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I LOCAL AND OTHEK NEWS. SHRIEVALTY.—Mr. Duvtd Roberts hug appointed M. W. Davies George, solicitor, his deputy sheriff, for the town and county of Haverford west. Fox HouNus. Theso liounds will meet on Tuesday, November 21st at the Race-course and on Friday November 24th, at Castle Square. Each day at 11 o'clock. Tim GOSPEL AMONG THE JEWS.—A pub- lic meeting will be held in the Wealeyan Chapel on Thursday, (to-murrow) evening, when the Rev. P. E. Grottheil, for 34 years missionary to the Jews in Stuttgart, deputation from Lho British Society, will address the meeting, the service will commence at half-past-seven. METEOROLOGICAL Rtt&ISTttK.— 7'a/-<*M al St. Ann', Head, tor the week ending 8 a.m. on the 13th. The highest barometer reading taken read 30.00 the lowest 29.10. The maximum temperature in the shade, 53 the minimum, 37. There were 18 hours and G tenths of an hour of bright sunshine. Ore inch and 5S of an hundredth of an inch of rain fell. FATALITY IN A QUARRY-—On Saturday, whilst a wag¡)n containing a number of workmen was a'!c,'oding an incline at Taiysarn Quarriea, wag I f 'L y sarn Qiiarries, C.'rnarvon, the chain snapped and the wagon << to the bittern of the workings. Two of the occupants were kiDed on the spot, and two others have, it is feared sustained f'a-tal injuries. Sc fTOLASTIC.- \Ve are glad to find that Mr Alfred Bevans, senior pupil teacher at the Barn-street Bnard School, has passed successfulty the examination for admission into a training college, at Bangor, where he sat, no less than 187 presented themselves, aud Mr Bovans comes out ;nù among them. This aucccfs is the more creditable, as he underwent the examination six months before the completion of his apprenticeship. NO:UNATlOS OF SitERtfFS.—Monday being the morrow of St Martin's Day," the annual nomi- nation of sheriffs for England and Wales took place iu the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice, Westminster. The gentlemen nominated were as follows .— Pemt'rokeshire—Morgan James Saurin, of Oriel On James Taylor Hawksley, of Cahiy Island; snd Lieutenant Colonel Henry Leach, "f Coiston. Cardiganshire—Thomas Henry Ricketts Winwocd, of Tyglyn Aerin Allan Lewis Gwynne, of M ouachty and Charles Hhne Lloyd Fitzwilliama, of Adpar Hill. C:\rmarthen<'hirc—Hewellyn Lloyd- LIoyd, of Glangwilly, Lfanpumpsaint Sir Emile Algernon Arthur Keppetl Coweil Stepney, Bart., of The Glen, Llanelty and John reel, of Church House, LIangadock. LECTLKK.—On l'i-i,-Iiiy night Mr. Baugh, a gentleman oonne< tcd witli the Telegraphic Relay (Jnico in this t(!v.n and son-in-law of Mr. William Farrow, the nl!ly-eloctetl Mayor, delivered a lo(.ture at the Masonic -halt on the subject of Elec- tricity." The lecturer, in a clear and forcible manner. traced the origin and history of electricity in its primitive forma, and its progrea" to the present etate of ctcctriu sctcaco, !ns lecture with diagrams a"d clever njeehanical experiments, which where highly interesting and instructive. The lecturer, who was most listened to by a very large audience, wat frequently applauded, and at the conclusion the chah'nja.n, Mr. T. H.u]e Owen, tnoved a hearty vote of thanks to him, and expressed a wish that at some further time the lecturer would again favour them with a future lecture on the same subject. In these remarks the Rev. F. Foster, M.A., and the Rev. J. B. Wrenford, M.A., cordially joined, as well as the audience. The proceeds of the lecture are to ho applied to the funds of the debating society. HAVE RFC BDWEST Gosi'EL TEMPERANCE MissioN.—We are pleased to be able to state that the interest which was manifested at the commencement of this mission does not abate, judging by the num- bers which still continues to attend the Sunday even- ing services at the Masonic Hall. We think it only due to say that the meetings hold on the last feur or five Sundays, have been severally addressed by the Rev. Dr. Benj. La Trobe, Mr John Jenkins of this town, Rev. W. Davies, pastor of Pope Hill, Mr D. H. Road, of Pembroke Dock, and the Rev. J. Jonoa, of Brecon. Each of these gentlemen in the course of most interesting addresses attacked the drink question from a diSorent stand point, so that the meetings instead of becoming monotonous are decidedly the opposite. Fresh pledges are taken every Sunday, twelve being registered at the last meeting-. There arc two or three matters which ought to be seon to why don't those who adopt the blue wear it? In larger towns the little bit of ribbon may be seen on many a, coat, but in our town it is conspicuous by its I ahsence, only a stray bit being seen now and then. We should like to see this altered. An improvement might also be made in the singing, which, although not bad, might be decidedly better than it is. The singing ought certainly to take a prominent position at these meetings. It would appear to the audience that there are only about a dozen in the choir, whereas we have been informed they muster over thirty. Why do not they attend on Sunday evenings? We think if these little matters were attended to, it would greatly promote the success of these Sunday evening gatherings. On Sunday evening next we understand the add'ess is to be given by Mrs Rouse, and that the Mayor, Mr W. Farrow, is to be chairman. CONCERT AT THE UN ION.-A very enjoy- able entertainment consisting of ruuic and readings was given at the Workhouse, under the genial presidency of the Rev. G. C. Hilbers, by the Misses Standard, and other local amateurs on Thursday evening. The Schoolroom had been decorated in the most tasteful manner by the inmates, under tha skilful direction of Mr and Mrs Thomas, and formed as pretty and suitable a concert room as one could wish to see. The bright faces and smiles of the audience testified to the thorough enjoyment of the various pieces, and amply rewarded the ladies who had organised the treat for their kindness and efforts in bringing it to so successful an issue. A glance at the subjoined programme will show that a good bill of fare had been provided, and it goes without saying that the songs, pianforte pieces, &c., were given in the best style by the performers, and were received with rapturous applause. Among the visitors wo noticed Miss Owen, of Withybusb, (who was cheered to the echo when Mr Hilbers announced that it is her intention to present a harmonium to the Institution as a Christmas gift for the inmates,) Mr and Mrs Foster, Mi and Mrs Standard, Miss Rule Owen, Mrs Wrenford, Mrs Munro, the Misses Meyler and others. The glees were sung by a party consisting of Mrs and Miss Hilbers, and members of St. Thomas Choir. Mr Llewellin Brigatocke kindly lent the splendid piano for the occasion, and Mr T. James conveyed it t. f1'nm -H"" LfU.V õ" UfJU"'l¡VUJ.J'LUt:: Stannard arc to be congratulated on the success of this concert, and we hope that others will follow with another entertainment at no distant date. Part 1.- Glee-Pretty Village Maid Pianoforte Duet — Souvenir de la Madeleine, the Misses James and White Sou-The little Maid Milking bar Cow, Miss Elvira Stannard Reading—The Little Hero, Mr Munro Song—The Three Old Maids of Leo (encored), Miss B. Roberts Vocal Duet—The Danube River, the Misses E. and M. Standard Glee —Song of the Hop-pickers. P<M-< 2-Glee-Nursery Rhymes Reading—The Quack Doctor, Mr Munro ,Son,Th(-, Summer's Shower Miss Atny Williams Song-The Little wee Dog- Mr De Winton: Song—Come and let ii-, be happy together Mis.- Elvira StaDllnrd; SOtJg- Darby and Joa.u (c¡¿cQ1'ed), Miss E. Robertt: Xational Anthem.

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