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LLANGWM'S CHARACTERISTICS. To the Editor of the Milford Haven Telegraph." SIK, —Kindly allow me a little space in your valuable paper to reply to the writer of the erroneous article which appeared in your issue of June 2nd. It appears to me tnat the writer does not know what he is talking about. He says It is the women who go out to earn the were- withal to keep the home going, while in the majority of cases the husband stays at home charged with the domestic responsibilities. This does not appear as strange to anyone in Llangwm, where it has received the sanction of successive generations ever since the colony was founded." May I ask when was the colony founded V And is not the writer aware that the majority of the men work in the Pembroke yard ? His statement is ludicrous, if not a trifle ID"d. With regard to the Parish Council, it may be more wonderful that any circus and the writer may be more wonderful than any clown." Mr may or may not be interdicted. Personally, I have sever attended a Parish Council meeting. But when the writer goes on to say If there is one thing, which the Council enioy more than another it is a real live controversy with tne Parson over his administration of the parochial charities, this statement, in my opinion, is false. The Councillors have too much respect for the Rev. H. Evans to enter into any such controversy. And, moreover, he is higly esteemed by all in the village. Foreigners are not welcomed at Llangwm." Well, my mother has lived in the village for thirty -four years, aud she does not find any fault with them. But, of course, Mr Editor, one will allow this Sir Oracle to kn ow more about the village than a person who has resided for so many years amongst them. Again, one would like to know when the unfamiliar person was subjected to such ill-treatment, Will the writer be good enough to inform one when it happened With regard to dancing, the villagers have very little time for such amusements. Dr. Torrey said All persons who dance and gamble will go to hell." Perhaps they agree with him. Now when the writer talks about liter- ature that is read in the village, he is talking nonsense. It was a fisherman who first induced me to read Mr Robert Blatchford's works. And I can assure him that some of the young men are well acquainted with the writing of Robert Blatchford. Just a few words on superstition. The writer would have one believe that the villagers are afraid to pass a churchyard after dark. One would infer from this that they are afraid cf ghosts. They may believe in ghosts so did Professor Romanes, the great scientist. Xow, Mr Editor, my advice to thit ignoramus is, before he attempts to write another article about the \illage, let him endeavour to ascertain the truth. I admit that I am the Laird of Udny's fool. But whc,sefoo! is he:- I remain, sir, Yours truly, Holioway House, Llangwm. J. H. PALMER.


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