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TSME'S f^YROYAL & STEEL PILLS Knit FEMALES quickly correct all irregularities and relieve tlie ilLstrt^sincj n.ymptorns so prevalent with the sex. Boxes 1< Ihd. and 2s. 8d.. oi nil Chemists. Sent anywhere for 15 or "I f-'tumps, by tho Kaker, E. T. TOWLE, Chemist, Nottingham. ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B41 PILLS is warranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs, in either sex (acquired or constitutional), Gravel, and Pains in the Back. Guaranteed free from Mercury. Sold in Boxes, 4s. 6d. each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World; or sent to any address for sixty stamps by the Makers, THE LINCOLN AND MIDLAND CotnrriKa DBUO COMPANY, Lincoln. Wholesale Agents, BLBCL/A* & Sows, London, and all the Wholesale Houses. YORKSHIRE RELISH It is the most delicious sauce That yQu can have with any course. Taken with soup it hath a charm; With gravies blending does no harm; With cold meat is a luxury rare. To eat cold viands it makes you dare. The daintiest dishes more delicious; And even renders cheese more specious. Every dish it does improve; E'en epicures this sauce do love. Of imitations please beware; To got the real sauce take great care. SOLD EVERYWHERE IN 6d., la. & 2s. BOTTLES. Sole Proprietors, GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & Co., LEEDS. FOR | | (A J A (J EXCELLENT AND PALATABLE HOUSEHOLD RECIPES Write to GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & Co., LEEDS, Enclosing a penny stamp for postage, when you will be pre- sented with a valuable book of 100 pages, bound in cloth, and fully illustrated, called" GOOD THINGS," IADE, SAID. AND DONE FOR EVERY HOME AND HOUSEHOLD EIGHT PRIZE MEDALS. t & 4¡' G?v'?? ?<?'?????? <? c + x Li RI-H EIGHT PRIZE MEDALS. ADVANTAGES. Are entirely free from SMBJJXI Are not POISONOUS Are manufactured without PHOSPHORUS Are perfeotly harmless to the OPERATIVES Are very Damp Proof [EMPLOYED Are not liable to Spontaneous Combustion flight only on the Box. _———.—— 6d,ls, 2s6d "KEATING'S POWDER" This Powder, so celebrated and perfectly unrivalled in destroying BUGS, IIEPRVLES, FLEAS, MOTHS avid all Insects (whilst perfectly harmless to all giiinpi life), should he kept ready in every household. It is cleanly in use. All Woollens and Furs should bo well sprinkled with the Powder before placing away. It is invaluable to take to the Seaside. To avoid" disappointment insist upon having "KEATING'S POWDER." No other Powder is effectual. SolÜolllyill till3, Gd., 18.8: 28. üd. To GET RID OF WORMS IN CHILDREN. Procure a tin of "KEATING'S WORM TABLETS." This unique medicine is certain to cure, and may be taken with absolute safety by the young-est child. Price Is. lid., of all Chemists (by post 15 Stamps). KEATING, St. Paul's, London. GOOD for the cure of WIND ON THE STOMACH GOOD for the cure of INDIGESTION. GOOD for the cure of SICK HEADACHE. GOOD for the cure of HEARTBURN. GOOD for the cure of BILIOUSNESS. GOOD for the cure of LIVER COMPLAINT. GOOD for the cure of ALL COMPLAINTS arising from a disordered state of the STOMACH, BOWELS, or LIVER. Sold by Oil Medicine Vendors, in boxes at is lii, 28 tit. and 43 6d each or free for 14, 33, or 51 Stamps, from PAGE D. WOODCOCK, HIGH STREET, LINCOLN. It is evident that Camomile ia Nature's own simple and safe remedy for Indigestion and all Stomach complaints, for during the last 60 years NORTON'S CAMOMILE P I L L s have afforded relief to Thousands. Sold in Bottles at lB. lid., 28. 9d. and 118. A PLEASING APPEARANCE IS THE FIRST LETTER 07 RECOMMENDATION. GODFREY'S EXTRACT OF ELDER FLOWERS, For Softening the Skin and Improving the Complexion; lflB.HI.2I. 911. each, by allMtdicine Vendors andPtrfumtrt, ■ '&FOR THE BLOOD IS.THE LIFET" I E WORLDr-FAMED imiiniiviiMM THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER Has the Largest Sale of any Medicine in the World. OVERWHELMING TESTIMONY ACCOMPANIES EVERY BOTTLE, PROVING THIS TO BE THE GREATEST MEDICINE EVER DISCOVERED. For cleansing and clearing the blood from all impurities, it cannot be too highly recommended. For Scrofula Scurvy, Skin and Blood Diseases, and Sores of all kinds, it is a never-failing and per- manent cure. It Cures Old Sores. Cures Uloerated Sores on the Neck. Cures Ulcerated Sore Logs. Cures Blackheads, or Pimples on the Face. Cures Scurvy Sores. Cures Cancerous Ulcers. Cures Blood and Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. Clears the Blood from all impure matter, From whatever cause arising. -As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted free from anything injurious to the most delicate con- stitution of either sex, the Proprietors solicit sufferers to Rive it a trial to test its value. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS. Sold in Bottles 2s. 6d. each, and in cases, containing six times the quantity, lis. each-sufecient to effect a per- manent cure in the great majority of long-standing cases, BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE VENDORS throughout the world, or sent for 30 or 132 stamps by the Proprietors, THE LINCOLN kzfv MIDLAWD COUNTIES DRUG COMPANY, Lincoln. (Trade Mark-u Blood Mixture.") A IIV ftoDal I-Sail Steamers to UNITED STATES & CANADA. FROM LIVERPOOL. CIRCASSIAN, for Quebec, Sept. 7 AUSTRIAN, for Halifax and Baltimore, Sept. 12 PERUVIAN, for Quebec, Sept. 14 PARISIAN, for Quebec, Sept. 21 NOVA SCOTIAN, for Halifax and Baltimore, Sep.26 SARMATIAN, for Quebec, Sept. 28 POLYNESIAN, for Quebec, Oct. 5 HIBERNIAN, for Halifax and Baltimore, Oct. 10 OCEAN RATES. Saloon Fares £ 18, £15, and 912 Intermediate, £ 8 Steerage, Gs. Through tickets issued to Chicago, Manitoba, North- West Territory, and to all points in the Western States and Canada, at lowest rales. ASSISTED PASSAGES to Quebec are granted to General Labourers for £ 4, ;vnd to Agriculturists, Agricultural Labourers, and hemale Domestic Servants for £ 3. PAMPHLETS—Second Series — "Reports of Tenant Farmer's Delegates on Dominion of Canada also re- cent issue of Pamphlets on Canada and the Western States of America, &c., sent free. Full particulars on application to ALLAN BROTHERS & Co., James Street, Liverpool, r to KELWAY & SONS, Milford Haven; JAMES GRIFFITH, Postmater, High-street, Newport, Pem. UcL J. AV., FttANcii, Goat-streeti, JUiiverfordwtst, 206 HEALTH, TONE, AND VIGOUR. This preparation is pronounced by the most eminent members of the Medical Profession to be unequalled for its power in replenishing the vitality of the body, by its supplying all the essential constituents of the blood and nerve substance, and for developing all the powers and functions of the system to the highest degree. It removes pimples, blotches, purities tile blood, gives new life, sound and refreshing sleep, and restores the constitution to health and vigour in a short time. Hold by most chemists, at 2s. 9d., 4s. (id., 11s., and 2-s. per h ttlc or sent to any address on receipt of price by HILTON & Co., 9, Northumberland Street, Strand, London. CAUTION.—ASK for Sir Astley Cooper's Vital Restorative." Do not let the chemists persuade you to take any other. The argument of larger bottles and less price); put forward. It is QUALITY the afflicted require n,,t quantity. Agents- Barclay & Sons, 95, Farringdon-stveet, London, and ail the Wholesale Houses. 384 -+-+- The Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph IS now on SALE, direcilv after Publication at Messrs. "\Y. 11. SMITH & SUNS. New Milford And Pembroke Dock, and at E. J. Wl,'I(IfITS', 2, Dimond- gtieet, Pcmbroke-dock. AVJii IT IN YOUE HOUSES, TJAV ?TTT 'YN?'YOUR HOUSES, Stevens, Morgan, Turley, Dowsirlg, Gibbon, Sparks, Sea., who have borne unqualified testimony to the value of T AMPLOUGH'S PYR3DTIC SALINE. ■" It gives instant relief in headache, sea or bilious sick- ness, constipation, heartburn, scarlet and other fevers, smallpox,.measles, eruptive and ekin complaints. Use !|D substitute. H. LAMPMttOH. lit Holborn. London. /^APE of GOOD HOPE, NATAL, & EAST ? AFRICAN STEAMERS.-The UNION 8. S. Co.'s MAIL PACKETS sail from SOUTHAMPTON every alternate Thursday, & Steamers in the Intermediate Service every alternate Friday all leaving Plymouth the next day. Apply at the Compftny'sOfli- oes. Oriental Place, Southampton, or 11. Leadenhall St..London. or to T. T. Jaokson, Milford Haven. rpO COUNTRY MANUFACTURERS and J- MERCHANTS requiring a London House.—A T?ondo? A,- ?nt having good ground floor offices and warehouse in the City. He calling upon London buyers& Colonial Foreign Shippers,d es ires to add to his present business the Agency of a ifrst-class Cou.i- try house. AddressH., 9, Union Court Chambers, London, E.C. LIVERPOOL.ShaftesburyTemperanceHotel IA Mount Pleasant. 100 Booms. Charges strictly moderate. JENNER and KNEWSTUB RE now o:Eering at HALF PRICE for Cash ?oL the whole of their SURPLUS STOCK consisting of Albums Barometers, Betting Books, Blotting Books, Candle- sticks, Card Cases, Despatch. Boxes, Envelope Cases, Fusee Boxes, In st s, Letter Weights, Match Boxes, Pocket Books, Purses, Suites for Writing Table. Trinket Stands, &c., together with hundreds of USEFUL ELEG-ANCIlkS SUIT* ABLE as PRESENTS. Also the whole of a Manufacturer's Stock of FIRST CLASS LEATHER GOODS, owing to the F7-o!o?y? t?r?MMM of tr?e to oSer at HALF TH i USUAL COST. JENNER AND K NEWSTUB, To the Queen. 83, ST. JAMES'S ST., and 66, JERMYN ST., London, S.W. SARATOGA POLISH for LADIES' and CHILDREN'S BOOTS & SHOES. It is easily applied by the sponge attached to the eorlc of each bottle. Guaranteed to be American made and ft genuine article. Free from all injurious matter. Equal to any American make and Superior to all English imitations. To be had of all Boot and Shoe Warehouses and WholaWQi of W. J. Barron & Sons, 50, Whitecross Streeet, London. MONTBELIARD. Institute for young Ladles Terms £tsO per annum (incl. holidays). Highly recommended by English & French Clergymen. For references & prospectus apply to Rev. E J. BeckjSectory, Rotherhithe, ondon,S.E.,Of to the Directrice, Mme F. Roux, Montbéliard, Doubs, France. MARBLE CLOCK, 20 inches long, .l. 13 inches high, fourteen days' movement, at 40/- (shop price, £ 5 108.), free any station in London, warranted time- ;èr:At:¡inJ\{ :i-r.' !>Ô\d time- G. FISHER, 65, Basinghall Street, London, E.G. BRASS, REEIJ^TRIN G,& DR QM&FIFE BBANDS,PIANOS,ORGANS &HARMONIUMS at t?Ao?- sal'. Prices At J. MOOEK'S, Buxton Rd., Huddersiield. Prices with drawings of every Instrument post free. Music for any kind of Band. Bandsmen's Caps. Patronized by Army, Navy, &-Rifle Corps, Second-hand Istruments bought or taken m "c&hiLng P?RTPQ' THE GREAT PEEBLES G AS SAVER. NEEDLE STEADY, SILENT LIGHT. minum PEEBLES & CO., KllnNIJh-LLn L1 TAY WORKS, EDINBURGH, B R ¡ AND YOUB GAS FiTTM. ARPE R T WE L YE T RE EST illaW asher. -H Great further improvements. Reduced prices. The most rapid, strong, and highly finished. Agents Wanted in every Vprvliheva.1 t.erma a OitvRd..Finsbury Sq., London,E.C. INVESTMENTS, WITHOUT RISK J- realising from 2 to 10 per cent., payable quarterly. Any sums from £ 10 upwards received. Highest references.— Ladies and gentlemen with surplus capital should apply at once to P. Taylor, Esq.. 24, Wellington-street. Strand. London. £ CONCISE" Property & Mortgage Register. For oIl requirements in connexion with ESTATES, HOUSES, MORTGAGES, MONEY ADVANCES, SURVEYS, VALUATIONS, &c. Aildruan rURliElt & Co., 6, Fenehurch liuildings, London, E.C. aAU BERT'S BLOOM of NINON imparts G to the Complexion a splendid HEALTHY, YOUNG and PLEASING appearance. Send 14, or for treble size 33 stamps. To Gaubert. COIffeur, 85, Kensington High Street, London. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. rnilOMPSON's BURDOCK PILLS purify the foulest blood, & remove every disease of the sto- mach,liver, & kidneys.Pure blood gives health. Thousands have been cured by these wonderful Pills whose diseases could not be readied byanyother medicine. Sold byall Chemistsm boxes,1/li & 2/9; or from the establishment, 41, Oxford-st. Swansea, for 16 or 35 stamps. All sufferers are highly recommended to try them. 0 -1 ONDERS should e read by all BOOK young" men. to debilitated nervous suiforers ami 111 IIV 11\ t?o? about to mnrry. Free in Envelope for 4 st?mrs rub- v Ushcr?, ?tedicnl ?t?D.Fitza??n S.(Mrp,Sh'?c'f'. LstahA. f: ™~Houses, Factoriee, Stairc«scs, Stables, th ASBESTOLINE, are ABSOLUTELY FIRE- PROOF. Makers, J. Furrer & Co., 3, Thorney Street, New Oxford Street, London, W.C., and supplied by all the leading (Colour and Oil Shops in Great Britain and Ireland. FfS-IIIN671?(j-D- i,,Jflixne,s, in Cas<i. Price 5S. FULT Tmrticu?rs from AN GIB, SMmunAham. CASHPRfZES from OHO DOWN TO ?20— Monthly divisions.-All under Go- vernment Guarantee —Shares 0, 10 a?d 20 shillings. Every Share a bona tide chance to obtain a Prize. Apply to tne Agency for Publio Funds (Case 72) in Geneva (Switzerland). All letters addressed to 29, and 31 New Oxford Street,London, W.C., will be duly attended to. Prospectus and Lists gratis. YOUNG'S PARAFFIN Oil v. GAS. TAKING GAS AT 3s. Od. per 1,000 CUBIC FEET, the EQUIVAL?E0N0T0 QUANTITY OF LIGHT obtained from YOUNG'S PARAFFIN OIL, at its present retail price, COSTS ONLY Is. 5d. It produces MUCH LESo HEAT and SULPHUROUS and CAR- BONIC ACIDS, whereby the AIR is kept HEALTHFUL AND PURS, and there is NO INJURY to BOOKS, PAINTINGS,orART DECORATIONS. It has been EXTENSIVELY US3D in ALL CLIMATES for THIRTY YEARS without a SINGLE ACCIDENT. YOUNG'S OILS AND LAMPS MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE PRIN- CIPAL IRONMONGERS&GEO C S ES YOUNG'S PARAFFIN LIGHT & MINERAL OIL CO, (LIMITED), 7, WEST GEORGE STREET, GLASGOW. CAUTION.-Beware of the Party oft'ei-ing- imitations of the Big Wavevley & Big J" Pen! Sold by all respectable Stationers throughout the World. They come as a boon and a blessing to nwn, The Pickwick, the Owl and the Waverley Pen." Also the Hindoo Pens. Diagonal Points, Nos. 1, 2 and 3. Sample Box with all the kinds 1/3, by Post. "r IVns and Penholders—MACNIVKN & CAMKRON, to Her Majesty's (to- vernment Oiffces, 23 to 33, Blair St., E(litibiirgii. AGENTS WANTED, in all parts of England and Wales, not yet represented, by an Assurance Society. WeeMy yments. Salary and Commission.- For partic a\ars address Manager. E!y Yi!?.. Dunstable, B?ds. PIANOFORTE, full compass. Walnut Case, packed free & sent to !my part with maker's w?Tanty for ?30.AppIyJ.Fimister?J?-?schoolJ?Tooley?t.Londunl;rt.?H  PURE SWEETS-3Id. lb. SMITH, NEPHEW & CO., 12, Little Newport Steret, Loiccstor 0 Square, soUs cheaper th?R any house in the trade. ? ''i.t'1 lists. A.Ilg-d.? .Ily,?hp?p. Country orders of £ 1 carriage All sroo^s \Ffiarå,:E;rutr:i 't)"\ l;(nr\'ile t: Our only address is SMITH p?,;??n.?c0., 12, Little N('wptreett Loti(it)ji, IN',C. T'AGER?BEER?LAGERBEER?AGERBE? L ROYAL DANISH LAGER BEER. Purest Beverage, tonic, nouirshing, non-intoxicatinsr, rmost Hops and '[alt, Deep Spring Water, "aluable ehC1mc'Û pro- perties. Direct irfmCormih?Ken every week. In Casks, 9, 18, or 36 Gals, at 1/6 per gallon net cash Tn bottles 5/6 per doz.—Half Bottles 4/. Imperial pints 5/ (bottles included) free at any London Railway Station Applications for Agencies from well-established Provincial firms invited. Sole Importers, James Stewart & Son, 2 Fenchurch Avenue, London. ??ATERPROOF GARMEN_T_S—I?uh? W- texture Tweed Coats, 18each; Indies'tross?mer Cloik? 17/0 All these 'ood?? are our own make and gu.u-fuit?d ¡erp ¿f :hid 1h fe sle °aa Cl ernTu;l.alj:¿ ;}, OuttittingCoinpany>283>QxfordSt^W^oodH sent^onremittance CH-Li,o,Nio. Pli I L-rO. cess). The NewArt (enabling any. Person w?houtprevi. ? knowledge of either Painting* or] )rawmg) to Mior rnoto^ra nli.s on convex glasses, in imitation of China a»i:d ?n?mpt ) .u?t't' t? Boxes containing ovei-y re<iuisite 20/- & 26. articu»ja!r.s fne (Soi(-Agt?Ilts?J. & Son, 2:33, Oxford &t..L?.to'??. _A_SGOW AND HIG H LAN DS." R?-y?' 'r,out.e, (?'rinaii, Caledonian Steamer Cobnnhn or /?'?.<TH!ts?«w.daiiy.7a.m.;Obnn.St!tiM.Ton?.W(j.stHl?n.? OtIicinl&'nde3d.;tUustrated<3d. Af 1/ Kill. Map, Tourist i=are. -1 (3d. LV 1! iiiji. free from the Owner, DAVIPMACBP. 4 YNE.IH'. Hoy>e St.,Gla?t;ov^ LIFE and ACCIDENT COMBINED. A 5 00 At Death from any cause, with Profits. £ 500 On Permanent Total Disablement. X 16 6 On Permanent Partial Disablement. £5 Weekly during Temporary Disablement. Annual Premium-Age 30— £ 12 6s. 9d LONDON, EDI.VBUKGlTic GLASGOW ASSURANCE Co." Ld Londoll Otilce: 110, Cannon Streot, \VTTJ!,R-K'n A BOW6ER, Manager,  -1 Iirw^l^r MlJllBS! {\ 'i ¡ ;I; 's ¡'\J 'J. 1 f: .L t. ') L .J l L. [;1 R I't n IRI"i ,[ I'J ¡;J;¡jJ %? ? p f•; v, « "i ?' ???? '°"?"J.,?' t;} !¡f! ? '%?? SN?O?oi-d-sh'cet, '??.? ? ???? London. ?.C. ?? B E SO N'S WORKMAN'S SILVER ENGLISH LEVER. £5: 5 0 SPECIALLY MADE TO KEEP PER- FECT TIME STAND UOUGII WEAR and LAS-F A LIFETITNIE. IN bLL SIZES. jQAPPED, JEWELLED and ALL LATEST IMPHOVEMENTS. Delivered safe and free to all parts on receipt of £ 5. 5. O. BY J. TV: BENSON, THE STEAM FACTORY, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C. Illustrated Lists of Watches from X2 2s. to £ 200 free. Agents, Secretaries of Societies, Foremen and others, required to establish Watch .Clubs for the above. 341 ARTHUR TAMLYN BEGS respectfully to announce to the public that he he has taken out an AUCTIONEERS AND APPRAISER'S LICENSE. Surveying and Auction Offices: HIGH STREET, HAVEEFOEDAVEST. !)OO JAMES V A U G H A N HAKIN, MILFOKD-HAVEN, Auctioneer, Valuer, and General Commis- sion A genx. The prompt settlement of all claims, and the most punctual attention to the interest of those who lHay favour J.V. with their support may be implicity relied on. Second-hand Furniture, See., bougiH and sold. A large quantity of Furniture always on hand. Strictest pri vacy guarranteed. TEA AND COFFEE ESTABLISHMENT HAMILTON TERRACE, MILFOBD. THE MISSES DAVIES BEG to announce that -in addition to their JD General Grocery P>usinefcp, they have agreed to open a Tea and Coffee Establishment, for which they have provided Convenient Rooms on the First Floor, commanding a fine view of the Harbour and New Docks. Refreshments of every description on the most moderate terms. 886 LORD NELSON H O T E L MILFORD HAVEN. THIS Hotel is under New Management, and has been tboroue-kly Bodccorated ItefarnralrcJ, and offers comfortable private and commercial rooms. Cheerful Coffee Room. Charges strictly moderate. CARRIAGES AND HORSES ON HIRE. WHOLESALE WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT AGENT FOR ALSOPP'S HUNTON ALES. THOMAS PALMER, Proprietor. 2030 CHURNING MADE EASY The difficulty so much experienced in obtaining Goud Butter is entirely overcome by using TOM LINSON & Co's BUTTER POWDER, Suit- able for every description of Churn. Its use considerably lessens the time of Churmnp improves the Quality, and greatly increases the Yield of butter; removing all unpleasant lfavour of Cake, Turnips, Mangolds, Wild Garlic, Sour Grass, Dead Leaves, &c. A little put into the milk will also greatly increase the Quantity of Cream.. Butter when made with this Powder, is Sweeter Firmer, Better, and will keep longer than when made without it or with any other preparation, and will invariably take FmsT PitTZE at any of the Agricultural Shows throughout the Kingdom. Sold by all Chemists and Grocers, in Boxes, 3d., Gd., Is., 2s. Gd., and 7s. 6d. each. Sole Manufacturers,— TOMLINSON & HAYWARD, LINCOLN. GRAVIES, SOUPS, HASHES, &c. To obtain the above economically, in both quantity and excellence, all Ladies should use THE "G ltA NUL A-LI BROWNING." (ESTABLISHED 25 YEARS) The oldest established, and acknowledged by thousands of Housewives and Cooks to be by far the 1 uiest, Best, and most Inexpensive, "Gravy Browning" ever intro- duced to the Culinary Department of our homes. It imparts a Rich Colour, and Superior Flavour to the Gravies of Roast Meats, Chops, Steaks, Cutlets, Chicken and Game Gravies, Hashes Steii, Beet Tea, &c. No household is complete without a supply. Sold by Chemists and Grocers, in Bottles, Is: & 2d. fid. Sole Proprietors and Inventors,— TOMLINSON & 11AYWARD, LINCOLN. Agents at Haverfordwest, G R E E N & J 0 II N Wholesale & Retail Grocers. 329 THE ^KJUTTI 11N G IN TilK HIGHT PLACE. BEECHA3TS PILLS ..1..1.. 'k j,u. t.;j t ,????\ -? ''} 1 )wj ?? P.ILLR. ?j i m —MA?/ Vi\ Are ii (ImiUH by thousuiiils to 1)0 worth ¡¡ùo\"e a UUiIi(>;¡ a liox for bilious aiifl r.!rv(>us d; OKIITS, "Hch as wind and pain in the stomach, sick headaches, ::idiH» S", fulness at-.fl swollin-j; i¡\\(>r meals, di/.v.iness uiul chvw- siness, cold chills, flushings f Ileiti, 'loss of,;tpl)etite, shortness of breath, costiveliess, scurvy, blotches on the skin, disturbed sleep, frightful dreams, and al. nervous and trembling sensa- Vions, S;c., &c. The first dose will give relief in 20 minutes. This is no fiction, for they have done it in thousands of cases. The proprietor of these Tills having obtained (at great expense) ia patent for them, he challenges the whole world to produce a medicine equal to them for removing the above complaints, and restoring the patients to sound and lasting health. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one box of these Pills and thev will be acknowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as tl few doses of them carry off all gross humours, open all obstructions, and bring about ali that is required. No feinale should be withou them. There is no medicine to be found to equal Beecham's Pills for removing any obstruction or irregularity of the system. If taken according to the directions given with each box they will soon restore females of all ttges to sound and robust hea th. iJEECHAM'S MAGIC COUGH PILLS. As f; remedy for Coughs in general. Asthma, DifTiculty of Breathing, Shortness in Breath, Tightness and Oppression in the Chest, Whr-ezinir, &c., these l'ills stand unrivalled and anyone labouring unuev any of the above comi laints need only try one Box to prove that they are the best ever offered to the public lor Asthmatic al d Consumptive Coughs, Hoarseness and Oppression of the Chfs They speedily remove that sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing which nightly deprive the patient of rest. They give aim'st 'n^tant relief and comfort to those afflicted with the above distresbing and, v. lien neglected, I dangerous complaints. Let any person troubled with any of the above complaint give Beecham's Cough Pills a tiial. The most violent Cough will in a short time be removed Criulion.—The public are requested to notice that the v. ords Beecham'? Pills, St. :ili, on the Government stamp affixed to eacn box of pills if not on iliei, ,ii,e it forgery. Prepared only and sold wholesale and retail by the propt ittor, T. Beecham, Chemist, St. Ileleils) in boxes at ls I'd and 28 9d each. Sent pr-st free fer 15 or 3(i S!.n.ps. Sold by every drug- gist in the United ICi^gdoir Full dirciiops ¡,hen with i each box, 'i2 ESTABLISHED 1857. BULBS FOR WINTER AND SPRING BLOOMING. J 0 S E P H COY S H, Begs to announce to the inhabitants of Pembrokeshire and the adjoining Counties that his Catalogue of HYACINTHS, TULIPS, CROCUSES, LILIES, and other Bulbs and Spring Flowering Roots is now ready, and may be had free on application, THE MOUNT HILL NURSERIES, LLANELLY AND CARMARTHEN. ON AND AFTER SATURDAY NEXT, APRIL 22, 1882, Will be seen a. Special Display of the NEW FASHIONS and LATEST DESIGNS of the Season in ILLINERY MRS. C A Pw Tz: n who has just returned from LONDON, after securing some of the Latest Productions and Leading NOVELTIES in the MILLINERY DEPARTMENT, For the present Season, vety respectfully solicits an early inspection. FRENCH AND ENGLISH MILLINERY SHOW ROOMS, R PROPERT HOUSE, GOAT STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, CONDUCTED BY MRS. W. CARTER. Esteemed Ordprs uaquestionably can be Executed equal to any West End House, and at neuch Lower Prices. COSTUMES, DRESSES, JACKETS, & MANTLES made on the Premises by Good Hands. BRIDAL AND MOURNING ORDERS PROMPTLY AND ECONOMICALLY EXECUTED. I CARPETS! SPECIAL PATTERNS ,:V IN j BRUSSELS TAPESTRY, & KIDDERMINSTER All offered at old prices, having been bought before the recent advances. STAIR CARPETS AND FELTS. RUGS AND MATS. COCOA AND INDIA MATTINGS. LINOLEUMS AND OIL CLOTHS. PAPER HANGINGS AND GENERAL FURNISHING. GREENISH & DAWKINS 24, 25, & 26, Market Street, Haverfordwest. THIS ESTABLISHMENT CLOSES ON THURSDAYS AT 2 O'CLOCK. W & A GILBEY'S SUPERIOR BEVERAGE CLARETS At the present time, when constant reference is being made in the Press to the difficulty of obtaining genuine Clarets at moderate prices, W & A Gilbey think it right to state that they are prepard to guarantee that all the following Superior Beverage Clarets are pure French Wines, shipped by them direct from France, having been purchased at the place of production from the actual Growers, after careful comparison. The Wines have been well matured both in cask and bottle, and at the present moment it is almost impossible to buy Clarets of similar qualities at the same prices either in France or England. eRiLES FOR CASH ONLY rion B:le CLARET Castle A 6 months in ottle. TMs Wine, purchased direct by Pe Per ? & A Gilbey from the peasant proprietors of the districts near Bordeaux, has lOi 11 1 < good body and bouquet, and is much superior to the ? (3??<' consumed in ) France. Diluted with half or two-thirds of water, it will be found a m?t appetizing and healthful beverage. CLARET Castle B 12 months in bottle. Selected from Wines grown by 15/ i /3 the peasant proprietors of the M6doc- It possesses the body, flavor, and aR m/ ? ) the vinous charMteristics required in a good sound dinner Claret for every-day use. t I CLARET Castle C 18 montfis in bottle. An excellent Wine, purchased 18/ 1/6 direct by W & A Gilbey from the bourgeois proprietors of the Médoc. It has full 18/ 1/6 j body and fine aroma, and all the characteristics of an excellent Claret for every- V day use.  Castle D 2 years in bottle. Selected from Wines grown by the 24/ 2/ bourgeois proprietors of the Medoc. It will be found of excellent quality, and ( suitable for a dinner or dessert Wine. Bottles are charged at the rate of 11- per dozen, which is allowed on their being returned. AGENT- G. V. HARRIES, Chemist, 36 High Street, HAVERFORDWEST ESTABLISHED HALF A CENTURY. GREEN ANT) JOHN t.fl ..1'- ..P!.i ..L .L ..L f ,L Iii WH8L1S&1.K §E@CE&S \¡ ftr. "ä ¡: tl;i1!'J! v f; f"- "n "O! ,¡ ? ? ?; c:4 ? &5s? 6.?? &.dP  ?.-S ?i?sS <J2 a 3 .-? '?' ?-? B 2 t? &.? B? Tea, Co fee. Spice, (ijid Provision Merchants, Tallow Chandlers, Coffee Jtousters, <§'c., QUAY-ST., HAVERFORDWEST. Agents for the Sale of Lav;-es' Celebrated Manure. j The Universal Remedy for Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, and Ulcerations j of all kinds. There is no medicinal preparation which may be so thoroughly relied upon in the treatment of the above ailments as Holioway's Ointment. Rubbed upon the surface of the body, over, or near the affected parts, it disappears under the friction of the hand, penetrating at once to the source of the evil, and thus performs its healing errand, rapidly, safely and without pain. In all long standing cases, Holloway's Pills should also be taken, as they purify the Blood and expel all depraved humours from the system. Coughs, Colds, Sore Throats, and Bronchitis j This Ointment is irresistible in the cure of these throat and pec- toral complaints, which when neglected often end in settled Asthma or Consumption. The Ointment well rubbed upon the Chest and Back, night and morning, penetrates the skin, and thus Chest and ?ack, pid ghdt i?:c to the Lungs, where, in immediate absor b e d ,"ca,ne contact with the whole mass of circulating Blood, it neutralizes or expels all impurities. By these means all pulmonary com- plaints may be cured with rapidity and ease. Gout, Rheumatism and Stiff Joints. This invaluable Ointment exercises a more obvious control ovet Gout and Rheumatism, than any other Medicine. No one need remain uncured, who will in good earnest make a vigorous appli- cation of this infallible remedy-according to the Printed Instructions affixed to each Pot. All settled aches and pains will likewise be banished by the same treatment. Skin Diseases, Scrofula and Scurvy. ( The beneficial effects of this peerless Ointment are truly won- derful in cases of Ringworm, Scurvy and Scrofula, or King's Evil, and its powers are adequate to the removal of the most inveterate Skin Disease to which the human frame is subject. The Ointment and Pills are sold at Professor HOLLOWAY'S Establishment, 533, Oxford Street, London also by nearly every respectable Yendor of Medicine throughout the Civilized World, in Boxes and Pots, at i s. lid., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., us., 22s., I and 33s. each. Full printed directions are affixed to each Pot and Box, and |' can be had in any language. N.B.—Advice can be obtained, free of charge, by j applying at the above adaress, daily, between the hours of 11 and 4, or by letter. No. 18. 4 WILLIAM HARRIS, NURSERYMAN$■ SEEDSMAN, MONKTON, PE,A,IBROK E 796 TOWER HILL, HAVERFORDWEST. PRICE & RUSSELL, PAINTERS, GLAZIERS. PAPER-HANGERS AND GENERAL HOUSE DECORATORS. ALL KINDS OF GLASS AT MODERATE PRICES. )  tLa??l???.i&?jS-'i? ?". oflhe 'World or; receipt of GRATIS and Post Prec- 1p nny part cftte '?or? or, receipt o! rNVALIDS?GmB?PO?K  OF POSITIVE RE- j- MEDIES FOR TH E CURE OF ALL DISEASES EVERY HOUSEHOLD, EVEAY WAX AND WOMAN SHOULD POSSESS A COPY. GUIDE-BOOK gives instructions for Developing and Strengthening the Body. How to..R.eain Lost Health. GUIDE-l'OOK OF POPITJYE MKDICINES. — All Invalids should read the Chapter on General Disease?. GUIDE-BOOK GF POSITIVE REMEDIES. — The Tservous -Dyl;peptic will find inforn neion foT the Cure of their Disease. GUIDE-BOOK OF POSITIVE REMEDIES must be studied |j by those who have broken down their health by High Pressure Business Life, City Work, Worry, O^r-taxed Energies, In- temperance. and Late nOllr. GUIDE-HOOK OB TOSITITE REMEDIES is the Book for Yonne Men. How to Resain Lost Health. GrIDE-IOOK OF POSITIYE REMEDIES—AU who wish to see what Diseases are brought on by Modern Life should pad this Work. GUIDE BOOK OF POSITIVE REMEDIES is the book to be studied by Females. Contains a Chapter on Diseases Peculiar to Women. GUIDE-l'OOK OF POSITIVE REMEDIES gives also a List of Diseases resulting from Loss of Vital Power. GUIDE-BOOK for Di,eases of Old Age er Decay of Katlire, Nervous Prostration, Ac. GUIDE-BOOM to Cure Constitutional or Hereditary Diseases Scrofula, Consumi lion, Pimples, &c. GUIDE-BOOK of Medicincs for Cure of Diseases of Winter Coughs. Bronchitis, Asthma. &c. GUIDE-BOOK givc" "hat Medicines will Cure Diseases re- sulting from Impure Blood, all Skin Diseases, &e. Self-Treatment is Easy, Safe and Effectual by following the Rules gilren in this Book. GUIDE-BOOK OF POSITIVE REMEDIES treats on Wasting Diseases, and gives a Positive Remedy for ail Diseases. It is a GUIDE-BOOK of Positive Medicines which should be kept in every house as a Guide to the Cure of Diseases without the aid of a Medical Man. Setidfor a Copy o! one-Gratis. Two Stamps must be sent to pay the Postage. May be had Direct from the Publishers, 1' H. SMITH & Co., Positive .Remedy Laboratory, 26, Southampton Row, LoDdon, W.C. 969 A CERTAIN CURE FOR THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. GRATIS, a MEDICAL WORK, showing suf- \jr ferers how they may be cured and Recover Health and Vitality, without the aid of Quacks, with Recipes for purifying the Blood and removing Skin Affections also chapters on Happy Marriages, When and Whom to Marry; the Temperaments Stammer. ing Vital Force How Wasted and How Preserved Galvanic Appliances and the Wonders of the Micro- scope in detecting various Complaints. Post free for Two Stamps. Address, Secretary of ANATOMY, Birmingham. 978 Notice to the Public. A LL PARCELS intended for conveyance bv the MAIL CART tn Saint David's, leaving the J'ost Office every morning at 6 SO., and returning at 5 p.m., must in future be left at the NEW INN, Upper Market street. Passengers to and from Saint David's will find this old established house replete with every comfort. Passenger arcs to and fro 7s Gd. single journey 5s. Parcels at moderate rates. THE CASTLE HOTEL. HAVERFORDWEST. Family, Commercial & Posting House This Old Established Hotel is now under NEW MANAGEMENT. It has undergone Thorough Repairs has been Re- furnished; is centrally situated contains Sitting, I' Coffee, Commercial, Stock and Sale Rooms. NIGHT PORTER KEPT. First Class HORSES, NEW CARRIAGES and HARNESS, han; been purcbasedregardlessof expense OMNIBUSSES MEET ALL TRAINS. 295 GEO. J. BLAND,—-PROPRIETOR BOROUGH OF THE TOWN AND COUNTY OF HAVERFORDWEST. FAIRS FOR 1882. frIlE FAIRS for lSS2 will be held as followp, un- JL ess unforeseen circumstances shall make an alteration necessa.ry:- JANUARY Tuesday 10th FEBRUARY 14th MARCE „ 21 st APRIL 11th MAY „ 9th JUNE, for Wool and Stock. „ 13th JULY „ Hth AUGUST 15th SEPTEMBER Wednesday 6th Tuesday 19th OCTOBER. Hiring Fair Thursday 5th Tuesday 17th d 17th NOVEMBER 14th DECEMBER „ 12th The PIG FAIRS will be held on the day after the Cattle Fairs. Dealers and others attending the Haverfordwest Fairs are hereby eautinned against the practice of Lacerating with a Knife or other Instrument for the purpose of Marking any Anirual; and .NOi'lCK IS BERKKY GIVE-N, under the Statute 12 and 13 Yict.. cap. '2, all Persons found Lacerating any Animal will be hable to a Penalty of FIVE POINDS. W. P. ORMOND. MATOH BRISTOL STEAM NAVIGATION COM PANY (Limited) SEPT., 1 8 8 2. Is rf^IiE following or other suitable <S ?<   L Steam \e6els, unless prevented by c.}   -trikef, want of f?el. or any unforesem ?-—??? occurence, are intended to sail as under- mentioned, from Cumberland Baein, with or without Pilots, and with liberty to tow vessels during the Month of Sept., 1882- rNi MILFORD, AND HA- VERFORDWEST. riiOM BRISTOL. Briton. 1, Friday 8 morn 8, Fridav 2i after 15, Fridav 7 after 22, Friday. 12 noon 29, Friday 7 after FARES-Catlin, 13s. Fore Ueck, 76. liù. Tenby or Pembroke Dock to Wexford-Fares- Cabin 1t. Fore Dft k, 6s. T E N B Y. Briton. FROM mtlSTOL 1, Fri ay. 8 mem 8, Friday. 2t after 15, Fridav 7 after 22, Friday 12 noon 29, Friday. 7 after FARES-Best Cabin, 126., Deck, 6e. Children undet Twelve years of age, Balf-pric*. « OFFICE -32 PlUKCE STREET. The above Vessels are fitted up loi the conveyance Passengers and Goods. Feruak Stewards on Board. Carriages & Horses should be alongside Two Hours be- fore Sailing, and are laiided and embarked at tbe risk and expense of their Ownerg. AGENTS-Mr. F. J. Sellick, Haverforaweet, Milford and yeytacd; Mr Abel Kcberte, Pembroke-dock, lb T. Rees, Tenby. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, MILFORD SWANSEA & BRISTO For the Month ot Sept., 1S82 THE 'iverpool and Bristol Channel Ste&& Navigation Ccmpanv's Steam Ships BRUNSWICK CAPT. J. BARNES. STUARf, CAPT. W. F. CAMPBF.IX. TUDOR, CAPT. E. RUTHIEILFORD. MUNCASTER, CAPT. J. W. BLAKE. HEPTARCHY, CAPT. J. PRETHROE. JANE BACON, CAPT. T. ROWLES. LOUISA, CAPT. R. WORK SUNLIGHT, CAPT. J. JOKES. MONTAGU, CAPT. M. DEVERECX WI.NDERMERE, CAPT. J. CAMPBELLI • AGNES JACK, CAPT. A. FRENCH NEW SHIP (Building) THE S.S. JANE BACON," (or other suitable vessel) Ie intended to sail (Hnless prevented by any unjore- seen occurrence) as follows, with or without pilots and liberty to tow vescels From Liverpool to Milford and Bristol. Sep. o'clock. Sep. o'clock.^ Saturday 2 12 night Saturday 23 6 eua Saturday 9 night Saturday 36 11 D?ht Saturday 16 11 iii?tt From Bristol fo Milford. Sen. o'clock I Sept. o'clock. T d I, 5 11 nicht Tuesday 19 9 ni?ht T?e6day 12 6 ?ight Tuesday 26 5 eren From Miljord for Liverpool. gejt. o'clock. Sept. o'olock. Wednesdav 6 11 morn Wednesday 20 9 mom Wednesday 13 6 m otn Wednesday 27 5 mom Tie Steam Barge Pembroke' is intended to ply on the Milford ilaven, in connection with the above Steameri carrying Goodsto and from Pembroke-dock, BaTerfordwert and the adjacenttowns. FARES:— Cabin. Deck. MilLrd to Liverpool 12s. 6d. 68. Bristol to Milford 8s. 6d. 6t. Swansea to Milford 5s. Od' 3s. NOTICE.—The landing and embarcation of Goods or ras. sengere at Milford, by whatever conveyance, whether at the expence ef the Steamer, or otherwise, is at the riak of the Passengers aud the Ownersof the Goods respectively. For further particulars see crr-al I bills, or apply to J. Bacon, 4, Rumford Pli.oc, Liverpool; G. H. Evans, Bri. 01; lbniel Morgan, Swansea kenwoithy and Co., Man chestei. JOHN PHILLIPS, AGENT, MILFORD. T W, ELVE CARTES de VISITE, 2S. 8d; Six, ls. gd. Carte enlarged .!0 10 inch««, fe.; C*btn<t_ Sk Nt?t Carte with .tampa. Vcrfo.-x e-pie* and ordinal returned trm, London Phoiographic Co. SOI. 1(:nr s:.reet, London W. F. S. D. rJ:: 1. I.. I PFi, an pea. LADIES and GENTLEMEN FROM THE jLj COUNTRY can be sure of seeing their County Papers in the News Room of the LONDON AK-D COUNTY CLTB, Victoria House, Catherine Street, Strand, W.C. 496 A GOOD PLAN. OPTION dealing in Stock Exchange Securities often returns five to ten times the amount invested in as manv days. £10 to £ 1,000 realises 8a.me ratio of profit. Expla :atorii Book sent free. Address, GEORGE EVANS & Co Stock-brokers, Gresham House. Old Broad Street, London. 333 NOW READY THE SILVER TRUMPET By JAMES THOMAS, ST. ISHMAEL'B, BEING an Exposition of the 24th Chapter of Matthew. Feb. 1882. JOHN LL. DAVIES AUCTIONEER. APPRAISER, ACCOUNTAN1, AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT. OFFICES HIGH STREET HAVERFORDWEST jjAKIN MILFORD HAVEN Valuations made on Moderate Terms. SALES GUARANTEED IF REQUIRED. Clients Promptly Settled with. T. POWIS REYNOLDS, Architect and Building Surveyor, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. r Architect to the Haverfordwest and Steynton School Boards. 7207 DENTAL NOTICE. MR BAYNTUN begs to inform his patients that ?JL he has made arrangements to visit the follow- ing towns PERSONALLY* Cardigan, the second and last Saturday in every month. Newport (Pem.) the Monday after second Saturday. Fishguard the same day (by appointment only.) Haverfordwest the Tuesday after second Saturday, in every month. Newcastle Emlyn the last Friday. All communication to be addressed to Melbourne ouee, Cardigan. 745 j MASONIC HALL, MILFORD HAVEN. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. The Building Committee of the Masonic Hall, Milford Haven, are now making arrangements for a GRAKD DRAWING on the principle of the Art U, ri ion, the proceeds of which will be devoted to the Building Fund. Several very valuable prizes have already been promised. i Further particulars will appear. 1 R. U V -ai, IS THE N !? &  ??' ? ? ?'?P<?T t ty.U o Ev y,,NhL!,rel CHEAP SUNDAY TRfP TO THE HAVEN JAMES GRIFFITHS Bogs to thank the inliabitaiits of Haverfordwest, and neighbourhood, for their kind patronage during last season, and to inform them that a Fl L-st Class "BREAK" will, (ss usual,) leave the FOUR IN HAKD." Barn Street, Haver- i ford west, at half-past Two every Sunday afternoon. Fare to and fro is. 6d., Single journey ls. A "BREAK" will also run on Thursday afternoons at half pa.st Two o'clock with a Party of not less thaa eight. Carriages and Horses for Hire on Moderats Terms. JAMES GRIFFITHS, Proprietor, Barn Street .rierclwest.