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CAN t GET WELL.)" J "CAN L|^WELL?" J S EZlèt)'  v?j j ??? r/   ?'i???? V .Tells,a Slor?'7 P ) I j A HAVERFOROWEST ANSWER I S But-zchen [TRIG ACID is left in the blood by > Weak Kidneys, it causes more diseases than any other p-oison. ) A Haverfordwest man tells here how you can Uric Acid clogs the kidneys and causes that v get well—and there's nothing so encouraging as dull acbe in the ''??? which you wake up with on mcD.u]? after morning, or those stabbing pains ? ? the actual experience of a w?/<?< that catch you when you stoop. y ,T TT«°H»QI.- \X7*N* "amS reS a 1 ci i drobstructs the flow of urine, leading to ) ? nr Trj ew„ ard ? ??"i.tth- ams resi.d, ea at ? 1, k Street, ùr0py, gravel, stone, stoppage, or loss of control 1,)rdwest. of the water. ) '< I1 crystallises in the muscles and joints, and j> ? «,Tn,^ laoa* „ u » *«• Williams, ??''? ? brings on sharp twinges of rheumatism. Y ou # i « yw ^TyS' and br?g 0I1?8Vere. P?°' j° can hardly raise your arms or drag one limb after ? ? ?ccitn  ?' ? Scmetimes tne pain would ?e other lmy v back and loins. o Sometimes tne pain would the other ) E^0 my, Sh?UlClerS- 1 WaS ^txoubM with It strains the heart, and poisons the blood-you sphttwg headaches, and nQW and then came over grow nervous, listless, and irritable, and suffer ) dizzy. from headaches, giddiness, sleeplessness, etc. ) Doaii'.9 Btekaelie Ki('tjc-y Fills prepared ) Hearing that Doan's backache kidney pn:s .,?? Backache Kidney PiUs are prepared S ? were a good medicine for such troubles, I made ??'?? ingreQients which acts quickly and ? ? up my mind to try them. They did me a great VP.0fm- d.solvin. it and nushmg ) ? deal of good in every way, strengthen:? my back, e unc acid d.solving it and flushing ) ) and completely dnvmg away the pain.. I c.n M?? ?r ?cl, eansed, toned, and strengthoned-and ? ? ?indeed sdeak well for Doan s pl Is. (Signed) when the kidney s?ire well uric acid poison  ) ? Howard Williams. accumulate in the body. > ) 2 '.) a boY, 6 boxes, 13 0 of all ?<'a/<t?', o?-?o.? ) ) Over 7 y<'?? after making the abo7?, f3fatf-Ient, Co., 8, IVells- < ? Mr Wiliiams s?id :—" I Rti;) keep q?? well, ,?,? .?;??, O.r/?)?-.?;-t'?, London, ?. > pnuS all I said for Doa"Md- f    LIKE UR WILLIAMS HAD | ? pills many ,Lr ?' ?? m n  S .41_' EMI P L I^NIL D | I Backache Kidney Pills ¡ .¿ V\

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