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DAVID DA VIES' SPECIAL SHOW OF Overcoats. j N. & C. Wool Twill Overcoats, 25/6, 30/=, 37/11, 50/= N. & C. Heavy Unlined Double= Breasted and Single = Breasted Overcoats, in Navy, Brown and Grey Naps, etc. 30/=, 37/11, 42/=, 45/=, 50/= N. & C. Absolutely WATERPROOF Overcoats, guaranteed to keep out the heaviest rain for a whole day. 26/11, 29/11, 37/11, 45/= Other makes of Overcoats at Lower Prices. The finest assortment and selection of all kinds of Overcoats in Wales. David Davies, MEN'S, YOUTHS' AND BOYS' CLOTHIER, 18, High Street, HAVERFORDWEST 630 I i I WONDERFUL WATERPROOF /ffMS SALE! 'm?? W ?'M? BARGAINS FOR ALL. D& 1 J\ Oilskins—Waterproofs—Rain w?il it Coats fsr the million. Ex- ImIMjH' I r truncly useful and va1uahle Jt presents for all. ?)endid J)m. PTT'T liar^ains. \e\T guaranteed Ht)! '?MiN ? goot?.Om'?nifrS"BLTB'' JJ guaranteed Waterproofs, |TL' I.adics' and Gentlcmen's 2 1;?_, in a chQiee selection of shadesand textures 18 9each Our new NEVER-GKT-WET 12,9 Transparent Oilskin Coats for Ladies and Gentlemen. Smart and well cut in twelve pretty art shades 10;6 each. Guaranteed Waterproof Ponchos. Fawn or Blot Twill, 36in. Jong. 2 11 each. Extra quality Black Rubber 21/ Driving Aprons faced at foot It;, Il pach. Hunting and Riding Macs in Fawn Paramatta 39!6 for ?9U. Tweed Waterproof School Coats for ?oys and Girls, Strong Double Texture, 24in., 7,11 each. Hundreds of other barans to sclee, from. Lvpryttnn? sent carriage paid. We return ii o,?y in ful iif ,,t c..pletely satisfied. Call now and have your pick of the bargains. MCKEE R. CO WATERPROOF i m?REE & CO. W at ER Experts, 10, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, i 1 M. & T. TWOMEY Have just brought to HAVERFORDWEST A SPLENDID LOT OF YOUNG COWS with Calves. Heifers with Calves. Second & Third Calved Cows. Young Springing Cows and Heifers CALVING ON VARIOUS DATES. The above may be seen at any time On JANUARY 8tb, fltb, and 10th. 11)11, at BLACK HORSE HOTEL, BRIDGE STREET, 662 HAVERFORDWEST. _g| i??ji??! E!! ? ???'?? I w 1 I CURES IK I [COUGHS&C0LD§ 1 I ? Inva?uaHa in the Nursery j§f|| B,)ttle knd 2 6 OF ALL CHEMISTS AKD STORES. ? § DO YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS NOW A First Class Smithery ON THE OLD BRIDGE WHERE HORSES ARE SHOD BY SKILLED WORKMEN WITH EXPEDITION AND DESPATCH? THE SHOP IS ALSO REPLETE WITH THE j LATEST AND BEST CLASS TOOLS FOR ALL KINDS OF GENERAL AND COACH SMITHING. Strict personal attention given to all Orders by R. M. HOWELL, 621 Proprietor. FOR SALE-A smart vina?PH?TONT?omfortab?e F and strong. Suit invalid or family. Equal to new. -LLEWELLIN, Churn Works, Haverfordwest. 451 FOR SALE. COMMODIOUS DWELLING HOUSE.-Freehold, Milford Haven. Comprising Five Bedrooms and Bathroom. Fitted throughout with latest improvements, Gas. Ready for occupation.-Apply, FRED LBOYD & Co., Builders, Milford Haven. 570 TO BUILDERS, &c. TENDERS A RE invited for the PURCHASE and REMOVAL A of the IRON BUILDING, known as the MAPLE SKATING RINK adjoining the NATIONAL SCHOOLS, MILKOKD HAVE. The Building is 55ft. by 20ft., and has a Large Room underneath the Main Building Both Rooms are lined with Matchboard throughout; the Upper Room having an excellent Maple Floor luid on an ordinary wood floor. The site is required for additions to the National Schools, and the purchaser would be required to pive an undertaking to remove the Building within One Month of the purchase. Tenders to be sent to the Architects not later than JANUARY 10th. J. B. GASKELL } t, 6G3 HUGH J. P. THOfAS j rc lees. G.W.R. TENBY RACES. WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY, JAN. 14 & 15. CHEAP TRIPS to TENB Y from Slaver- fordwest, "Fishsuard, Caidigan, Boncath, Crymmych Arms, Whitland, Pembroke Dock, Pembroke. &e. Also 2-days bookings on January 11 If the Races are pcstponed or aba ndoned, cheap facilities will not be given. FRIDAY NIGHT, JANUARY 16. To LONDON (Pantomimes, &c.), for 1 or 3 days. L°ave Neylund 8-25 p in Haverford- west 8-4S a m and for 3 days only, leave Milford Haven 8-27, Fishguard 5-40, Pem- broke Dock 7-30, Pembroke 7-37, Tenby8-19, Cardigan 5-33, Boncath 5-56, Crymmych Arms 6-11. Rhydowen G-34, Llanfaltcg 7-2, Whitland 9-28, Aherayron 5-20, Lampetor 7-32, Llanybyther 7-40, New Quay Rd. 7-55, Newcastle Emlyn 7-15, Henllun 7-23, Llon- dyssil 7-40, Poncader 8-3, Brynwydd Aims 8-38 p.m. SATURDAY, JANUARY 17. CHEAP TRIPS to LLANELLY and SWANSEA (Football Matches), from Ney- land, Milford Haven, Haverfordwest, Pem- broke Dock, Pembroke, Toaby, Whitland, &c. For details, see bills, or send postcard to stations or offices 675 FRANK POTTER, General Manager. IG. R. TOWN AND COUNTY OF HAVER. FORDWEST. WINTER ASSIZES, 1914. THE Commission of Assize and General Gaol Delivery for the Town and County of Haver- fordwest, will be opened at the SHI HE HALL Haverfordwest, on MONDAY, the 12th day of JANUARY, 1914, before the Honourable Mr JUSTICE ROWLATT, Knight, one of the Judges of His Majesty's High Court of Justice and others, when all Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Coroners, Esclieators, Stewards, Chief Constables, and Bailiffs withm the said Town and County, and ell Jurors, Persons bound by Recognizance, Witnesses, and others having business are requested to attend. FRANCIS DANIEL PHILLIPS. Esquire, High Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, Haverfordwest, 23rd December, 1913. N.B.—Magistrates of the said Town and County and their Clerks are requested to deliver to the Clerk of Assize on the Opening of the Commission, the Recognizances and Depositions in each Case, and all Solicitors in Criminal Prosecutions are to deliver their Bills of Costs for Taxation by the Clerk j of Assize pending Trial of each Prosecution. No Business will be taken until 11.15 o'clock on Tuesday, 13th January, 1914. 660. PICTURE PALACE, ROBERT STREET, MILFORD HAVEN. Lessee; J. F. Tierney. Manager: N. V. Stepban. TO NIGHT ONLY (WEDNESDAY), A very powerful study ably sustained by one of the Foremost Actora of the day THE MUMMERS, Great Drama. Length 3,627 Feet. TO-MORROW ^Thursday) & FRIDAY, Exclusive to this Hall and Milford Haven: FOR THE KINO, SONS OF THE SEA, Shewing Britains' First Line of Defence in all its branches Dreadnoughts, Cruisers, Torpedo Boats, Submarines, Naval Aircrafts, &c., &c. ALSO A THRILLING DRAMA: The Diamond Mystery In Two Parts. AND Miss Daisy Harries, A.L.C.M. IN HER LATEST CHORUS SONGS. USUAL POPULAR PRICES. Cows and Calves FOR SALE AT MILFORD ARMS, HAVERFORDWEST, ON FRIDAY & SATURDAY, JANUARY 9th & 10th, AND UNTIL FAIR. 672 J. DONOVAN. HILL^HO USE ^OLLEOB HAVERFORDWEST. THE MISSES DAVIES (Daughters of the late Rev. T. Davies, D.D.), CONDUCT A SCHOOL FOR BOARDERS AND PUPILS at the above commodious and well- situated residence. The course of instruction comprises the usual branches of a Boand English educati an with Music (Piano and Violin), French, Latin, Drawiing and Painting. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and: Cam- bridge Local. College of Preceptors, Trinity College, and other Examinations. Kindergarten occupations for the Infants. Prospectuses on application. The next TERM will begin on WEDNIESDAY AFTERNOON, JANUARY 21st. 674 TASKEB'S High School for Girls, HAVERFORDWEST. Headmistress: MISS JAMES, B.Sc. (London and Wales). (Assisted by Highly Qualified Mistresses). Fees-XI G8 8d per term. Special subjects: Music,. JBI Is Od per term Dancing and Painting, 15s per term. Pupils prepared for all Public Examinations and for j) Musical Examinations. Country Pupils are only allowed to board at houses approved by the Governing Body, of which a list can be obtained (with any other information desired relative to the School arrangements) either from the Headmistress, or from Mr J. W. PIIILLIPS, Solicitor, Tower Hill, Clerk to the Governors. The School re-opens on Thursday, the 15th inat. 676 ST. ELMO, GOAT STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. MISS ELLIS INTENDS OPENING A SCHOOL AT THE ABOVE ADDRESS On JANUARY 14th, 1914. The coureg of instruction will include English in all ita branches Music, Drawing, and Painting. Terms on application. A few boarders could be arranged for. 631 ?S?r====J ??  ????.- '????????!s.3  j ? The 16 I Owen Clegg-Darracq Has been described by "The Times" as "Offering the best value in the entire Exhibition" (Olympia). 85 x 130 engine (17*9 H.P. Four Speeds and Reverse, 5-Seater Torpedo Body, Hood, Screen, C.A.V. Lighting Set, Fifth Wheel and Fifth Tyre, 9350. Agents GREEN'S, Haverfordwest. j LOST from PBTORY ROAD, Milford Haven, a BLACK L- RERRIEVER DOG.—Finder rewarded ou return- ing same to A. RICIIAEDS, 93, Priory Road. 660 AN APPRENTICE WANTED to the IRON- r? MONGERY.—ROBERTS, Market Street. 620 — -1 PH. WILKINS has a VACANCY to the Geneml P. and Agricultural Ironmongery. WANTED, in HAVEKFOEDWEST, a FAMILY'S W LAUNDRY, good accommodation. Apply, X," office of this paper. GG6 W ANTED-GOOD LABOURERS, wages iivepence W halfpenny.- Apply, FOREMAN, Clarbeston Road New Station, Great Western Railway. 673 APPRENTICE TO THE PRINTING WANTED, sharp LAD as APPRENTICE; 33 per WV week to stfirt.-Apply, Office of this paper. W ANITED, COOK GENERAL, aad CHAMBER W MAID WAITRESS. Apply, Mns. CONDY, Proprietress, Salutation Hotel, Haverfordwest. 671 PHARMACEUTICAL. WANTED. LIVE YOUNG MEN as APPREN- WW TICES in the Itexall PharmaoieR of this town. Excellent prospect-. -Apply, PHII-UPS* Rexall Pharma- cies, Haverfordwest. 670 MOLESKINS W ANTED.-Best prices paid through- )Vt out the yepr, also Otter, Badger, Fox, Cat, Hare and Rabbit Skins. Cash by return. If not already send- ing to us, write for price list. WHEELEE & Co., 9. St. John's Line, Smithfield Market, London, E.C. 491 2 D. per lb. prompt Cash given for old Woollen Guernseys and Stock iu,,s.- Write for particulars, AMMAN MABINE STORES, Tirydail, Ammanford. Goods carriage paid 281b. lota and upwards. TO LET, a good HOUSE, with all Conveniences, No. t 90, Albert Town, Portfield.-Apply, W. ROCH, West Lambston, Portfield Gate. 582 TO LET-Two or Three fine ROOMS, situated in » healthy part of Haverfordwest.— Write, BACHELOR, Telegraph Office. 664 FOR SALE, cheap, a TYPEWRITER in good condi- r tion.—" A.B.C. Telegraph," Haverfordwest. 645 TBNBY RACES Will take place (under National Hunt Rules), On WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, January 14th and 15th, 1914. STAKES 9450. Mr LARGE ENTRIES. I Cheap Bookings from all Parts. Admission to Course and Stand at Popular Prices. 677 Xmas Economy! It is not what you earn, its what you SAVE that counts. Why purchase a now pair of Boots for the holidays ? Our offer to re- novate your old pair, Soled and Heel, Handsewn, for 3/9—still holds good. Don't procrastinate, look up that dis- corded pair, and get our expert opinion and see what you save. Now, what about that old pair of yours ? Think it Over And send them along to R. J. DAVIES, The Boot Repairing Factory, DEW STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS SITUATIONS VACANT AND WANTED. One Insertion. Three Insertions 8. d. a. d. 15 Words or less II 0 9 13 20 do. 1 0 19 25 do. 1 3 2 3 30 do. 1 6 2 9 Particular attention is called to the fact that the abov cale only applies to Situations Vacant and Wanted