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RODINE ROUTS RATS Iiodine Eat Poison is Ih9 most powerful Rit Destroyer, swift and deadly. Kills Hits on the fpot. Sure, Speedy. Gri, Is, 2d, 3s, 53 post J-HAHLEY. Chemist, Perth. Agpr.ts — Phillips. The Chemist, TTaverforuwosf L. J. Meyler, Cheiisist Milford Ilivon. WILLIAM JENKINS, Coal Merchant. YARD Adjoining QUAY STORES MILFORD HAVEN. rfij] NUT COAL ALWAYS IN STOCK. Orders for Coal and Culm received on the premises. Miss ETKF. CHUGG, L.R.A.M., A.T.I.L., Is prepared to take Pupils for Pianoforte and Theory, at her own or Pupil's residence. Next Term commences January 6th,' but New Pupils may commence at any part of the Term. erms on application to Address given below, LYNDHURST, HAKIN, MILFORD HAVEN MILFORD HAVEN COUNTY SCHOOL. Chairman: ROBERT COLE, ESQ., J.P. Headmaster MR. F. L. LOWTHER, B.A. (Loud v (Assisted by a highly qualified staff). I ggjf" Fees £ 1 03. 8d. per Term. 4ØI Two Pupils of the same family, £ 2 G.«. 8J. per Term. Pupils prepared for the London Matriculation, the Legal, Medical and Pharmaceutical Examinations, &e. SUBJECTS TAUGHT. Latin, Greek, French, History, Geography English Composition. Arithmetic, Alfrebra, Geometry, Chemistry, Book keeping, Shorthand, Piawiug, Woodwork, Book keel)itia, ,?hortliati d Piysical Exercises. Cookery, Needlework. Sit-ins and Physical Exercises. For further particulars, Proepoctus, &c., apply to-the HEADMASTER, or to MR. J. H. DAY, 128, Robert Street, Milfor Haren. £10 to £5,000 TO LEND Your wiitten promise to repay discounted and repaid as follows Loans completed by post if necessary £10 for 15 monthly repayments of 1;33 4d 120 for 15 monthly repayments of XI 63 Sd £ 30 for 16 monthly repayments of ;C2 Os OJ £;'iO for 10 monthly repayments of X3 6s Sd. Larger sums pro rata. Advances made on Life Policies and Furniture (without removal) at Special Rates. A gentleman will call, if desired, and advance cash at applicant's house. No Sureties required. Promptness Privacy. In approved cases Principal can remain at Interest. Do net expose your requiiements locally. Distance immaterial to the actual Lenders. F. LAWRENCE, LTD., (The Oldest Company in the West of England), Don Chambers, Wiue Street, Bristol. Tel. 1701 Telegrams Approred," Bristol. 25 THE SWANSEA MERCANTILE COMPANY, Limited, OF 18, PARK STREET, SWANSEA MAKE CASH ADVANCES DAILY FROM JBS to £ 500 TO FARMERS and ALL CLASSES of respectabl '—' householders upon their own Note of Haud and other kinds of securities. ALL TRANSACTIONS STRICTLY PRIVATE Apply to- H. B. JONES, Manager In W- p. rHILLIPS, Auctioneer. Havcrfordwest, Local Representative. Jfersoual attendance every Wed^sday afternooc, au other times by spocia appointment, ^t Victorit&-road apposite the Dock-gates, Milford Haveu. 16 THE TAUNTON BUILDING SOCIETY. HEAD OEFlCE: 3, IIAM MET 8TRF.ET, TAUNTON Secretary: MR. R. A. GOODMAN, SUMM OF MONEY arc ready to be advanced on security ot fjny description of REAL PROPERTY, HOUSES or LAND on the most equitable terms. The principal and interest re- payable by Monthly Instalments. DEPOSITS RECEIVED AT INTEREST, 4 per Gent, per annum. Interest paid half-yearly. FULLY PAID-UP SHAKES, £ 60 each. Interest if per cect. per liumim, payable half-yearly. Prospectuses, or any further particulars, may be obtained on application to the SSCSJETAEY, as above, or to MR. JOHN H. DAY, 128, Robert Street, Milford Haven, 3694 Agent for the Society. "COAST LINE." Powell, Bacon and Hough Lines. Dir&ut tam Communication between LIVERPOOL AN £ > BRISTOL TO MILFORD, PEMBROKE, PEJ £ BROKB DOCK, HA. VERFORDWEST AND NEYLAND. Steamers will saii as under unless preyepted by any unforeseen circumstances. from BRISTOL. Tuesday, Jan. 6 11 p.m. lo 5.<i0 p.m. 20 loaOp.m. „ 27 G p.m. Feb. 3 9 P.M. 10 5p.m. „ 17 00 p.m. 24 5 p.m. Mcb. 3 8 p.m. 10 midn't ? 17 8 p.m. ? ? midn't y, ?1 i.. t •« 7 p.m. From LIVERPOOL. Wednesday, Jan. 7 5 p.m. 11 11 p.m. 21 [j p.m. x 2B II p.m. Feb. 1 3 p.m. 11 10 p.m. 18 3 p.m. 25 10 p.m. Mch. 4 1,30 p.m. ,,11 Up.m. IS 1 30 p.m. tt 25 p.m. U, The Sleaui Barges "Haifat," Pennar," are intended to ply on Milford Havon in counec- tion with the above steamers, carrying goods to and from Pembroke Dock, Haverfordwest, and the adjacent towns, and wiii deliver to such towns first, NJ inay be deemed most expedient. A few Passengers carried by arrangement. All empties on which no freight is charged are carried ftt Owner's risk. NOTICE.—The landing and embarkation of Goods or Passengers at Milford, by whatever conveyance, whether at the expense of the Steame* o.- otherwise, and whether loaded into Barges and tvanshipped from one Barge to another, is at the risk of the Passengers aad the Owners of the goods respectively. No Goods will he delivered nntii the Freight has been pMd. and no Goods for Shipment will be received without a Shipping Note giving full particulars of Shipper's and C onsignee's address, &c., so as to be correctly entered on the Vessel's Manifest. Goods landed at Milford and other towns must be removed the day of their arrival, or will be sorted if necessary at the expense and risk of the Consignee, For further particulars and conditions of carriage, appiy to POWELL, BACON & nOUGll LINES LTD., Milford Haven. Telephone 44. 'Vsl&grams: Coastwise," Milford Haven. 527 EVANS & ROACH AUCTIONEERS, Robeston Hall & Milford Haven House Furnishing. WM. REYNOLDS, HILL STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, MAINTAINS HIS POSITION AS THE Leading House Furnisher. PLEASE CALL AND INSPECT HIS STOCK. The County Picture Framing Depot. W. W. Rowlands, PAINTER, Paperhanger and House Decorator, 2, High Street, Haverfordwest. PICTURES FRAMED AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE. Estimates given for all kinds of House Repairs. ALL ORDERS BY POST PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. 863 BUCKINGHAM HOUSE. ANNUAL WINTER SALE COMMENCES On Saturday, January 3rd, 1914, FOR 21 DAYS. Goods in all Departments to be cleared at Less than Half the: Uusual Prices. Millinery, Costumes, Coats, Jerseys, Skirts, Blouses, &c. Also Dining Room and Bedroom Suites, Sideboards, and the large stock of General Household Furniture and Furnishing Goods, including Carpets, Rugs, Linoleum, Bedding, &c. I SEE WINDOWS' DISPLAY. B UCKlNGHdM HOUSE, High St., Hd VERFORD WEST. 1 w .-1 Festivities. TEA PARTIES, &c. Have you completed your arrangements for Refreshments ? If not, CONSULT US. We can supply just what you want. Special Quotations. Unequalled Quality Goods. Pgliyery to all parts of the County. W. F. THOMAS & Co., Ltd., CATERERS, HAVERFORDWEST. f" ENGLISH & AMERICAN ARTIFICIAL TEETH. MESSRS. EDWARD ENGLAND, LTD., CAN BE INTERVIEWED DAILY AT CHESTER HOUSE, 8, PIOTON PLAGE, Haverfordwest, also at Mr John's, Stationer, 3, Victoria Place, New Bridge. Haverfordwest, Every alternate SATURDAY, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., next visit FEB. 7, AND WILL ATTEND AT Mr. Meyler's, Chemist, Charles St., Milford Haven, every MONDAY. ESTIMATES FREE. Teeth supplied from one tooth to a complete sot. Single tooth from 5s. Set, Upper or Lower, 50.. Our charges for Artificial Teeth include extraction, and all materials are guaranteed and kept in order free of charge. We believe that the success which has attended us in the past is due to the fact that we have always studied the comfort of clients together with keeping our fees as moderate as possible, and we guarantee. the best MATERIALS OBTAINABLE. Teeth Extracted with Nitrous Oxide Gas, and Extractions by Hypodermic Injection. INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE INSURED RE MEDICAL BENEFIT. After having seen your Doctor who will probably give you a prescription written on a special green or pink form. You should bring it to Mr. W. F. JOHNSTON, M.P.S., 67, Charles Street, MILFORD HAVEN, who has been appointed Dis- penser to the Insurance Com- mittee. There is, of course, no charge for the medicine. The drugs you get are the best obtainable, and are dispensed in the most accurate manner. BILL POSTING UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT (Owing to Retirement of R. HARRIES IN FUTURE, ALL ORDERS FOR B. M. DAVIES & Co., AND RICHARD HARRIES, PLEASE ADDRESS: T ACOB LEWIS. 6, GOAT STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. TOM DAVIES, The County Clothier, FITS YOUR FANCY, FIGURE & FINANCES WITH HIS SPLENDID UP-TO. DATE OVERCOATS. CALL IN AND SEE THEM if 24, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. I n, 1§Y There's /4??j no Resisting vT 3 Our ? ?MS! Everybody likes them—children and grown-ups alike. We have a varied assortment and every kind is simply delicious* OHr special line for this week is 31b. GLASS of our noted MIXED FRUIT (Guaranteed Pure) 9id. Our prices mean economy. VINCENT DAVIES, PIONEER STORES, Bridge Street, Haverfordwest. EMIGRATION TO CANADA, AUSTRALIA, AND All Parts of the World. Agent for all the Leading Steamship Lines. APPLY- FRED W. LEWIS, BRIDGE STREET, HAVERFORDWEST :». æ Sterling Wortb æ II a H tells in the end. Not enly is this true cf n ■ individuals but also aK regards thmrs of H use. Trial and experience ere the touch- „ stones of merit. From time to time all JI M sorts of medicines have been rut fefcre jil S the public, and the names of most of these are Ions forgotten, tut Beecham's S Bi Pills, which have been in ever-increasing g ■ use amonj all classes of society for three generations, have a greater popularity m to-day than ever. Over 6,000,000 boxes: ■ are sold annually Think what these. I figures signify C, d this remedy have so extraordinary saie if it did not g supply a real ne. if it was not of Senuine worth, if i: ct not. perform what ■ B is promised ? A r., table preparation of the most efficacious and carefully g selected ingredients of vegetable origin, h these pills axe unequalled value for. II the relief of these digestive irre0alarities vrhi^^i i pc: bilious- n ness, constipation, flatulence, failing u ■ appetite, dyspepsia, headache, and the. depressed conditions of mind and bcdy a that accompany such disorders. When- 14 ever you need a corrective medicine, as ■ e /eryoue does at times, ycu should take: i Bcbam's i Pills. i a —■ ■ ■ K H Prepared onlr by | Thomas Beecham, St. Helens, Lancashire. H Sold evrvwhere In bcxe?, B price In (56 pilL¡ & 29 (JOB piJb). "• u .a. FED IlovdTco; Builders & Contractors, i UNDERTAKERS, &c., | 17, CHARLES STREET, | MILFORD II A VEN (OPPOMTB MASSB? SQUARE), Begs to inform the public that they give UNDERTAKING Particular Attendon, !i ?M?r<t?< Furnished throughout i ? ?M< ?'?M< Ma??y, ALL OEDERS RECEIVE PROMPT AND PERSONAL ATTENTION, No conDection with any other firm of same namei FREEHOLD LAND AND HOUSES FOR SALE 1165 Wm. Evans & Sons, FOUNDRY, j' BRIDGE STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, i FOB BRASS & IRON CASTINGS, THE BEST PRICES G IVEN- FOR OLD SCRAP IRON, BRASS, COPPER, LEAD CHARLES PICTON, BILL POSTER, 7, CARTLETT, HAVERFORDWEST, BEGS to thank the Public for Past support, aiid -D informs Auctioneers and other Business Men that he has now erected NEW HOARDINGS in the town and hopes to receive a lurger share of Work. Orders by Post promptly executed, and Country Posting attended to. CIRCULARS AND HANDBILLS FAITHFULLY delivered. BOROUGH OF THE TOWN AND COUNTY OF HA VERFORDWEST. FAIRS FOR 1914. 1 rPHE FAIRS for 1911 w:U be h4 as f?owe X unless unforeseen C\f0,,staw ebaU make aD alteration nege8sr:- ?R?Y .? Tuesday, 13th. FEBRUARY Tuesday 10th. M4RCH .Tuesday, 17th APRIL. Tuesday, 14th. MAY Tuesday. i JUNE (for Wool iStgpJs), Tuesday, Ocb, lap. Tuesday, lltb. Monday, 7th. Tuesday, 22nd. OCTOBER (Hiring). Monday, 5th Tuesday, 20th. NOVEMBER .Tuesday, 10th DECEMBER. II Tuesday,Oth THE PIG FAIRS Will be held on the day after the Cattle Fair a. Dealers and others attending the Haverfordwebt Fairs are hereby cautioned against tho practice ol Lacerating with a Knife or other Instrument for the purpose of Marking any animal, and Notice is Hereby Given, that under Statute 12 and 13 Victoria, Cap. 92, all persons found Lacerating any Anima will be liable to a Penalty of j65. W. J. JOXES. Mayor. Haverfordwest, Nov., 1913  5 IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS! 1 M? Every mother who values the Health ami Idyfl ? Cleauliuess of her child should use A HARRISON'S A UReliable" POMADE Ono kills all Kite and YenllilJ, AI Wf boiuitities aud blreugthcns the Hai*. r Vostaeeld. jr A Hold BY ALT, CJII-.MISTS. A hwbt ollltarilly HAlllUSUX X rOjIADE. W fT GEO. W. HARRISON. CHEMIST, READING. Agenta:— Milford len-J. T- JQN^S, Chemist, Charles Street. Neyland-W. H. THOMAS, High Street.' Haverfordwest—J. L. JENKINS, Chemist; PHILLIPS < Castle Square and Market Street. Fishguard—THOMAS LEWIS. Chemist. Goodwick—D. S. LLEWELLYN, Chemist; GREY HAIR restored to its origina1 colour by using HARRISON'S & RESTORER It it not < dye, but acts naturally, is quite harmless. PRICE 116. Postage 3d. 6. W. Harrison, M.P.S, Reading. Agents for Haverfordwest Phillips, The Chemist, and J. L. Jenkins, Bridge Street. Milford Haven—J. H. Llewellin, Chemist. Carmartben-Thomas Davlesl 7, Guildhall-square, also 4, Market Place, Llanybythan. RATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES and r\ BEETLES greedily eat Harrison's Reliable Rat Poison. Cats and dogs will not touch it. Vermiu dry up and leave no smell. Prices 6d, Is, 2a 3d, and 38 So Postage 2d.—G. W. HARRISON, Chomist, Reading Sold by Chemists. Agents for Haverfordwest—PHILLIPS The Chemist, 26, Market Street, and J. L. JENKINS Bridge street. Agent for Milford Haven J. H. LLBWELLIN, Chemist. 1015 HARRIES & MORRIS' ANNUAL SALE OF General Drapery COMMENCED On Saturday, Jan. 31st, 1914, FOR 15 DAYS. IMMENSE REDUCTIONS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. NOTE THE ADDRESS- HARRIES & MORRIS, 28, MARKET STREET, WJ HAVERFORDWEST. PUBLIC NOTICE. OWEN WILLIAMS (Late Manager of Lange & Yeoman's), begs to announce that he has Opened a Dental Surgery ON HIS OWN ACCOUNT AT No. 3, PICTON PLACE, Three doors from Masonic Hall,' HAVERFORDWEST. ATTENDANCE DAILY. fcf" He will also attend at Mr. Evans, Rock House, CLARBESTON ROAÐ, Monday Evenings from 530 to 7.30. MAENCLOCHOG—Wednesday morning from 10.30 to 1.30 p.m. 5931 WARM WINTER GOODS. A HUGE STOCK OF Home=made Flannels, Shawls, Blankets, Quilts, &c., &c. SHIRTS AND DRAWERS stocked- ALSO MADE TO OHDEH. HIGH = CLASS DRESSMAKING. GENERAL DRAPERY—Compare Value. WILLIAM EVANS, THE WELSH STORES, Dew Street, Haverfordwest. TOWER HILL, HAVERFORDWEST. PRICE & DAVIES (Successors to the late firm of Price & Russell), Paperhangers, Painters, Glaziers, DECORATORS, And LEAD LIOHT WORKERS. All kinds of Gilding Work executed. A CHOICE ASSORTMENT OF WALL PAPERS. ALL OHDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. CLEARANCE SALE OF SURPLUS STOCK Trimmed Millinery AT HALF PRICE. J. LLEWELLYN PHILLIPS (Late DAVIES & EVANS). Cleddau House, High Street, Haverfordwest (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE).