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■■■inn —IMI———< Haverfordwest Liberal Club. Annual Meeting Last Night. j The first annual meeting of the Haverfordwest oera Club was held last evening, when Mr G. H. Llewellin, one of its most enthusiastic and generous supporters, presided over a large attendance of mem- bers. The excellent progress that is being made by the club is a tribute not only to the loyalty of the rank and file, but to the zeal and devotion of the executive committee of the oflicials. At the outset the financial statement was read by Mr T. C. Rees, which showed that since November the receipts from the billiard table amounted to £ 13 6s. (Id and subscriptions to After payment of all expenses there was the sum of £6 ;>s. _2d. m hand on the maintenance account. On the building account, apart from the large sub- scriptions txliefidy announced £;j!l 6s. 7d.. had been received in donations. It was mentioned that a cheque for £ 5 5s had this week been received from Mr E. D. Jones, Fishguard. The building account was-overdrawn to the extent of t221 17s. lOd. The Chairman, on behalf of the Club, expressed thanks to Mr Rees for the able and conscientious way in which he had kept and presented the accounts. The Club, he continued, could congratu- late itself on its very satisfactory financial position. After buying the freehold of the premises (which cost £ 300) it took £ 133 to reconstruct and furnish the Club, and it was gratifying to know that they opened the Club with an adverse balance of less than X250. The Liberals of Pembroke Dock opened their club with a debt of about £70.), but by means of a bazaar they were able to realise 1:100. He urged Haverford- west Liberals, more especially the younger members, to realise their responsibilities, and hoped that some big effort would be organised to wipe out the present debt. The next business was the election of President, and the Chairman paid a tribute to Major Guest for the successful efforts he had made to establish Liberal Clubs in the various towns. He had great pleasure in proposing Major Guest's re-election as president. This was seconded by Mr T. C. Rees, and carried with acclamation. On the motion of Mr W. C. Llewellin, seconded by 1 ettit, all the vice-presidents were re-elected, with the addition of Mr E. D. Jones. Mr T. C. Hees was re-elected treasurer, and heartily thanked for his valuable services. In return- ing thanks Mr Rees said he hoped to be able to reduce the debt on the building fund by at least £100 during the forthcoming year. It was proposed and seconded that Mr Ritchie Davies be re-elected secretary, but Mr Davies said it was absolutely impossible for him to retain the office for another year. Mr Davies was pressed to re-consider his decision, but said he must regretfully decline to continue to act. He was, however, prepared to give every assistance to his successor. Eventually Mr Davies's resignation was accepted, and the Chairman referred to the fact that the Secretary had devoted an enormous amount of time and labour to the affairs of the club. Mr G. J. Griffiths said the club was a monument to the organising abilities of the Secretary, who had been one of the pioneers of official Liberalism in Haverfordwest, and he suggested that the club should present Mr £ Davies witn an illuminated addreqs as a tangible token of their appreciation. The Chairman heartily endorsed the suggestion and Mr W. C. Llewellin and Mr James John supported. Mr John spoke as chairman of the com- mittee and said no one was more cognisant than he of Mr Davies's self-sacrificing labours. Mr Davies said the work had been a labour of love and he regretted that circumstances compelled him to relinquish it. The proposal to make a presentation to Mr Davies was carried unanimously and afterwards referred to the executive committee. Mr Willie Morgan and Mr Thomas Phillips, City Road, were appointed joint secretaries in place of Mr Davies. Mr I recl W. Lewis and Mr David Evans were re-elected auditors. A hearty vote of thanks was passed to the Architect, and to Mr James John and Mr Tom Davies, who acted as clerks of work during the reconstruction of the premises. The committee were elected as follows for the ensuing year:—Messrs William John, J.P., 63; Albert Edwards, 53 W. A. Jenkins, 52 R Sinnett, 48; G. J. Griiffths, 45 William Evans, 44; Philip Thomas, 43 Henry James, 42; William Davies, 41; Charles Edwards, 37, and David Morris, 37. Voting was by ballott, Mr James Davies and Mr Pettit acting as scrutiners. Mr Ritchie Davies moved a vote of thanks to the chairman (Mr Llewellin) for presiding that evening, and for his numerous services to the club. This was seconded by Mr T. C. Rees, and carried with musical honours. Returning thanks, Mr Llewellin reviewed the political situation, and said the future of Liberalism was assured. He referred to recent Liberal legisla- tion, which so far as it was of a social character, aimed at improving the lot of the masses of the people. Old Age Pensions and the Insurance Act had accomplished the most beneficient results, and he looked forward to the land campaign, which would improve the present system, with every confi- dence of success. (Applause). The meeting closed with the singing of God Save the King,"

Haverfordwest Sessions.