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"Shots Whizz Past us."


"Shots Whizz Past us." Private J. Oliver, of 18 Spring Gardens has written several interesting letters to friends. In one dated Sept. 10th he says that he has just had the Telegraph and I was very much interested to read Mr R. T. P. Williams's account of our send- off from Bedford; it was very good and the boys were all glad to see it. We are now in trenches not far from the Turks and shots whizz past us very often but they mostly go over our heads. I was amused to read that about the D.C.M. in the Telegraph." It was splendid and we all had a good laugh over it. Tommy Phillips, Philip Lewis and Palmer are here and are all right, also sergeant Morgan Harries. We are not in so much danger now as the shots go over our beads but some chaps got hit yesterday. One had his leg broken by a bullet about 20 yards from us. On the 13th Private Oliver says: We have had some rain during the last few days and it has cleaied the flies which is a good thing as before they were simply awful. I do hope the rumour about poor old Affie is not true but there's no Knowing these days when death may come but we must face it bravely. We are again in the trenches now. I was acting as orderly to a listening post last night. and had to take the men out about 200 yards in front of our lines. We consisted of three men and a corporal. It was my duty to take a message out to them during the nighs and pilot them in before dawn. It was rather a risky business but we have to do our duty and I have given up worrying. I have been in the middle of it so often, that I don't seem to mind the bullets flying around me. We have a lieutenant here who is acquainted with Lieutenant Dicky Griffiths and he has been talking to us about him. His name is Rice and I think he must be a Pembrokeshire man. I get the Telegraph every week and am very glad to have it as it cheers us up.

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