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scales bv Suction. THE CROWN & SCEPTRE, MARDY, One mile out on the Hereford Road from ABERGAVENNY. MONDAY, MAY 1ST, 1916. MO)JD\ Y,I  -N <)I. I J AS. STRAKER, i-Ai, SON & CHAD- tj WICK, F.A.I., having negotiated a let of the above, arc instructed by Mr. Williams, the outgoing tenant, to conduct an Unreserved Sale of his OUTDOOR EFFECTS & IMPLEMENTS including Tools, Benches, 2 Hogsheads, Casks, Wire Netting, Firewood, Steps, Cupboards, 4 Long Forms, &c., \e. Large Wood Trough, Cross-cut Saw, Hand Cart, 2 Wheelbarrows, New Fairbanks Platform Weighing Machine, Sheep Trough, Pig Troughs, 6 Wood Hurdles, Hay Rakes, Pulley Blocks, 2 Chicken Coops and I I I I Runs, 2 Cart Wheels and hatts, bcytnes, ricjceis, 2 Long Ladders, Cow Ties, New Pulper (by Bentall), Chaff cutter, Swingletrees, Single Plough (by Ransome), Paii Seed Harrows; Pair Short Gears, as new Capital Four-wheel Dog Cart, Spring Trap, Odd Harness, New Narrow-wheel Cart recently done up and built less than two years ago by E. J Watkins, and numerous other lots, also Ferret and Hutch, &c., Harvest Bottles, Baskets, Milk Tins. 3 POWERFUL UPSTANDING CART HORSES viz., Bounce," a powerful Grey Mare, 15.2 hands, 5 years old Bright," a useful Bay Mare, 14.2 hands, tJ years old Captain," a heavy Cart Horse, 17.2 hands, rising 5 years old. I The working horses are believed to be sound, and are good staunch workers in all gears, and are being sold as quiet. THE EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE includes Kitchen and Office Effects, Tables, Chairs, Large Quantity of Tea and Dinner Ware, Glass and Tin Ware, Large Meat Safe, Spring Balance, Arm Chairs, Adjustable Spring Couch, Steel Fender, Pembroke Table Table with leather top, 5ft. 2in. x 8ft. Comer Cupboard, Venetian Clock, oft. oin. Painted Dresser and Shelves, 0 Pewter Measures, 4ft. ioin. Antique Brass-mounted Oak Dresser with small cup- board in centre and two large ditto, 5ft. 6in. Dresser, Iron Hall-stand, Folding Chairs, Suite (as new) in Velvet, Cheffonier in Walnut, Arm Chair in Oak and Leather, 2 Very Fine Genuine Antique Chippendale Arm Chairs on Claw and Ball Feet, one with Sunflower Carved Back Single Pull Bar Engine, Banjo, Foot Pump, about 40 Prints and Engravings, 7 Old Brass Candlesticks, Pair of Old Silver-plated Ditto, Copper Spittoons, Silver-plated Snuffer Tray, 4 Dish Covers, Norton Check Door Spring, Timepiece, Dessert Service, Glazed Cupboard, 3 Antique Mason Ware Jugs, Tea Service, Glass and China, Oval Walnut Loo Table, Pier Glass in gilt, Brass Fender Stand, Large Flag, Skittle Board, Very Heavy and Solid Dining Room Suite (as new) in mahogany, Very Pretty Settee in Tapestry and Walnut, 6ft. Early Victorian style Mahogany Sideboard. New Quarter-Sixe Billiard Table in Mahogany, with Cues, Board and Table Top Cover Marble Clock, Weather Glass in mahogany case, Engravings, Antique Glass Jug. PRIVATE SITTING ROOM & BEDROOMS 6 Mahogany Chairs in leather, Easy Chair and Conch, Oak Side Table, 5ft. Oval Mahogany Pedestal Table, Carpet Square, Mirror in gilt, Antique Inlaid Chest of 5 Drawers, Mahogany Pembroke Table, Handsome Antique Chippen- dale Ledgec1 Oval Waiter, Toilet Ware, Mugs, Antique Brass-mounted Oak Bureau, Linen Baskets, Toilet Glasses, Cane-seated Chairs, Bamboo Tables, Two Excellent Nearly New Bedroom Suites, one in Fumed Oak and the other in Spanish Mahogany, Brass and Oak Bedsteads, Feather Beds, Large Oak Linen Chests, Painted Tables, Antique Oak Coffer, 3ft. 6in. x Isin., and many other items. Sale at 1.30 p.m. sharp. Goods on View Morning of Sale only. Terms Cash. All Lots to be cleared by Tuesday evening following day of sale. The Furnitttre is all in first class condition, and will be sold without reserve. Auctioneers' & Hotel Valuers' Offices: Aber- gavenny and Crickhowell. SrEciAi. E-ITRY. CATTLE MARKET. TUESDAY NEXT. JAMES STRAKER, F.A.I., SON & CHAD- tj WICK, F.A.I., are favoured with instruc- tions from Mr. W- Haines, The Bryn, to Sell by Auction A PEDIGREE DEXTER COW, due to calve September 15th; PEDIGREE JERSEY COW, due to calve 7th September (both young cattle); also 2 Pedigree Large Black and White Sows and Pigs. Full pedigrees on application and at time of sale. Further entries solicited. EWIAS HAROLD FAIR, MONDAY NEXT. JAMES STRAKER, F.A.I., SON & CHAD- WICK, F.A.I., will conduct their usual Sale of FAT AND STORE STOCK in the Temple Bar Yard on the above date, when special entries include 4 Young Hereford Heifers (in calf), and 4 Yearling Heifers, the property of Miss Prosser, The Wern, who is letting her land. Further entries solicited. COURT FARM, OLDCASTLE. I miles from Pandy Station, G.W.R. 2 CROSS-BRED COWS and their CALVES. Very Useful COB MARE, 14 hands, in foal IMPLEMENTS, &c. Trap, Turnip Cutter, Two Pig Troughs, Ladders, Two Pig Benches, Double Corn Bin, Sack Truck, Capital Waggon Ropes, Quantity of Pikes, Rakes and Forks, Hay Knife, Shovel, Cross-cut Saw, Two Stone Cisterns, Quantity of Tubs and Casks, One Set Trap Harness, 3 Empty Hogsheads, together with 2 Hogsheads of CIDER, 2 Geese and Gens, 1 Gander; Also the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, comprising Large Oak Dining Table, Large Kitchen Table, Round Mahogany Table, Two Oak Tables, Settle, Oak Chest, Six Mahogany- framed Dining Chairs covered in horsehair, Gent's Easy Chair covered in leather, Antique Chimney Glass in mahogany frame, Four Wooden Bedsteads, Four Feather Beds, Four Plated Meat Covers, Quantity of Cheese Vats, Butter Trin, Churn, Milk Pans, Cooler, Boxes, and a Quantity of Excellent Mangels (to go off), together with a quantity of other Effects too numerous to mention, which MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., having i received histructions from Mr. J. Probert, will Sell bv Auction on the premises as above On THURSDAY, 4th MAY, 1916. Goods on View Morning of Sale. Sale to commence at 2 p.m. sharp. Auctioneer's Offites Abergavenny. OAKLAND ROAD, ABERGAVENNY. (Removed for convenience of Sale from Croft- dale, Woodland Road). SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND t0 EFFECTS which MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., having received instructions from the Represen- tatives of the late Miss Clarke, will Sell by Auction as above On FRIDAY, 5th MAY. 1916. Sale to commence at 2 p.m. sharp. Goods on View Morning of Sale. Auctioneer's Offices Abergavenny. LOWER HOUSE FARM, WALTERSTONE. ANNUAL GRASS LETTING. 210 ACRES T OF SUPERIOR SWARD, by instructions from Col. Sir Reginald Rankin, Bart., On THURSDAY, MAY nth, 1916. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., Auctioneer, Abergavenny. BROAD OAK, GARWAY. tJ miles from Monmouth. The 30th Periodical Stock Auction will be held in the Hotel Paddock (by favour of permission of Mr Powell) on MONDAY NEXT, MAY ist, 1916, when Messrs. RENNIE & JONES ) WiD submit to Auction upwards of 300 WELL-BRED STORE CATTLE, including excellent bunches of Yearling and Two-year- old Steers and Heifers, fresh Barrens and Cows and Calves. Also a few Fat Cattle, and 4 Pedigree Bred Yearling Bulls. 750 FAT AND STORE SHEEP & PIGS. A few Horses, Traps, Implements, etc. Luncheon at 12.0. Sale at 12.45 prompt. Further Entries Invited to the Hotel, or the Auctioneers, 34, Monnow Street, Monmouth Chepstow, Coleford, and John H. Rennie, New- port and Usk. sales by Auction. SPRING, COTTAGE, BRYNYG W E NIN About 2.1. miles from Abergavenny. MR. LEWIS J. MORRIS (for the Executors ?- of the late Percy Wibb?rky, deceased) has been favoured with instructions from Mrs. Atkins (who is leaving) to Sell by Auction, on the premises, On THURSDAY" NEXT. MAY 4th, KJI6, The whole of the LIVE & DEAD FARMING STOCK, DAIRY UTENSILS & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Comprising t CATTLE, viz., Shorthorn Cow (good milker), with Bull Calf at foot Cross-bred Cow in calf, to calve 25th June; Yearling Devon Heifer. SMART y-YEAR-OLD CHESTNUT COB. about 14.2 hands high, good in saddle and harness, YOUNG SOW. 60 HEAD OF POULTRY, including 50 Young Fowls, 3 Turkeys, 2 Geese, and 5 Ducks together with the OUTSIDE EFFECTS, DAIRY UTENSILS, AND A PORTION OF THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Sale at L;0 p,m. sharp. SPRING, COTTAGE, with 6 Acres of Laud Imostlv Orcharding) is TO LET, with im- mediate possession. — For f uIl particulars, applv to the Auctioneer, Lion St. (over Bakery Shop), Abergavenny. IVY TOWER, CRICKHOWELL. Sale of Substantial Household Furniture.  by instructions MR. ARTHUR J. THOMAS, by instructions from Mr. John Evans, will Sell by Auction, on the premises as above, On THURSDAY, MAY 4th, 1916, The undermentioned Substantial HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS Viz. INLAID OAK DINING ROOM SUITE, covered in leather, comprising 6 Chairs, Gent's and Lady's Easy Chairs and Couch Walnut Overmantel, Solid Walnut Drawing Room Suite covered in plush, consisting of 6 small Chairs 2 Easy Chairs and Couch Music Stool, Cornice Pole, Pair Brass Candlesticks, Dining Table, Odd Dining Room Chairs, Enamelled Bedroom Suite, com- prising Wardrobe, Duchesse Dressing Table, Washstand, and 2 Chairs; Feather Bed, Millpufi Bolster, Carpet, Mahogany Swing Toilet Glass, 2 Marble Slab Mahogany Washstands, Towel Rails, Cane-seated Chairs, Wicker Chair up- holstered, Brackets, Table Lamps, Mantelboard and Fittings, Hall Lamp and Shade, Brass-rail and Iron Bedsteads, Wool Overlays, Spring I Mattresses, Palliasses, Bath, Kitchen Utensils, Hurricane Lamp, Pictures, Lady's Bicycle, Ladder (17 rungs), Scythe, &c., &c. By permission, a few other lots may be included. On View Morning of Sale. Sale to commence at 2.30 p.m. Auctioneer's Offices, Gilwern & Crickhowell. THE RHELD FARM, CRICKHOWELL. THURSDAY, MAY nth, 1916. TTRACTIVE SALE of 108 Couples of OL EWES and LAMBS, 19 Hereford and Shorthorn CATTLE, 2 HORSES, together with the whole of the IMPLEMENTS and a quantity of Household FURNITURE, and the Letting of 71 Acres of MEADOW LAND. Further particulars in next week's issue and posters. MILLER, POWELL & CO., Auctioneers. manttb. HAIRDRESSING.-Approntice wanted.—R. J. JjL Harrby, 5. High Street. APPRENTICES wanted for Drapery and MHhn- ery.—Apply, E. A. Beveridge, Bon Marche. w ANTED, good General Workman, by tack; VV good house and garden.—Apply, Rogers, Crowfield. WANTED, at once, good General Servant for W Farmbonae; washing; references required.— Apply, F. H., Chronicle Office. WANTED, experienced Cowman aad ta jLssiat W with Mountain Sheep; ineligible lie in.- Apply, Price, Trewescoed. WANTED, General Workman; ineligible for W army good wages given; cottage and gar- den found.-Apply, Williams, Newton. Bwleh. WANTED, single Woman to look after old W person and bouse in conntry; good home; state particulars.-Address, Box 18, Chronicle Office. GOOD General; plain cooking; wages ?18 .E20 GApply, 7 to 9, Mrs. Pitt, Bosedale, Avenue Road, Abergavenny. WANTED, a strong Girl, able to do dairy work; W good reference.—Apply. Mrs. Thomaa, Panty- goitre, lanvair, Abergavenny. TXT ANTED a General Workman; good cottage W and garden. Apply, John J. Vanghan, I Estate Office, Coldbrook, Abergavenny. [I THE India and China Tea Co. have a vacar cy for a yonng Lady to L?arn Grocery Trade, age ?aTbout s 16 17.-Apply, The Mauager. WANTED, Dressmaking at home or at ladies' vV houses.—Apply, M., Chronicle Office. TT7"ANTJKD, Young Girl for mornings, to wheel "f baby out.—Apply, Mrs. Herbert, 3, Windsor Road. WANTED, reliable, all round Farm Man; VV regular work: ineligible.—Baylis, Pentre, Llangattook Lingoed. WANTED, Yonng Man, ineligible, as Workman W Waggoner; must be able to make ricks and thatch.—Apply, with references, to Thomas Lewis, Church Farm, Gilwern. W ANTED, a Woman for light garden work, two VV or thrae days per week.—Williams, 27, Park Street. WANTED, single Man on Farm; ineligible; v v must be able to plough and hedge.-Williams. Pentregwithel, Abergavenny. WANTED a good Waggoner; good wages given W cottage and garden found. Apply, J. Williams, Werngochen, Abergavenny. WANTED, a general Farm Workman one used TV to self binder.-Lewis & Sous, Hendre, Llan- over. WANTED, for Abergavenny residence, respect TV able experienced married Gardener as care- taker, to live in. Wages, 25s. per week. Preference given to disabled married soldier.—Straker, Son and Chadwick. w ANTEI) to purchase Freehold Fami of about If 100 acres, near good road. With mountain run preferred.- Straker, Son and Chaawick, Estate Agents.  LYONS, Frogmore St., Abergavenny A (by Government permit), Cash Buyer of Old Artificial Teeth, Gold, Silver and Platinum, Dental Scrap, Jewellery (condition immaterial), Curios, Antique China, Glass, Furniture, etc. Highest prices given. Cash or offer by return AMBITIOUS Women and Girls wanted now to -f L train as Clerks, Book-keepers, Secretary s and Saleswomen. Alao Yonths. Positions when qnalifi d. For free illnstrated booklet describing these and other profitable openings, apply Thd Registrar, International Correspondence Schools. 188, Kings- way, W.C., or Local I.C.S. Manager, 3, James St., Blaenavon. < tost or ffetrapet). LOST, from Crossonen Meadow, near Junction, JLj April 12tb, cross bred yearling Ewe, short tail. —Apply, Roberts Llanellen. REWARD.-Lost, between Llanfoist Bridge Ol and Lltiellen, a, Fisherman's Gaff.—Apply, Chronicle Office. TRAYED, in January last, to Ty Coch, Llanover, O Four Welsh Ewes. Owners can have same on payment of expenseEi.-Apply, C. Dnrham. STRAYED to Werngocben Farm, Six Sheep. If not claimed within seven days will be sold to defray expenses.—Apply, J. Williams. STRAYED from Hendre Farm, Llangattock Lingeed, on April 13th, Two Cardie Ewea in vean pitch mark W D. raddle on head.—Apply, William Daviea. jfor §i»ale. GARDEN Bajrowe, Ladders, Carts, Gamboa, &c, —Watkina, Wheelwright, Mardy, Mori. FOR Sale, Well-bred Yearling Hereford Stock 1..1 Ballo-Apply, Rogers, Crowtield. SEKD Barley; good saiiipi ca.-Edgar Williams, Pautycollyn, Llanvetherine. GOOD Larch Hedging Stakes for Sale, also Tinnet, Bean and Pea Stakes. 'Ihomas, Builders, Lion Street. F OR Sale or To Let, Garden on Hereford Road. —Apply, T. D. Delafield, 1, Bloomtield Terrace, Pa.rk Street. DARK BLINDS in holland or paper Casement j L material and artserges. All in great variety. —E. Howard Davies <6 Uo. (Edwards, Furnishers), High Street laud St. John's Laue, Abergavenny. Phone No. 52. i ,.rHOUSADS found chicks easy to rear A last lyear by giving Karswood Chicken Powder, containing ground insects, which chickens love. Packets, 2d., 6d., If-WIB- BERLEY, Corn Merchant, Lion St., Aberga- venny. KARSWOOD Poultry Spice containing JLX. ground insects doubles egg output. Try 2d. packet from Williams, 51, Cross Street, Abergavenny. r:.10R Sale, Horse Powders, Pig Powders and Poultry Spice, Is. per lb.. 31bi for 2s. 6d. Finest quality obtainable Also Saltpeter for Bacon Salting, lOd per Ib —Roberts, Chemist, Frogmore Street, Abergavenny. KILL THAT INSECT, TOMMY!—Send l your pals out yonder some tins of Harrison's Nursery Pomade-they-11 be very acceptable. lvhen you haven't time to wash, there's a big chance youll have companions A little Harrison's Pomade kills every insect on hair and body. Insist on having Harrison's Nursery Pomade, Tins of Comfort," at 4M. and gd. Sold by all Chemists—or by post from Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Agent for Aber- gavenny H. Shackleton,. Chemist, 9, Cross- street. Brynmawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 47 King Street. Crickhowell: Kirkland. RATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES Rand BEETLES greedily eat Harrison's Reliable Rat Poison. Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Prices 6d., IS., 2S. 3d. and 3s. 8d.; Postage 2d.- G. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by I Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny H. Shackle- ton, Chemist, 9, Cross-street. Brynmawr A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King St. Crickhowell: Kirkland. GREY HAIR permanently and speedily re- stored to its original colour by using Harrison's Hair Colour Restorer. It is not a dye, but by natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is. beneficial to the growth and beauty-of the Hair. In bottles, price is. 6d. (postage 3d. extra). Manufacturer u, W. Harrison, Hair Specialist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergav nny H. Shackleton, Chemist, 9 Cross Street; Bryn- mawr: A. M. Jones, Chemist, 74 King Street. To let. 0, TO Let, The Lodge, at The Hill.-Apply, Straker, JL Son and Chadwick. TO Let, Coldbrook Villa, Monmouth Road; im Tmediste possession.—Apply, T. Yonng. TO Let, No. 10, WeBtt?h Terrace, Brecon Road.- TApply, T Young. TO Let, Warehouse, Monk Street.—For particu- lare, apply T. Young, Monmouth Road. rrO Let, the whole of the Top Rooms over 13, JL Frogmore St. (main position); suitable for office, dentist, etc,—Apply, T. Young, Monmouth Road. TO Let, Weatbourne House, Breoon Road, Aber- gavenny, from March 25th next. Apply, Facey & Son, Abergavenny. TO Let, Myn-y Castell, Castle Road, Crick- JL howell, also a Cottage in same road,-Apply, J. Reginald Jacob, Solicitor, Abergavenny. FOXES BARK FARM. Llantillio Pertholey; 60 J' acres; immediate poiiscesion.Applr, J. W. Earle, 49, The Village, Old Charlton, London, S.E. TO Let or for Sale. Glenmor, Western Road.— TApply, Morgan, 45, Frogmore St., Abergavenny. TO Let, large Bed-Sittingroom, also ittinoom JL and Bedroom; ?ae batbroom, h. and c.—Apply, Pritchard, 1, Trinity Terrace. TO Let, all that commodious Premises in Cross TStreet, now used &a a post office, with Lock-up Shop (previously cycle shop). Vacant possession now. To view, etc., apply, Tong and Cobon, Rocklands, Abergavenny, or Auction Chambers, Brynmawr. fHxsallatmras. COLISEUM ABERGAVENNY. Telephone, 33. MANAGING DIRECTOR RICHARD DOONER. RESIDENT MANAGHB W. H. WALLER. ANOTHER STUPENDOUS PICTURE PROGRAMME. MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Famous Players Production, Entitled PUPPET CROWN Featuring the Charming Picture Actress INA CLARE. A Beautiful Picturization of MacGroth's Famous Novel. "THE EXPLOITS OF ELAINE." Episode 26. Featuring the MISSING TORPEDO. THE LATEST COMEDY, Entitled LOVE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH (by L.K.O. Company). THE LESSONS OF NARROW STREET A Vita- graph Drama. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & OSATURDAY:- Secured at Enormous Expense. The Most Sensational Film Play of the Season MAGISTE A Romantic Modern Melo-Drama in 5 Reels, by Gabrelle D. Annuzioni of The Hercules of Caebria" fame. Acknowledged to be the Most Sensational Film of the Season. Episode 26 of the Super Serial "THE BROKEN COIN." I A Very Strong Domestic Drama, Entitled THE LITTLE MOTHER. I SILK HOSE AND HIGH PRESSURE L.K.O. I Comedy. ADULTS I &&. ) Children, I a el. ADULTS, I (Tipnp Oh air B) I Od. CHILDREN, 3d. I ADULTS, (Tip-up irs act. CHILDBKX, OCIL. Re James Straker, deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all creditors, or other persons, having any claims or demands against the Estate of James Straker, late of Plas Derwen, near Abergavenny, in the County of Monmouth, Esquire, who died on the 13th day of April, 1916, are required to forthwith send particulars in writing of their claims or demands to us, the undersigned, on behalf of Edith Emily Straker, Edgar Straker, and James Arthur Gilbert Price, the Executors and Trustees of the Will of the said deceased. Dated this 26th dav of April, 1916. GABB & WALFORD, Solicitors, Abergavenny. R. J. HARRHY, Hairdresser, Wholesale & Retail Tobacconist, 5, High Street. Private Room for the Cutting "J Singeing of Ladies' Hair. EXPERT ATTENDANCE. Umbrellas Repaired and Re-covered. PICTURE FRAMING Fishing Tackle & Taxidermy. GLASS CUT TO MEASUREMENTS. Quantity Broken Glass for nnclimable fences, cheap. ERNLE DELAFIELD, 21, Nevill Street NEVILL HOUSE SCHOOL FOR BOARDERS AND DAY PUPILS. NEXT TElUI begins WEDNESDAY, MAY ioth. For particulars and prospectus, kindly apply to MISS RADFORD, Nevill House. Supreme I Style Selection Value F in Furniture P. E. GANE, Ltd. 161-2-3 Commercial St., NEWPORT. Catalogues Free. NOW OPEN. MR. C. W. HUGHES, Central Dental Rooms, (Over Bradleys') Frogmore St. (Entrance Lion St.) Abergavenny. Hours 9 a.m. until 6.30 p.m., or any time by appointment. CALVES! CALVES! CALVES! AMENDED GOVERNMENT ORDER. CALVES of any Breed may not be sold for slaughter over the price of Forty Shillings or under the age of Six months, while all animals so sold for slaughter must be branded by us previous to being taken out of the Cattle Market, and we are wishful to give due notice of same for the convenience of our farmer friends and others, many of whom have not been advised. JAMES STRAKER (F.A.I.), SON & CHADWICK (F.A.I.) Live Stock Salesmen. Fraser's Plants are the Best. ASTERS and Stocks, 4d. a dozen. Marigold, ?T Verbenia, Coflowe Antirrhinum, Scabious, Lobelia, Fyrethrum, Fetumas, Alys- sum, 6d. per dozen. Coreopsis, Gaillardias, Canterbury Bells, Sweet Williams, i/- per doz. Early F!ewenng Chrysanthemums a speciality. Choice-named Varieties, 1/6 per doz. > CARNATIONS 50 Varieties to select from, 2/6 per doz. PERCY FRASER, Florist and Seedsman, Queen Street, Abergavenny. Borough of Abergavenny. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town Council of Abergavenny will, at a Meeting to be held at their Council Chamber on Monday, the 1st day of May, 1916, at Eight o'clock in the Afternoon, make an Assessment to the Improvement Rate at One Shilling and I Tenpence in the pound, on the Owners and Occupiers of all assessable property situated within the said Borough, to pay charges in- curred by the Council during the Half-year ending on the 3oth September, 1916. A Statement of the proposed Rate is deposited at the Town Clerk's Office, and may be inspected during Office hours. WM. H. HOPWOOD, Town Clerk. Town Hall, Abergavenny, 22nd April, 1916. iBtscellaneous. Telephone 146. JJM& ABERGAVENNY STEAM LAUNDRY COMPANY, LIMITED, HH MERTHYR ROAD. Why Buy New Clothes ? When you can have the old WASHED, DRY CLEANED, or DYED equal Jo new. Reasonable Charges, consistent with good work No sweating of workers. Collars, 9d. per Dozen. KING HENRY Vlllth's GRAMMAR SCHOOL, ABERGAVENNY. Headmaster T. HEADLAND SIFTON, M.A., late Exhibitioner, St. John's College, Cam- bridge p With a Staff of Four Assistant Masters. Tuition Fee (per Term), ./i 2 o rPHE above fee includes all subjects in the -L School curriculum. The School has a well-equipped Laboratory, a \yorkshop for Manual Training, and a Playing Field near. The course of instruction includes Scripture, Classics, Mathematics (with book-keeping), English Language and Literature, Science, French, History, and Geography on modern lines, Drawing and Manual Work. There is an optional class in Shorthand, and the Science course is drawn up with a view to introducing at as early a stage as possible the elements of Chemistry that bear upon Agricultural Science. The Headmaster, Edenhurst, Abergavenny, and the Second Master, Belmont, Abergavenny, are authorised to take in Boarders. Particulars can be obtained from either of them at the above addresses. Next Term commences Wednesday, May 3rd. The Headmaster may be seen by parents at the School on Tuesday, May 2nd, from 2.30 to 4.30, or on Wednesday, May 3rd, during school hours. Forms of application for admission to the School may be obtained from the Headmaster, or from FRED BAKER GABB, Clerk to the Governors. ABERGAVENNY COUNTY I NTER- MEDIATE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Headmistress MISS HOULISTON, Newnham College Cambridge, Historical Tripos Class II. With Seven Permanent Assistant Mistresses. Tuition Fee (per Term).. £ 1 i o THE above fee includes all stationery (ex- i. cept printed books) Swedish Drill, by a Specially trained Mistress, and all subjects in the School curriculum. In the higher forms special instruction is given in Domestic and Commercial subjects for those not entering on a scholastic career. The School has a well- equipped Chemical Laboratory, excellent Play- ing Field and Lawn Tennis Courts, and the health of the girls receives careful attention. Pupils from a distance lodge at houses approved by the Governors under the supervision of the Headmistress. Next Term commences Wednesday, May 3rd. Entrance Examination, Tuesday, May 2nd, at 2.30 p.m. The number of vacancies in the School for next term is limited. The Headmistress may be seen by parents at the School on Tuesday, May 2nd, from 2.30-t, and on Wednesday, May 3rd, from 2.30—4. Forms of application for admission into the School may be obtained from the Headmistress, or from FRED BAKER GABB, Clerk to the Governors. Christadslphian Synagogue, LION STREET, ABERGAVENNY SUNDAY NEXT, APRIL 30th, 1916. At 6.30 p.m. Subject: The Return of Christ to the Earth. Come and hea.r. Seats free. No collections.



~w I .-Cwmyoy Farm -Sold.


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