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I A Pembrokeshire Diary.

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Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

Milford Haven News. r ABTIFIOIAL TERTir.-Edward England, Limited, new attends at Mr Meyler. Chemist, Charles Street, Milford Haven, every Monday. Sse large advertise- ment. Estimates free. English and American Artificial Teeth. Teeth fixed by the Company's Patent Suction, requiring DO fastening. For articulation and eating they are equal to the natural teeth. » MR. J. H. LLEWBLLIN, Hamilton Terrace, Qualified Ophthalmic Optician, is in attendance daily, and will be pleased to give advice to anyone whose eyesight is defective; also to provide Spectacles (if such are necessary) after a thorough and careful testing. MINIATURE RIFLE SHOOTING. LIBERAL CLUB v. HAKIN. Good evidence of the progress of the Liberal Club miniature ritle shots will be gathered from the scores in the third match between these teams. On the first occasion the crack Hakin team allowed their opponents 5 points a man and still won by a good margin, whilst shooting on level terms at Hakin range they scored an easy win. On this occasion at the Liberal Club, the margin in their favour was only 22, and as every man was in the M's, it will be seen that before long the town will be able to boast of some fine shots. Scores :— LIBERAL CLUB. I J Gough 97 H D ay 100 1 M George 96 B Clark M T James 96 G Ciarke. 96 W Williams 90 C J Howell 91 J Srnith. 9y 864 HAKIN*. S T Bowen 100 R Faulkner 96 R Willi ams 98 F Davies. 99 J Badrick M A H Jeffs. 98 J Ritchie. 100 J Williams 98 E Walters 99 886 TERRITORIAL BALL At the Masonic Hall on Thursday night the annual ball, under the auspices of No. 1 Cov. Pembroke R.G.A., was held. This function is now regarded as one of the terpsichorean events of the season and on this occasion all past records went by the board. A gaily decorated ball room presented a fine spec- tacle, and Corpl Thompson, Gunners Harding, Lewis, Bevan and Edwards rendered valuable service in this connection. There were about 300 present, including Major T. W. Price, Capt H. S. K. Wilson, Lieut. R. D. T. Birt, Lieut. Hugh J. P. Thomas, and Capt. J. W. Pepper, the new adjutant. The company also included a number of well- known local people. The floor was in excellent condition, and the onerous duties of M.C. were dis- charged by the genial instructor, Sergt.-Major E. S. Hobbs, with satisfaction to all. The dance music was first-class and was supplied by Mrs A. Thomas, while the refreshment room did credit to the caterer, Mr G. E. Symrnons. Dancing continued till 2.30 a.m. WORST BOY IX THE PORT. At the police court on Saturday before Mr J. B. Gaskell and Mr Robert Cole, a rather bad case of wilful disobedience under the Merchant Shipping Act was heard against Thomas Ashton, an appren- tice aboard the smack "Merit" of Milford. The owner, Mr Thomas Jenkerson, told the court that this was the sixth appearance of the accused, who was locked up three times last month. He was absolutely the worst boy in the port. The ship sailed at noon on Friday and prisoner absented himself. The same evening he was arrested in Hakin by P.C. John and that morning had refused the Customs authorities to join his ship. Asbton now said his reason for not going to sea was that the skipper ill-treated him, but from what the owner said this assertion was untrue. The Bench in sending Ashton to prison for 11 days' hard labour advised him on his release to join his ship or he would go for a longer term next time, MASONIC INSTALLATION. The annual installation of officers of St. David's Lodge of Freemasons, Milford Haven, took place at the Masonic Hall on Tuesday week, when Bro. John Fraser James was inducted to the honourable position of Worshipful Master. The installing master was Wor. Bro. James Thomas, and there was a large gathering of brethren, including the Right Wor. Prov. Grand Master, Lord Kensington, D.S.O.; D. S O • Very Wor. Prov. Deputy Grand Master, T. Rule Owen Prov. Grand Chaplain, Rev. Canon Bowen Monkton; and several Wor. Provincial Brethren from Haverfordwest, Pembroke Dock, &c. The officers installed were:—W.M., Wor. Bro. J. Fraser James; I.P.M., Wor. Bro. A. J. Rust; S.W., Bro. L. J. Meyler J. W., Bro. T. Jeukerson Chaplain, Bro. Rev. E. J. Howells; Treasurer, Wor. Bro. M. W Howell; Secretary, Wor. Bro. James Thomas Assistant Secretary, Bro. W. J. Owen S.D., Bro. T. C. Lewis; J.D., Bro. J. Yeand]e; D.C., Wor. Bro. J?? P. Robinson; Assist. D.C., Bro. Yaughau Thomas I.G., Bro. J. A. Tanner; Organist, Bro. T. Penha!He?* Charity S., Bro. R. J. Caiderwood S.S., Bro. A. H. Jeffs J.S., Bro. E. Brand Tyler, Bro. Hugh Phelps. Subsequently the annual banquet was held at the Lord Nelson Hotel, and Bro. Alfred Keeping catered for a large company in his best style. An interest- ing programme was given during the evening, the artistes being Miss M. Peterson, Miss Daisy Harries, A.L.C.M., Mr Edgar Llewellyn, with Miss Ethel Chugg, L.R.A.M., A.T.C.L., as accompanist. TABERNACLE GUILD. There was one of the best attendances of the season at the Tabernacle Young People's Guild on Wednesday evening for the opening meeting of 1914. Mr F. L. Lowther, B.A., presided. A debate was down for discussion on an absorbing subject, Do nations like individuals]decay Unfortunately, Mr E. F. Gibbon, Haverfordwest, the opener in the affirmative, was unable to be present, but the negative view was presented by Mr Hubert F. Day, Bangor University, in an excellent paper. He con- tended that a nation does not disappear. The question was whether the people deteriorate to such an extent as to lose all their influence in the world's affairs. The Roman Empire lost its influence but it did not altogether pass out of existence as was witnessed by the position of Italy to-day. Likewise Greece, whose success in the recent war was another case in point. The chief point of argument was whether England was decaying and an interesting discussion followed, to which Mr W. E. Evans, Miss Theresa Thomas, and the Chairman contributed. It was a most enjoyable meeting. < STEAM ROLLER IN THE GRIP. Whilst engaged in road-making on the steep hill leading from Hamilton Terrace 11 to the shore last week, the steam roller belonging to the Urban District Council slided into the grip and could not be moved out again under its own steam. On Saturday, however, one of Messrs Wadbrook and Scard's powerful tractions was brought to the rescue, and in quick time the roller was at work again. THE CHURCHES. At North Road Baptist Church on Sunday there were again large congregations to welcome the new minister, Rev. Ernest V. Tidman, A.T.S., who preached striking sermons in the morning on The ministry of the Church and the pew," and in the evening on "The service of the minister." These subjects will be continued on Sunday next.—The position of Choirmaster at the Tabernacle Congrega- tional Church has been filled by the appointment of 1 Mr Fred Morgans, the able conductor of the Milford Haven Male Voice party. ACT. A WANTON ACT. On Monday the net attached to the lower goal on the Milford Stars Football ground, Priory Itoad, was discovered to have been cut into shreds. It was left intact after the match on Saturday. As it will entail considerable expense to replace it, the officials are offering 10s. reward for the discovery of the perpe- tration of so dastardly an act. It is evident that it is not the work of children, and it is a mystery what the motive could have been. A similar act in the town took place some time ago. WESLÊÝ GUILD. The Church parlour was full at the Wesleyan Church on Monday evening for the weekly meeting of the guild when Mr A. E. Fielder presided. The members were treated to a magnificent paper by Mr D. G. Jones, who took as his subject The hope of the new year." Needless to say the contribution was full of good points and the speaker presented many important lessons. In the course of his paper he quoted Berqson's theory that "There was no past, no future, we live in an eternal now," and Sir Oliver Lodge that the present is the conversion of the future into the past. Rev. G. J. Chamberlain, speaking in appreciation of the paper, likened it to the music of a waterfall, the flowing of a river, the rippling of a streamlet and the massive fall of the cataract. All present enjoyed the literary treat. HERBRANDSTON SOCIAL AND DANCE. HEHBRANDSTOX SOCIAL AND DANCE. A grand New Year's social and dance was held at St. Mary's Church Hall, Herbrandston, on Monday, j and was voted on all hands a pronounced success. Excellent arrangements had been made by the members of the church choir who promoted the affair and supplied refreshments. These were of the best and were served by Mrs J. James, Mrs G. Thomas, Mrs T. John, and Mrs Payne (St. Botolphs). Dancing commenced at 8 p.m. and was kept up with spirit till 2 a.m., all the dancers enjoying themselves thoroughly. The M.C's. were Messrs David Thomas and Robert John, and both performed their task in a capable manner. The accompanist was Miss M. Alexander of Milford Haven. The proceeds were in aid of St. Marv's Church Hall building fund. SALVATION ARMY. A public tea was held at the Salvation Army Hall, Robert Street, on Monday from 4.30 to 6, and proved quite a success, a large number of friends of the local corps and oiffcers being present to enjoy the good things provided. An interesting function was afterwards held, when the hall was filled for a musi- cal evening which proved a treat, the programme being entirely provided by the Salvation Army band from Tenby under Captain Taylor. The servioes of the band were highly appreciated by their Milford nmTAi!PR. HARD LABOUR FOR BEGGING. On Monday morning before Mr J. B. Gaskell and Mr George Cole, James Sullivan, a native of Co. Mayo, was charged with begging alms on Sunday morning and was sent to prison for 7 days hard labour. » 1- FISH TRADE AND TRAFFIC. Supplies last week were again only moderate, tish of all classes being exceedingly short with resultant high prices. All vessels report a slackness on the various grounds, only a few coming from the far south. At the same time the boats made good returns by reason of the splendid prices realised. Still an improvement in quantity would be greatly appreciated just now by all concerned in the trade. An improvement should be manifest shortly. Hake all along has been at the top, and on Monday was 70s to 65s per level kit, with small up to 45s. Prime sold at easier rates, soles 1:6 per trunk, turbet 12s to lis and brill 10s' 6d per stone. The tonnage dispatched during the week 346.

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