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Dungleddy Sessions. I


I Pembroke Races.

I Football. j

Haverfordwest Guardians.

! Haverfordwest District i…

The Pembrokeshire Port. I



FOR Threshing, Chaffcutting, Pulping, Sawing and Pumping. TANGYES OIL ENGINE. SIMPLE, RELIABLE, ECONOMICAL. NO LAMP REQUIRED AFTER STARTING. LOW FIRST COST. TANGYES, Ltd., Birmingham. South Wales Office: 6, High Street, CARDIFF. Particulars from REES & ROBERTS, Haverfordwest. 693 Pure linen needs pure soap; I Its OL X* -a ? :me ?JPZ?M? TftgMj; JlI- Is °i9t; 4plo ?!y ?r? II .?S? bousehoId j?? 8 1'11, Olive Oil Soap, 1 therefore cannot harm I THOMAS, B?istol. & K?? ) 18.000 ,sold during  .¡ Q.,CI) WORLD'S CREAPES'R sEPA4ATog f ?SE WORLDS CHEAPEST SEPA?ATn R ? ? f!????? Gqual in euer? r"peet to the &e<( machines on the market I ? ? ?????? ? ?' Capacity 27 Gallons per hour ?? 1 0 0 No. 2. ?? £ 8 8 0 /????? ???t?DED SILVER MED?L 'R.?.S.?. 1909 Z. "Che highest and °"? "? for '??'" '?'??' MAY BE HAD ON FREE TRIAL For further particulars apply to: R. J. FULLWOOD AND BLAND, Rennet Hutter Colour Manufacturers, 31 D 33 Bevenden St., Hoxton, London. N. F& A r7' 'r{ :it' I 'v' To the riverside, ? to the seaside, into the heart of the ????k?/Jl ? country on the All-Steel IÜleigh "??Yt ?l&W is the height of cycle enjoyment. 1 Maw ? THE ALL-STEEL "?? ?? •• 15 littf-d With Dun lop Tyres, Brooks' I M* .-fnTMr* Ml/i THE ALL-STEEL Lw Saddle and Sturmey-Archer 3-Speed Gear Sew! a p.c. ior tbe beautiful 1  ? ? -??.fu.eK.?h." ?-?? ?????Jm? ? HAVEEFORDWKST: ??7'  FU? ? S. ? F. GREEN. ??? ? lf/Urgvs ? MILFORD HAVEN Wf "? JONES BROS. \\||I"M ? Ch.r?S. m? 1ft! X,il« J\iM\ .,# II r-.). "r <' "t)gfJ r. 'I  ? ?" ????.??.?'.?-?' ?'' y ??.????  j PLEASE ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN Millinery, Blouses, Costumes, Pelisses, Dress Goods, Fancy Drapery &c., &c., ARE NOW BEING SHOWN BY J. Llewellyn Phillips, I (Late DAVIBS & EVANS,) THE NOTED IIOUSE FOR DRESSMAKING. PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS: Cleddau House, High Street, Haverfordwest, (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE). VICTORIA GARAGE. J. H. JONES (Late of Ilover Works, Coventry) has opened the above premises for the Repairing and Over-hauling of Motor Cars and Cycles, and respectfully solicits a share of public patronage. PRACTICAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL ORDERS. NOTE THE ADDRESS: VICTOBBA ROAD, MILFORD HAVEN. f J. L. JENKINS, M.P.S., BRIDGE ST., HAVERFORDWEST, THE BEST HOUSE FOR GARDEN SEEDS, EARLY POTATOES, &c. ALL CAREFULLY SELECTED. PRICE LISTS ON APPLICATION. :—— BLAND & SON, Carriage Builders and Motor Agents. Accumulators Charged, Vulcanizing, Tyres Stocked, Accessories, Petrol, &c., &c. a s Ir M, m: HOTEL. Carriage Horses and Motors for Hire. FACTORY OLD BRIDGE, HAVERFORDWEST ACCIDENTS of ALL KINDS Sickness, Employers' Liability, Burglary and Fidelity guarantee Risks INSURED AGAINST BY THE RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE COAIPANY Capital (fully subscribed) £ 1,000,000 Claims paid -P,5 700,0 00 64, OORNHILL, LONDON A. VIAN, Secretary AKents-Mr E. J. Biddlecombe, G.W.R. Old Milford Mr F, Langford, G.W.R. Haverfordwest. AGENTS REQUIRED IN UNREPRESENTED DISTBIOTS.   TROFOAS & Coo Dew Street, HAVERFORBWEST. a Wm. Evans & Sons FOUNDRY, BRIDGE STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, FOR BRASS & IRON CASTINGS. THE BEST PRICES GIVEN- FOR OLD SCRAP IRON, BRASS, COPPER, LEAD, c. BRIDGE STREET PROVISION STORES, HAVERFORDWEST SPECIAL LINES FOR THIS WEEK: Seed Potatoes. An excellent assortment of the BEST VARIETIES. SEE OUR WINDOWS! VINCENT DAVIES. Printed and Published by the Proprietors, WM. LEWIS & SONS, at their General Printing Offices Bridge Street, in the Parish of St. Martin, Haverfordwest, on Wednesday, April 20, 1910.