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LOCAL AND OTHER NEWS. I Special Offer.—Lewis, Castle Square, has a range of holiday suitings at a price that will suit your holiday. John Jones & Co., High Street, have a few sets of their specially cheap line in Gig Harness left. An early call is necessary to secure a set. This is the best house for Cricket, Tennis, and Golf goods, their prices being lower than those of Gamage or any other firm. Post Office Promotions at Bri.dgend.—Mr J. E. Scott, postmaster, reports the following promotions and additions to his staff Mr J* P. Treadgold, overseer, to the rank of superintendent; Mr W. M. Thomas, supervising sorting clerk and telegraphist, to the rank of overseer; Mr F. T. Arnold (late of Haverfordwest), supervising sorting clerk and telegraphist, to the rank of overseer. Three additional Borting clerks and tele- graphists have also been aut-horised. Hill Park Choir Outlng--Oll Thursday the members of Hill Park Cbolr, together with friends the members of Hill Park C numbering in all about 30, vvent for their annual outing to Tenby. Leaving the Castle square at 9 o'clock the party arrived in Tenby at 12. Soon after arrival, it fommenced to rain and contiouea for the remainder of the day. Dinner and tea were served in the South Wales Temperance Hotel, where during the afternoon an impromptu concert was The return journey was made at 8.30. p.m.. Woman Sent to Prisot' --At the Shire Hall, Haverfordwest, yesterday rfl°rmnj? before Messrs W. Howell Walters, J. T. Fisher and C. C. Saies, Sarah Price, of Quay Street, was brought up in custody charged with being drunk and disorderly the previous night. Defendant pleaded guilty and said she was very sorry. P.S. Parry told the court that he saw the defendant at 11.15 on Monday night on the Salutation Square. She was very drunk and making use of filthy language. Witness asked her to go home but she refused. She had five children and was lodging in Quay Street. A fine of 5s including costs was imposed but defendant said she could not find the money and was sentenced to 7 days' imprisonment. Outings to Broad H&ven-—Bank Holiday has for many years now been the recognised day for the outing of the members of the 11111 Park Band of Hope, and on Monday they again, went to Broad Haven. Unfortunately the weather conditi?118 were very unfavour- able and the outing was considerably robbed of its characteristic pleasure and enjoyment. During the afternoon the ram stopped and no time was lost in mak- ing the most of a few hours dryness. In the evening it again continued to rain and the party arrived home about 8 o'clock.—The teachers and scholars attending the Pope Hill Sunday School also went for their annual outing to the Haven on Monday. Promotion for Mr O'Shea.— We are pleased to learn that Mr P. O'Shea, who for the past nine years has been supervisor at Haverfordwest, has been promoted to a 1st Class District at Blackburn in Lancashire. During his residence here Mr O'Shea has made many! friends, who, while pleased to hear of his promotion in the service, will regret his departure from the district. Haverfordwest Boys' Brigade.—There will be a special parade ou Monday next at 8 p.m. in the Market Hall in full uniform. Should the weather prove unfavourable the parade will be held next night, Tuesday, at the same time and place. Obituary.—We regret to record the death, which took place on Monday, of Mrs Davies, late of the Fishguard Arms, Old Bridge. Deceased had been a greit sufferer for some time past. Mrs Davies was well known and highly respected throughout the Haverford- west district. Property Sale.—At the Swan Hotel, on Saturday, Mr Joseph Watts offered for sale by public auction Castlemorris Shop, with 43 acres of land, several cottages and gardens, and blacksmith's shop. The owner and her predecessors have carried on business on the premises for half-a-century. The property, which is freehold, was at first offered in one lot, the highest bid being £ 1,900. It was afterwards offered in 3 lots, but withdrawn, with the prospect of being disposed of privately. Visit of the Rev. R. O. Johns.—The special preacher at the Bethesda Chapel last Sunday was the Rev. R. O. Johns, the former co-pastor of the church. There was a large congregation in the morning, and at the evening service the buildiijg was crowded. The rev. ?e  yiee gentleman uenverea two eloquent sermons, full of spiritual fervour. At the close of the morning and evening services a large number of Mr Johns former members stayed behind to renew his acquaintanceship, and it is needless to say they were heartly greeted. He is now pastor of a church at Luton in Bedfordshire, and it was 22 years ago last Sunday since he first commenced his ministry in Haverfordwest. He has left the town 16 year-, but paid a return visit 8 years ago. Next Sunday Mr Johns is preaching at the anniversary services of Sardis Baptist Chapel. I.O.G.T.—At last night's meeting of the above, a paper was read by Brother Harry James on Is the drink traffic on the increase in the principality ? the reader holding that it was Dot. A discussion followed which was taken up most enthusiastically by Bro. Joel Davies, Sister Chapman, Bro. Thomas Evans, Bro. Pictonaud other officers. This was also the session for the nomination of officers for the ensuing quarter. The final voting and also the installation of the new officers will take place next Monday. It was also decided that the trip to Broad Haven take place on Thursday week, August Ilth. Brakes will leave the top of Barn Street at two o'clock prompt, when, given favourable weather, the trip should be a thoroughly enjoyable one. The committee of the Lodge are arranging for tea to be provided for the whole party, including visitors, at Mrs Brock's. Visitors' tickets, including tea, Is lOd. It is hoped that a large number of people will avail themselves of this opportunity and by so doiug, show their sympathy with the Lodge and the work it is striving to accomplish. All persons outside the Lodge must give their names to the Secretary, Mr W. J. Jenkins, 13, Dew Street, by Monday next. A Sad Case. Albert Williams, Dew Street, was brought up in custody at the Shire Hall yesterdav, on a charge of being drunk and disorderly on the Old Bridge the previous evening.—Williams admitted being drunk but denied that he was disorderly.—P.S. Morgan said that at 7.15 on Monday night he was called into the Fishguard Arms. The prisoner was inside and Mr Rees and some other men were trying to put him outside. Witness then asked Williams to leave but he refused and continued his disorderly conduct and tried to strike Mr Rees, the landlord. The Sergeant then ejected him by force and with the assistance of P.C 61 locked him up. Witness added that Williams had had no drink there as he was only in the house a few minutes. Previous to this a policeman had been called into the Spirit Vaults by Mr King, who was also complaining of defendant's conduct.—Mr Howard Williams, brother of the prisoner, said he was very much surprised at publicans supplying him with drink. He was only a young man, his parents were dead, and witness said he could not always be with him. He had been watching his brother all day and when witness went to tea he was locked up. Witness added that he wanted the magistrates to black- list his brother. It was mentioned that there were two other charges against the prisoner which would be heard I at the sessions on Monday, and this case was also adjourned to the same court.

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