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Abergavsany Police Court. 1. Wednesday-Before Col. W. D. b.e? 1m L?ll chair), Col. W. Williams, Mr. Edwin Foster and Alr. John Evans. Discharged Soldier and His Wife. Samuel Jones, labourer, of Aberg?euny who has been discharged from the Army ;md has 'atelv been employed in munition wo h Derbvshire and at Ebbw Vale, was summoned for persistent cruelty to his wii.. hlizabeth Ann Jones of Court A, Cross-street, who apphed for a separation order with maintenance and custody of the three children. Prisoner was also charged with being drunk and disorderly with assaulting P.C. Hamber in the execution of his duty. The Magistrates' Clerk Do you oppose the application for a separation order ? Prisoner I don't want to lose my children. I have always been good to them. I Complainant, who is 30 years ot age, said she had been married to prisoner nine years next j Line, and she had lived all the time dot Atier- gayenny, with the exception 01 12 mOllhs at Tredegar. Her husband had been away in the munition works. He was in the habit of taking too much drink and coming home and accusing her of being a bad woman and having men in the house while he was at the front. He came home drunk on Monday night and struck her in the face. She stayed with him that night, but left next morning. She had looked it over many times, but the same thing had happened again. He got drunk and gripped her until he left bruises on her arm. The Magistrates' Clerk Does he do anything when he is sober -)-Well, sir, we have rows. Is there fault on both sides ?-I have done no wrong. I have done my duty. In reply to the Magistrates' Clerk, com- plainant said a neighbour said she would give evidence if she was letched. Prisoner I don't think she has done any wrong. I am sure of it, sir. Complainant said she had three children, 8, 61, and 2 years and 5 months. The Magistrates' Clerk What money has he been giving you )-Hc gave me f5 on Friday week and I had certain debts to pay out of it. When "did he give you money previous to that ?--I drew "IJoyd George's" iSs. a fort- night before and I had 10s. a week up to the time he went to the munition works. I have had nothing else. Sergt. Prosser said there had been disagree- ment at the house for years. Prisoner got the worse for drink and became absolutely mad. He would no home and punch his wife about and turn her and the children out. Witness had been there scores of times and had had to lock prisoner up several times. Complainant was a very tidy woman, and he should think there was no cause whatever for prisoner to treat her like he did. Prisoner I have never been the same since I got blown up bv a big mine at the front. Col. Williams Why don't you get your mouth sewn up ? Prisoner said he earned £ 1 ios. at Ebbw Vale for 51 shifts. Col" Williams (to complainant) When he is not in drink he is all right ? Complainant I don't know. We have our differences. There is a lot of grievances gomg on. I can't be worried and upset. The Bench made a separation order, with maintenance of ,1 per week and the custody of of the children. With regard to the offence of being drunk and disorderly, the Magistrates' Clerk asked Did you knock the policeman about ? Prisoner God knows. I could not say. P.C. Hamber said that at 5.20 p.m. on the 25th he served a summons on prisoner at his house. Prisoner threw the summons back in the house and came outside and acted like a madman. Witness advised him to go in, but he took no notice but sprang at him and caught him by the collar and bumped him in the side. Supt. Davies said prisoner had a bad record. Prisoner I expect I shall be called up again shortly. I have to go before the Medical Board again. Prisoner was filled i-x, or 14 days' imprison- ment, for the assault, not to be enforced so long as he kept up his payments to his wife. Prisoner I will pay her as soon as I get back into work. Mr. Foster And keep sober, too. I Go and Smother Yourself." I Ellen Burrow, married woman, was summoned for keeping a dog without a licence, but did not appear. P.C. Climer said that on the 20th inst. he called at defendant's house and asked to see the dog licence. She replied, I have not got one. I know it is over six months old, and I was think- ing of sending it away." Witness called again on the 22nd and found defendant had not taken out a licence. He said he should report her, and she replied You can go and smother yourself." Defendant had sent a letter to the Bench, in which she said that the weather had been so bad that she had not been able to get out to get a dog licence. A fine of 5s., including costs, was imposed, and defendant was ordered to take out a licence forthwith.

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