supplied. Incorporated with the Nurses Co-operation (Cardie) (Miss Mackenzie and Miss Todd). INCOMB TAX. In view of the increasing War Taxa- tion, the Preparation of Accurate Trad- ing and Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets, the Compilation of Returns, Exemption and Abatement Claims, &c., will become an essential feature of every business house, and in many instances may involve the necess- ity of securing expert assistance. R. H. JACKSON (CertiSed Accountant and Auditor), Fern Lea, Hereford Road, Abergavenny. JESSE PRITCHARD. PRACTICAL BUILDER, 1, Trinity Terrace, Baker Street, Ir. r-C C), -I& Nt M -M "'fr. Every dea::rtption of linilding Wcrb promptly exe c'!tf'd. Y¡rd!' hnÜ Paths Asphûoltm1 CemNQted or Gr:nl::ilJ6d modef&te ('hl\,f's. Ca.reful attenticr given to aH Jobbing Work. A Trial Order reapfctfuUy solicite4 !———-————————————————.————————— UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND FOR EFFICIENT SHORTHAND-TYPISTS AND BOOKEEPERS. Diligent Students can secure a thorough practical knowledge of Shorthand, Type- writing, Arithmetic, Book keeping, Theory and Practice of Commerce, &c., in Three Months under the expert tuition of R. H. JACKSONj (Fellow Society of Commercial Teachers) I' ? Fern Lea, Hereford Road, Abergavenny. Inexpensive Taitor=made Costumes I TAILOR-MADE Costumes are going to be more ? fashionable than ever this year, not only because they are so smart and becoming, but because they are really the most economical form of Ladies' out-door attire. Why not call and let me show you what a splendid garment I can make you for 45/- ? I have a splendid range of materials, and guarantee perfect fit and satisfaction in every way. Suits, Costumes, etc., Dyed and Cleaned. W. H. BUTT, Tailor and Outfitter, 7 and 8 High Street, ABERGAVENNY. MORGAN & CO. Solicit the favour of your orders for every description of Pnnting = Lithography, = Die Stamping, = Bookbinding, &c. LOWEST PRICES. Chronicte" Printing Works, 2.,0Z Frogmore Street Abergavenny. < Newspapers, Periodicals, Books, Stationery. and every requisite appertaining to the Printing, Stationery and Fancy Trade. ? Advertisements inserted in any Newspaper at home or abroad, at publishers' prices. ? ? MORGAN & CO., CHRONICLB P OFFICE, Telephone, No. 87. ABERQAVENNY. Furniture at Pre- War Prices! How can that be Possible? The:explaination is that immediately war was declared the Largest Contracts ever entered into during their unbroken business career of sixty-six years, were concluded by that well-known firm BEVAN & COMPANY, Ltd. PONTYPOOL, NEWPORT. CARDIFF. &c. The result is that whilst some furnishers are compelled to close their establishments through inability to obtain sup- plies, BBVAN & COMPANY still hold a considerable proportion of the contract goods referred to above, k,hich they have now decided to oifer to CLEAR AT PRE-WAR PRICES! "0 The Train Fares of Cash Customers Paid. All Goods Delivered Free in Abergavenny and District. SauvignonAUstralian- CSaret. Grape. 0" BRAND. THIS well-known brand of Claret has stood the test of years, and still maintains JL its reputation as a Generous Natural Dinner Wine. surpassed by few of the more expensive wines of France. As an Invalid Wine it is recommended by the Medical Profession as being a full and' highly nutritious restorative, free from added Sugar or Spirit. A Wine for all at <.6 per bottle. SOLE AGENTS: MORCAM & EVANS < THE SUPPLY STORES, ABERGA-VENNY & CRICKHOWELL. Elegant Fitted & Unfitted LADIES' BAGS In SILVER MOLE, CROSS GRAIN MOROCCO and FINE SEAL and other Leather, from i/- to 4.o/- Gent's Wallets & Treasury Note Cases. For holding Treasury Notes in N, the full size. In Paste Grain at 2/ in Seal Grain and at 2/6; Small size. at 1/6 2/- each Cheaper quality, at 6!d., 1/ THE "MystM:" Mote Case. Sole Agents in Abergavenny for SILVER MOLE CALF GOODS Comprising Ladies' Hand Bags, Manicure Sets, Purses, Letter Cases, Photo. Cases, Pouches, —————— Cigarette Cases, Ac., &c. —————— MORGAN & CO.. "Chronicle" Office, \1 ABERGAVENNY. PIANOS IN STOCK. Having bought heavily many months ago we are in a position to-day to supply you with a NEW PIANOFORTH on very advantageous terms. We invite you to call and see what we can show you. You will be surprised at several things (i) The langcof models we have. (2) The value for money we offer. (3) The unique and new designs. (4) The low prices, and (5) The easy terms il ou do not wish to pay cash. WE WILL BUY OR EXCHA s:, YOUR PRESENT PIANOFORTE. HEINS & CO., LTD., FROGMORE ST., ABERGAVENNY. ? ? BUILDERS' MERCHANTS. PLUMBERS MERCHANTS. \OU CAXXOT Bt-y CHEAPER ANYWHERE THAK AT ROBERT PRICE & SONS, LION ST. We spec!a!ise in GRATES and RANGES.