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ESTABLISHED 1857. 1 > J O S E P H CO Y S II • S I DESCRIPTIVE LIST OF CONIFERAE, ORNAMENTAL, EVERGREENI AND DECIDUOUS j TREES & SARUBS, ROSES, FRUIT & FOREST TREES &c., I Is now ready and may be had on application to the MOUNT HILL NURSERIES, CARMARTHEN, AND THE NURSERIES, LLANELLY, Gardens, Pleasure Grounds, Parks, &c., &c., Laid eut and Planted. Sept, 1883 THE OBSERVATORY, 22, MARKET STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. T. J. WHITE, Jeweller, Silversmith, Stationer, Bookseller, PRACTICAL WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER, OPTICIAN, &c., &c.. is now offering genuine and unmistakable BARGAINS IN NEARLY EVERY DEPARTMENT. Intending Purchasers are respectfully invited to call and inspect his LARGE, VARIED, ————— AND WELL SELECTED STOCK Of really good and cheap WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY, PLATE, PLATED GOODS, SPECTACLES, NOTE-PAPER, ENVELOPES, BOOKS, SCHOOL STATIONERY, &c., &c. CLOCKS nd W A TCRES of every Description Carefully Cleaned, Properly Repaired, and Accurately Timed. ENGAGED, KEEPER, AND WEDDING RINGS. SPECIALLY REDUCRD PRICES FOR HIS CELEBRATED WORKMAN'S WATCH, ON PORTFIELD FAIR DAY, OCTOBER THE 5TH, AND EIGHT FOLLOWING DAYS. New "Mexican" Silver Jewellery in great variety, at Marvellously Low Prices, consisting of Brooches, Bracelets, Necklets, Pendants, Lockets, Ear-Rings, &c., &c. OBSERVE THE ADDRESS—22, MARKET STREET, HAYEKFORDWEST. 997 I JOHN LAN C E'S GREAT SHOW OF SEASON'S NOVELTIES, THIS DAY. MANTLES and JACKETS in all the New Designs, and at all Prices. COSTUMES, from the simplest to the most elaborate produced. MILLINERY, CHILDREN'S DRESSES, and LACE GOODS of all kinds. FANCY SILKS, VELVETS, &c., in every variety, and in all the choice Shades of the Season. VELVETEENS, in Black and all Colours, from Is. llld to 4s. lid. per yard, in the "Louis," Royal," Lion," and Pearl makes. DRESS FABRICS—a stock of £4000 worth of the newest and best produced. WOOL GOODS-About 2000 Wool Wraps, &c., from 4d. to 25s. 6d. each. FURS and FUR TRIMMINGS from the least to the most expensive in demand. HOSIERY, GLOVES, FLANNELS, BLANKETS, CALICOES, &c. The Stock is all bought for Cash, and the prices charged are from 5 to 15 per cent. under many other houses. Complete Sets of Patterns, for choice or comparison, free on application. 125, 126, and 128, gigh Street. Cheltenham. N.B.—CARRIAGE PAID on all Parcels to any part of the United Kingdom. 1036 BRIGSTOCKE'S Bookselling, Stationery, Music, Sf Fancy Warehouses, 6 & 7, Market Street, Haverfordwest. For Pianofortes and Harmoniums Go to Brigstocke's For American Organs and Cabinettos Go to Brigstocke's For Accordions and Concertinas Go to Brigstocke's For Violins, Banjos, and Flutes Go to Brigstocke's For Sheet Music, Tutors, &c. Go to Brigstocke's For Books in great variety Go to Brigstocke's For Fancy Goods, suitable for presents :Go to Brigstocke's For the best Circulating Library in the County Go to Brigstocke's For Water, Oil Colours, Brushes. Go to Brigstocke's For prompt and regular delivery of Magazines and Periodicals .Go to Brigstocke's For Bookbinding, Engraving, and Die linking Go to Brigstocke's For Stamping Paper and Envelopes with Monogram, Address, or Crest Die Go to Brigstocke's For Stamping Leather Goods in Gold with Name or Initials .Go to Brigstocke's ELLIS & COMPANY ODAS7 MAITUBES. Awards for Root Crops grown with Odams' Manures, in open competition with many other Manures. ROYAL EAST BERKSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY, SEASON 1882. The Prince Consort's Cup," value 20 guineas, given by Her Majesty the Queen, for Best General Cultivation of Root Crops, was awarded to Mr C. Headington. This Cup was awarded (Season 1881) to Mr R. London Cottrell. This Cup was awarded (Season 1880) to Mr G. Hobbs. The Prince of Wales's Cup (10 guineas) for Second Best General Root Crop, was awarded to Mr Woods. The following awards were made to M. R. L. Cottrell:— Prize (10 guineas) for Best Crop of Swedes. Prize (10 guineas) for Best Crop of Mangolds. Colonel Lloyd Lindsay's Prize (5 guineas) for Best Crop of Swedes. All the above Crops were grown with Odams' Manures. CARDIFF UNION AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY, SEASON 1882. The Prize for theB jst Crop of Swedes was awarded to Mr W. Thomas, Greave Farm. This Prize was awarded (Season 1881) to Mr Edward Thomas, Caerau Farm. This Prize was awarded (Season 1880) to Mr William Emmerson, Sweldon. All the above Crops were grown with Odams' Manures. BASSALEG (SOUTH WALES) FARMERS' ASSOCIATION, SEASON 1882. The prize for the Best General Root Crop was awarded to Mr Thomas Morgan, Castleton. The prize for the Best Crop of Swedes (Farms under 100 acres) was awarded to Mr William John, Tydu. All the above Crops were grown with Odams' Manures. TAUNTON AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION, SEASON 1882. The prize for the Best Crop of Common Turnips (35 tons per acre) was awarded to Mr J. W. Faull, Knott Oak, Ilminster. The Crop was grown entirely with Odams'Manures. Mr Paull writes (February 14th, 1883):—"My brother has just placed into my hands a printed circular where my name is used: with your permission I have altered the wording, thinking you are not taking the credit you ought for the value of your Manures. I feel very proud of the weights I grew, having several competitors and neither touched my weights by 4 tons per acre." ———————— NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY, ABERYSTWITH MEET. ING, SEASON 1882. The Prize for the Best Crop of Roots was awarded to Mr Evan Richards, Pennwcn Farm, Aberystwith. The Crop was grown with Odams' Manures. WORKINGTON AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION.SEASON 1882. The Prize for the Best General Cultivation of Root Crops (consisting of Mangolds, Swedes, Turnips, Rape, Cabbage or Kohl Rabi; the whole of the fallows under Root Crops to be shown, and not less than one-sixth of the arable land-for Tenant Farmers only was awarded to Mr W. Metcalf, Hurst. Season 1881 this Prize was awarded to Mr R. London Cottrell, Ruscombe, Season 1880 this Prize was awarded to Mr Hissey. The Second Prize was awarded to Mr C. Payne, Arborfield. Season 1881 this Prize was awarded to Mr J. Medcalf, Hurst. Season 1880 th!s Prize was awarded to Messrs. E. & H. Lane. The Prize given by the Tradesmen of Wokingham for the Best Three Acres of Mangold Wurtzel grown by a Tenant Farmer was awarded to E. L. Holmes, Barkham. Season 1881 this Prize was awarded to Mr R. L. Cottrell. Messrs. Sutton & Sons' (the Queen's Seedsmen, Reading) Prize for the Best Collection of Pulled Roots grown with their seeds was awarded to John Walter, Esq., M. P., Proprietor of The Times (Steward, Mr Simmons, Bearwood). The Second Prize was awarded to Mr Medcalf. Hurst. All the above Crops were grown with Odams' Manures. KIRRIER (CORNWALL) AGRICULTURAL EXCHANGE ROOT CROP COMPETI- TION, SEASON 1882. The Prize for the Best Two Acres ot Swedes was awarded to Mr John Williams, Antron, Sitliney. Weight of Roots per acre, 43 tons 17 cwts. The Second Prize for Two Acres of Swedes was awarded to Mr Thomas Tyack, Pednavounder, Slthaey. Weight of Roots per acre, 36 tons 16 ewts. Both the vb were grewn with Odams' i1!ll?tUrI!8. The Saleaf O.lams' Manares approaches 50,000 tons per annum, showing the appreciation in which they are held by Agriculturists generally. Agents: ELLLS tV COMPY., Haverfordwest. NEW HAIR PRESSING ESTABLISHMENT, MARINERS' SQUARE, HA VE, RFORD TVEST, B. T, WATKINS, (LATE OF MILFORD), JJEGS to inform the Inhabitants of Haverfordwest and Neighbourhood, that he has Commenced Business in the above line At convenient Premises adjoining the MARINERS' HOTEL. RAZORS GROUND & SET. All kinds of FUR SKINS DRESSED to the best advantage. B.T.W. being a native of the town, hopes by strict attention to Business and Liberal Charges, to merit a share of patronage at the hands of his fellow townsmen. PRIVATE ROOMS WILL SHORTLY BE OPENED. [985 MILLINERY ATTRACTIONS FOR AUTUMN AND WINTER, 1883. MRS. CAETES Who has just Returned irom LONDON, will make her FIRST SHOW ON SATURDAY NEXT. FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY SHOW ROOMS, PROPERT HOUSE, GOAT STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, CONDUCTED BY MRS. W. CARTER. I s. BTJOKLAND BEGS TO ANNOUNCE that he has taken the SHOP opposite the one now occupied by him, formerly in the occupation of Mr. WM. Evans, Ironmonger, known as the JLHTJD HATCHET, Which he intends to OPEN shortly, with an Entire NEW STOCK OF DRAPERY AND FANCY GOODS, And trusts thus by having Larger Premises to be enabled to pay Customers greater attention, and serve them with greater facility. STOCK at present on Hand will be SOLD at a GREAT REDUCTION previous to Removal. Parisian Depot for Millinery 8S Dressmaking. MRS. W. L. HARDING. Begs to announce her return from London with all the LATEST NOVELTIES OF THE SEASON, COMPRISING LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S FELT VELVET, AND CHENILE HATS AND, BONNETS, MORNING & EVENING CAPS, WREATHS, & DRESS GARNITURES, MANTLES AND JACKETS, FUR-Lib EI) CLOAKS, ULSTERS, & WATERPROOF CLOAKS, FUR CAPES IN ALL THE NEW SHAPES, Of which there is a Great Variety this Season, SEAL SKIN JACKETS, FUR SETS, TEA GOWNS AND DRESSING GOWNS. A Large Assortment of Ladies' Walking Costumes, FROM THE BEST WEST END HOUSES, Not to be equalled in the Principality. THE NEW COLOR FUMEE-DE-LONDRES IS WELL REPRESENTED, AND THE LIXTURE OF PEAU DE SUEDE WITH NEUTRAL TINTS IS A GREAT SUCCESS THIS SEASON. The SHOWROOMS will RE-OPEN on SATURDAY NEXT, the 20th instant, when the Favour of your Inspection is Solicited. Haverfordwest, Oct., 1883. J. PREECE JAMES, ARCHITECT & BUILDING SURVEYOR ALBERT STREET, Haverfordwest. BRIDGE END SQUARE, HAVERFORDWEST. DAVID JAMES, For upwards of 30 years in the employ of Mr. Stephen Green, BEGS to inform the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and JD inhabitants of Haverfordwest and County of Pembroke, that he has commenced business at the a bove addressaa a JOBBING BRIGHTSMITH, GUNSMITH, &c., And hopes by strict attention to Business, combined with Moderate Charges, to merit a share of their patronage and support. Bottle Jacks, also all kinds of Catlery repaired and renovated. Razors carefully ground and set. All Orders through Pest or otherwise will receive prompt attention. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS: DAVID JAMES, BRIGHTSMITH, BRIDGE END, HAVERFORDWEST N.B. -All Lamp and other OILS kept in Stock. Sept. 1st, 1883. 951 SCIENCE AND ART CLASSES (In connection with the South Kensington Department), SCHOOL OF INDUSTRY, HILL STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, Will Re-open on TUESDAY, 25th SEPT., 1883, At 2 p.m., Fee. 15s. per quarter, and 7 p.m., Fee 4s. per quarter. WILLIAM JONES, Higher Certificated Government Teacher, 968 MASTER COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, MILFORD HA VEN, CONDUCTED BY THE MISSES THOMAS rPRAINED at Milton Mount College, and holding -L Certincatea from the College of Preceptors, South Kensington, &c. Domestic department under the superintendence of Mrs Thomas (widow of the late Rev. Evan Thomas). The house secured is well situated in Hamilton Terrace, commanding an extensive view of the Haven, and in every way calculated to ensure the health of the pupils. Term commences on Monday, Sept. 10th, 1883. Pupils prepared for publi6 examinations. 904 HIGHER EDUCATION FOR GIRLS. HILL HOUSE COLLEGE, HAVERFORDWEST. Principal:—Mrs. Angus, M.C.P., assisted by an efficient staff of Six Governesses, and Mons. Victor de Berensberg, Professor of Languages. MRS ANGUS has had a lengthened experience in Tuition, and possesses the highest Testimonials as to character and ability as a Teacher. The College is in Union with the College of Preceptors, and gained Twenty. six Certificates at the last five Examinations. Referees :—Revs. Dr. M'.Laren, Manchester J. Pearson, M.A., Vicar of Fleetwood; C. Williams, Accrington; J. Owen, A. J. Parry, Swansea W. Edwards, B. A., the College, Pontypool; Dr. Da vies, J. H. Lochore, W. Davies, Esq., M.P., W. Bowen Rowlands, Esq., Q.C., Haverfordwest, etc. MODERATE INCLUSIVE TERMS. The Term Commences SEPTEMBER 13th. Ladies College, Goat Street HAVERFORDWEST. (ESTABLISHED 53 YEARS.) PRINCIPALS The MISSES LLEWELLIN, f WHO have references from Ladies in the first ranks of Society, parents of pupils), assisted by First Class Certificated English and Resident Foreign GOVERNESSES Master for advanced Arith. metic, Euclid and Algebra; and a Licentiate of Triuity College, London, for Harmony and Counterpoint. The course of study embraces a thorough English education with Mathematics; the Latin, French, German, and Italian Lhusj,; VJusie: Piano and Harmonium; Singin? Cla>s Singiug and Harmony; (Drawing: Freehand and Model, Landscapes, Ani- mals and Heads Painting Water Colours and Oils, Dancing and Calisthenics. Owing to'the l,trge ana increasiug number of Boarders, the Principals have taken another spacious housp in addition to Goat Street College, so as to afford ample accommodation. The College has been successful in passing Pupils I for the Oxford Local Examinations, and in the Honour List of Trinity College Musical Examination I for 1882. While securing their Pupils a first-rate education the Principals can assure Parents and Guardians that I the health and comfort of those entrusted to their care receive their constant personal supervision. The next Term commences September 14th. I Prospectus on application. 587 GREAT JVESTERN RAILWAY ON SATURDAY OCTOBER 27TH, A CHEAP DAY TRIP for LONDON will leave NEW MILFORD at 12.5 a.m, Milford 12.1 Johnston 12.20, Haverfordwest 12.30, Clarbeston Road 12.50, j Clynderwen 1.5, Whitland 1.25, and St. Clears 1.40 a.m. To return same day from Paddington at 9.40 p.m. For Fares see Special Bills. J. GRFERSON, 1032 General Manager. A. FORTUNE. In the event of a stroke of I good fortune you can win 50 0,000 marks. The winnings are guar. anteed by Government. You are invited to participate in the chances o I winning in the grand drawings of prizes guaranteed by the State of Hamburg in which 9 millions 620,100 marks have to be won. In the course of these advantageous drawings, which j contain according to the prospectus only 100,000 tickets the following prizes will be forthcoming, viz. :— the follo The highest prize will be ev. 500,000 Marks. Premium of 300,000 Marks 253 Prizes of 2,000 Marks 1 Prize of 200,000 Marks 6 Prizes of 1,500 Marks 2 Prizes of 100,000 Marks 515 Prizes of 1,000 Marks 1 Prize of 90,00) Marks 1036 Prizes of 500 Marks 1 Prize of 8",000 Marks 60 Prizes of 200 Marks 2 Prizes of 70,000 Marks 63 Prizes of 150 Marks 1 Prize of 60,000 Marks 29020 Prizes of 145 Marks 2 Prizes of 50,000 Marks 3450 Prizes of 124 Marks 1 Prize of 30,000 Marks 90 Prizes of 101J Marks 5 Prizes of 20,000 Marks 3950 Prizes of 94 Marks Prizes of 15,010 Marks 3950 Prizes of 67 Marks 26 Prizes of 10,000 Marks 3950 Prizes of 40 Marks 56 Prizes of 5,000 Marks 3950 Prizes of 20 Marks 106 Prizes of 3,000 Marks in all 50,500 prizes which will be sure won in 7 drawings within the space of a few months. The first prize-drawing is officially fixed and the price is for a whole original ticket is only 6 shill.—or 6 Marks a half original ticket i" only 3 shilL-or 3 Marks' a quarter original ticket is only Is 6d or li Marks' and I will forward these original tickets guaranteed by the State (not prohibited promissory notes) even to the most distant countries, in return for the amount for- warded prepaid. Ever} ticket holder will receive from me gratis along with the original ticket the original prospectus provided with the arms of the State and im- mediately after the drawing, the oiiicial list without any charge. The payment and forwarding of the sums won to those concerned will have my special and prompt attention, and with the most absolute secrecy. tW All orders can be sent by the medium of a Post Office Order, or per cheque, or in English postage stamps, or by Postal-Orders. IW Please address the orders before the 2nd November on account of the approaching drawings of the prizes, in all confidence directly to SAMUEL HECKSCHER SENR., Banker and exchange agent at HAMBURGH, Germany. 1042 COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. ^Contagious Diseases Animals Act, 1878. FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE. AT a Meeting of the Local Authority of the L County of Pembroke, held at the Shire Hall, Haverfordwest, on Saturday, the 13th October, 1883, it was ordered that the Regulations made by this Authority, on the 6th day of October instant, and those referred to therein, be and the same are hereby revoked, and in lieu thereof IT IS ORDERED I-That, from and after the date hereof the Movement of Animals into this District from the District of any other Local Authority, except the District of the Town and County of Haverfordwest, and the Boroughs of Pem- broke and Tenby, and the parts of Carmarthenshire hereinafter mentioned is Prohibited, without special license of the Local Authority, except as hereinafter mentioned, that is to say, Provided that this order shall not affect the Movement of Cattle into an infected area, and shall not restrict the Movement of Animals by Rail- railway through this districts. 2-And it is further Ordered that the Movement of Animals into this District from the District of any Local Authority in Ireland is Prohibited, except into and on the premises of the Great Western Kailway Company at New Milford, and then only on the condition that the local traffic be conducted by the said Company from a separate portion of the said premises, and that the excess to such portion be entirely isolated from any part of the same premises over which frish Cattle may be moved, and that th?.rmngernent.- for carrying out the Order be completed to the satisfaction of the Chief Constable pre viou.-i to any such movement- 3.—That in future, (and until further order) all Ani- mals may be moved into this District from the H undreds of the County of Carmarthen iuurediately abutting on the County of l'embroke, if accompanied by n declaration from the Owners, that such Animals have been on the Farm whence they verf moved for fourteen days con- secutively, and that they have not been exposed to any infection within that period, and there is no disease in the neighbourhood whence they are moved together with a License by a Superintendent, Sergeant of Police, or other Officer of the JVIice Force of the hundreds whence they are moved. 4.-0RDEREP, That the. Chief Constable, and the Superintendents, Inspectors, and ereants of Police, in this District, and Mr Milligan Phillips, are hereby empowered to grant Licenses, if applied for, for the Transit of Cattle out of the District. JOHN OWEN. Clerk tu the Local Authority, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN FROM THE J_J COUNTRY can be sure of seeing their County Papers in the News Room of the LONDON AND COUNTY CLUB, Victoria House, Catherine Street, Strand, W.C. 496 TO DRESSMAKERS AND MILLINERS. ANTED GOOD BODY AND SKIRT VV HANDS. Also apprentices, to the Dress- making and Millinery. Apply to MRS. T. BAKER, High street, Haverfordwcst. TAKE NOTICE. ALL PARCELS as usual, large and small, are J' carried in the Mail Cart, running between Haverfordwest and St. David's, at reasonable charges. TAKE NOTICE. ALL PERSONS found Trespassing in pursuit of A game on the BOULSTON ESTATE, will be prosecuted according to law. D. J. I. ACKLAND. August 27th, 1883. 939 HUNT WEEK. THE annual HUNT MEETING will be held at Hverfordwest, during the week commencing Monday, November 12th..Ball on Thursday the 15th. CAPTAIN HIGGON, ? STEWARDS. W. F. ROCH, ESQ, ) '1'0 BE LET. in one of the most healthy parts of 1 Haverfordwest, a WELL-FURNISHED BED. ROOM AND DRESSING ROOM, DINING or SITTING ROOM on the same floor with Bay Win. dow also use of PIANOFORTE if required. Cooking and attendance. Terms Reasonable.—For further particulars apply to the Proprietor of the Telegraph, Bridge Street, Haverfordwest. 665 PEMBROKESHIRE. TO BE LET and entered upon at Michaelmas, the L genteel detached residence known as CLEDDY LODGE, Having a Southern aspect overlooking the picturesque valley of the river Cleddau, situate in the parish of Camrose, in the County of Pembroke, and within three miles of the County Town of Haverfordwest. The House, which is approached by a carriage drive, stands with in extensive pleasure grounds, laid out in lawn and walks, and planted with ornamental shrubs. There are also Coach-houses, Stabling, and appro- priate Outbuildings, and Three Fields, containing 27 acres, 1 rood, and 5 perches of superior Meadow Land. The River Cleddau skirting the Land, there is prime Salmon and Trout Fishing to be had. Fox, Otter, and Hare Hounds hunt the district. Apply to MESSRS. DAVIES, GEORGE & Co., Solicitors, Spring Gardens, Haverfordwest. llth Sept. 1883. 972 A GRAND CONCERT Will be held during the Hunt Week, ON TUESDAY, NOVEM BER, THE 13TH IN THE SHIRE HALL, HAVERFORDWEST, In aid of the Building Fund of the Working Men's Club and Church Sunday School for Prendergast. Particulars will appear in a future annozincement- 1043 SALES BY J. LLEWELLYN DAVIES. October In a Field near Hazle Hill, about 50 large Mows of Barley Straw, the property of Mr James Thomas, of Harmeston. October at ROBESTON HALL HAYGUARD, 10 Ricks of Oaten and Barley Clover Straw, and several Mows of Oaten Thatch, also 10 Acres of splendid Swede Turnips, in drills to suit purchasers. Particulars in Future Advertisements. [956 SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT OF SALES BY WM. GEORGE JAMES, AUCTIONEER. 1883. Early in November, the following Freehold Properties: The FISHGUARD TANYARD, with TWO COTTAGES AND GARDENS. THE DINAS ARMS PUBLIC HOUSE AND PREMISES, situate at Lower Town, Fishguard. Further particulars will appear in future advertise- ments and posters. Maildy, Oct. 8th, 1883. 1026 SCOVESTON, NEAR MILFORD HAVEN. MR. WILLIAM J. DAVIES BEGS to announce that he will Sell by Auction, on JD MONDAY, OCTOBER 29th, 1883, in a Field near Sooveston Barracks, about 5 Acres of splendid SWEED TURNIPS, also, a Rick of prime CLOVER HAY, about 17 Tons. The Turnips will be sold in Lots to suit purchasers, each lot to be paid for on the fall of the hammer, and Credit will be given, if required, for the Hay, subject to Conditions of Sale. Sale at One o'clock p.m. 1041 EAST AND WEST CLEDDY FISHERY DISTRICT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. rJpL HAT the BOARD OF CONSERVATORS for i the above DISTRICT will appoint a WATER BAILIFF, for the Fishguard District on the 10th of November next. Wages 16s. per week. Applications to be sent to me on or before THURSDAY, the 8th of November. W. MILLIGAN PHILLIPS. Clerk to the Board. 20th October, 1883. 1040 COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. TO BUILDERS AND OTHERS. rr ENDERS are invited for the erection of a pro- l posed LOCK-UP HOUSE, with PETTY SES- SION ROOM, &c., at Milford Haven. The Specifi. cation and Drawings may be seen at the Clerk of the Peace's Office, Haverfordwest, on and after Saturday, the 27th inst., between the hours of ten and four. Tenders to be sent in on or befor3 FRIDAY, the 23rd of NOVEMBER next, to the Clerk of the Peace, endorsed Tender for Milford Lock-Up. The lowest or any other Tender will not necessarily be accepted. T. GEORGE, County Surveyor. Haverfordwest, October 20th 1883. 1039 ALFRED TUCKER, HAIRDRESSER, TOBACCONIST AND PERFUMER, (Next Door to the Post Office), HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, BEGS to thank his Customers and the Public generally, for their kind patronage during the past four years, and hopes, by strict attention to business, combined with cleanliness a. d moderate charges, to continue to receive the same. Private and General Hair Cutti g Rooms. Hair Brushing by Machinery. Ladies and Gentlemen and their families waited upon by appointment. Ladies Combings worked at Is. 6d. per oz. Hairwork of all kinds. Razors Ground and Set. New ones sold. Select. HEGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS KEPT. Sole Agent in Haverfordwest for the Celebrated INGA SEKD for Cage Birds Sample on application. Hemp and Canary Seed of the first q uality kept. 948 ARMY CONTRACTS. r|ENDERS will be received at the undermentioned JL Office, until 12 o'clock noon. on the 31st Oct., for the supply of BREAD AND MEAT for the use of Her Majesty's Land Forces (including Bread and Meat for Hospitals and Prisons, where required) from 1st December, 1883, to 31st May, 1884, at the follow- ing places: WESTERN DISTRICT. 1 Bod min. 2. Brecon. 3 Bristol and Horfield. 4. Cardiff. 5. Exeter and Topsham. 6. Falmouth, Pendennis, and St. Mawes. 7. Maker Barracks, Heights and Redoubts, Pickle- combe Point, Cawsand and Polhawn. 8. Milford Haven Forts. 9. Mumbles Island and Swansea. 10. Newport (Monmouth). 11. Pembroke Dock. 12. Penally & St Catherine's Fort, Tenby. 13. Plymouth, Devonport, and Outposts, including the several Forts forming N E. Defences from Laira to Ernsettle (Live Cattle & Sheep or Dead Meat, and Bread). 14. Staddon Heights and l'oint, and Fort Stamford. lõ. Taunton 16. Tregantle and Seraeadon Forts. 17, Trowbridge. 18. Forms of Tender, and Conditions of Contract, may be obtained on application at this Offioe, by Letter addressed to the Senior 'Jormiuisjanat Officer, or in Person between the hours of 10 and 4 o clock, and no Tender will be entertained iluic," inado upon the ForlD so obtained. Tenders on tiio printed Forms must be properly filled up, signed, and dated, and no Tender will i be noticed unless at the undermentioned Office, before 12 o'clock Noon, ou the 31st October, under closu(I eii inark-,jd Tender" on the out- side. Commissariat Office, 38, George Street, Devonport, 30tU October, IbS3„ [1038. WANTED immediately FOUR MASONS (Win- I YV ter's job). Also TWO CARPENTERS. Ayply to JAMES AND SON, Builders and Contractors, Haverfordwest. A SHEEP FOUND, whoever is the owner may Abave it on giving particulars of the same to the Town Crier, Haverfordwest, and paying all expenses for its keep. &0. f° Haverfordwest, October 6th 1883. [1023 FOR SALE, ABRINSMEAD PIANO, almost now, and in ex- Aeolleut condition. Also other usuful and Solid Articles of FURNITURE, on view at SIRIAH HOUSE, Goodwiok, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, on Tuesday's and Thursday's. 1044 FOR SALE, a Whebler & WILSONS SEWING JT MACHINE, in excellent working order, cost E10 10s will sell cheap, owner having no further use for it.—Apply to the OFFICE of this Paper. [982 TO MILLINERS AND DRESSMAKERS. WANTED good BODY AND SKIRT HANDS, also APPRENTICES to the MILLINERY and DRESSMAKING.—Apply to MRS HARDING, Parisian DepOt, Haverfordwest. 1017 BOOT 6f SHOE MART, BRIDGE STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, Two DOORS FROM CASTLE SQUARE. D. ROBERTS, HAS just Purchased from the Best Makers, a d Large and Splendid Stock of BOOTS AND SHOES, Suitable for Winter Wear, which he will offer at VERY Low PRICES, together with some Clearing Lots at HALF the original Value. J. BROWN, IMPORTER OF WINES AND SPIRITS, ESTABLISHED 1803. CASH PRIOES FOR WINES. HAVERFORDWEST AND MILFORD HAVEN. J. BROWN BEGS respectfully to submit the prices at which, .L) for Cash, he is prepared to supply Wines. The very low prices, named below are conditional, on Cash being paid when the goods are purchased. In every instance bottles are included in the prices quoted but Jars, Cases, and Hampers to be paid for. The full amount charged will be refunded when they are returned in good condition. One Shilling per dozen allowed for returned Wine and Spirit Bottles (excepting Sparkling Wine and Liqueur Bottles). u-i tD a ? ?3 ?g. CHAMPAGNES. -o S £ =.& a CnA,MP&ONES.0 ? '3 I 'g g m a .gg ? 's (??) Moet & Chandon, White Dry s. d. s. d. Sillery 58 0 31 6 Ditto 1st quality 58 0 31 6 Perrier Jouet, Pale Dry Creaming 60 0 32 6 Ditto 2nd quality 48 0 Heidseick, Dry Monopole 72 0 Perinet and Fils, Cuvée Réservée, 1878 69 0 37 0 Veuve Clicquot, Dry, 1878 72 0 Pommery & Greno Extra See, 1878 82 0 OLD LANDED CHAMPAGNES. Moet & Chandon, White Dry Sillery landed 1877 69 0 Mumm, G. H., Extra Dry landed 1877. 84 0 Veuve Clicquot, Dry, Vintage 1874 98 0 SPARKLING SAUMUR SparkliBg Saumur 24 0 14 0 Ackerman Laurance. BRUT- ROYAL 35 0 Ditto DRY-ROYAL 35 0 C3 • 9m CO oo.¿ Gj ,24 C N <D <L> :s x O MADEIRA. 0?? o ? h & i-S .9 «o s. d. 9 a. d. Good Young, Dry 23 0 10 17 6 „ Rich 23 0 10 17 6 "Verdelho" 35 0 17 2 6 Campanario" Finest delioafce, 1876, Bottled 1881 44 0 "Cama do Lobos," Finest full rich dark, 1876, bottled 1881.. 44 0 Malmsey," Fin e's t 1878, bottled 1882 54 0 Malmsey," Finest 1876, bottled 1880 half-bottles, 34 0 Fine Old, bottled 1871 54 0 MARSALA Woodbouse's 17 6 812 6 Ingham's Old Virgin. 20 0 9 17 6 d trÎ g?r !3 SHERRIES. G?S ?U? ?'3 SJ? ? .2 ??S s. d. i s. d. Pale Domecq's 19 0 10 5 0 Duff Gordon's, rather dry 23 0 Martinez, iiot dry 23 0 12 17 6 Montilla, Viut 1875. 24 0 13 2 6 Pale, Martinez, dry 27 6 15 2 6 Duff Gordons modiuni 30 0 16 12 6 Vino do Pasto 34 0 18 17 6 Pale Dry, Martinez 33 0 21 10 0 Pale not dry, Martinez, bottled 1879. 45 0 Brown, Martinez, bottled 1881. 49 0 Old Brown, bottled 1877 49 0 Golden, not dry, Martinez bottled 1877 52 0 Vino de Pasto Flor, Domecq's, bottled 1878 54 0 Fine Old Amontillado Martinez 60 0 Fine Old Solera, Martinez 63 0 Fine Old Solera, Domecq's bottled 1878 71 0 id I 4 „ trÎ es n S S 3 £ £g PORTS. Q??  ,&73 ,è £ ,S £ 8 ? ? _?"S s. d. £ s. d. From the Wood, Cockburu's 23 0 13 7 6 Do. Martinez 28 0 15 17 6 Do. superior old 33 0 18 17 6 Do. "Terysuperior. 39 0 23 12 6 Old Crusted Port, Martinez, 43/- 46/- 11 yy yy >> 52/. fj5/- Vintage 1863, Martinez bottled 1866 75 0 Martinez, very superior Old, from the wood, half bottles. 21 6 Do do., bottled 1877, half bottles 28 0 Vintage 1863, Robello Valente's selected, half bottles 38 0 Tarragona 16 0 ao a S ■ a rrj !s?  CLARETS. Q?? q «§ a ??3 PL4 :I: s. d. s. d. Vin Ordinaire 13 6 Bourgeois 17 0 10 6 Ditto superior 22 0 13 0 Chateau Danzac, 1877 33 0 Do. Léoville Lascasos. 1877 46 0 25 0 Btmrgeois superior, 1874 36 0 Chateau Ducasse Grand Puy 1874 44 0 Do. Ducasse Grand Puy 187 54 0 29 0 Do. St. Pierre, 1870 58 0 31 0 Do. Lafite, ler Grand Vin 1877 bottled at Chateau 69 0 87 0 Single Bottles sold at Proportionate Prices.