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COUNTY LIBERAL ASSOCIATIONS. I The Judge Advocate-General gave some sound advice on Monday to the Liberals of Denbighshire-advice which the Liberals of every other constituency in the Kingdom will do well to follow. In opening a local branch of the County Liberal Association, he pointed out, not only the importance, but the absolute necessity of organisation and, above all, he urged Liberals to beware of divisions in their ranks. It was by divisions that the disaster of 1874 was brought about, when a minority of electors secured a substantial majority of representatives, and thereby obtained for the Conservative party the administration of af- fairs and the direction of public policy for a period of six years. How calamitous the consequences of those divisions proved we need not now point out, but we hope the lesson which was learnt when those conse- quences became apparent will*not be for- gotten. What we lately saw at Manchester was a disposition to commit the same mistake as was committed in so many constituencies nine or ten years ago, ana It is essential that, if possible, there shall be no repetition of the folly that is only productive of evil. Mr Osborne Morgan anticipates that a whole array of popular candidates will be tempted into the field at the next election. The Cor- rupt Practices Act will have materially re- duced the costs of an election, and it is possible that there will be a great addition of unpledged voters to the register, so that candidates may be expected to swarm round the constituencies. Under such circum- stances, it will be more than ever incumbent on the Liberal party to organise itself so as to act in unison and the utility of such associa- tions as that which the Judge Advocate- General opened on Monday will then be demonstrated. Mr Osborne Morgan's advice is that in each case the Liberal party in the constituencies should select the best candi- dates, and stick to them. This, indeed, is the only way in which victory can bo achieved. The Conservatives are evidently alive to the importance of organisation and discipline. Sir Stafford Northeoto has thown this very J plainly during the Ulster campaign: and the Liberals all over the country will commit a serious blunder if they fail to utilise their full strength when occasion arises. This can only be done by careful attention to the register in the first place, and secondly, by avoiding divisions at election time.— Chronicle.