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POETRY. - - - - - -_..-

Fifty Years Ago.


Haverfordwest Guardians. I

Haverfordwest Oisirici Council.

iilavsHoi'dwes'! Orainsnar…

WeSsh Disestablishment.

Havsr-fordwesi CounciB Schools.


Havsr-fordwesi CounciB Schools. MEETING OF THE MANAGERS. A meeting of the Haverfordwest School Managers was held at the Shire Had, Haverfordwest, on Monday, when there weie present Mr Herbert S. E. Price (chauman), Mi Ada E. Thomas, Mr A. B. Williams, Miss Jane Phillips, and the Rev. Owen Jacobs. OBJECTED TO THE PRINCIPLE. Only one tender was received for the painting, &c., of Barn Street Council School, the clerk remarking that several tradesmen with whom he communicated, objected to the pr¡n¡pi of temiti:!n? in these matters because of to the ? form of compbtitioa it gave rise to. It was decided to recommend the acceptance of the tender c, £ Mr George Harries, Camden Place, for fIt{ .)". CURIOUS FORGE TFULNESS. How the Education Committee overlook their own requests wa strikingly shown in a letter from the i Authority objecting to pay a charge of 1,3s made by the Haverfordwest. Men's Institute for the hire of the Temperance Hal' for the distribution of attendance medals to the children. j The Clerk now produced a letter from the Director of Education suggesting that the presentation of attendance medals should be made a public function. It was resolved to acquaint the Education Authority of this fact. IN FAVOUR OF THE HrRAL DISTRICT. Mr Walter R. James, clerk to the Brynconiu and Clyuderwen group, asked the Managers to support a resolution asking the Board of Education to alter the basis of computation of average attendance in the matter of the grant and the monthly half-holiday. The resolution read —" That, the Managers of all the, groups of school in the county be written to and asked to join in petitioning the Local Education Authoiity that the basis of c;;mi)'[:'Lji0n of average attendance in raral districts be changed so that a percentage of 90 in rural districts may he treated as equivalent to a percentage of 100 in urban districts. The Chairman That would not be conducive to good attendance. Mr Williams mentioned that at Fishguard the local Managers dëcJiJJèd to support tho resolution. Tho Chairman said the Managers had to recognise that it was impossible to get such good attendance in the rural districts as in the urban, but he did not think it would be wise to relax tbo rule. The Managers declined to pass any resolution on the I OUTBREAK OF MEASLES. It was reported tbat only 1)0 out of H") children were in attendance at prendergast Infant School that morning. The low attendance was attiibuted to an outbreak of measles, and the question of what action should he taken was discussrd. Eventually the matter was left ;n the hands of The Chairman, and the Clerk was instructed to see the Medical Officer of Health.


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