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Fifty Years Ago. From the Telegraph of June 1, 1859. THE MEETIXGS AT NEYLAND. We are unable this week, from the very limited space at our disposal, to offer any extended remarks at the important meetings held at Neyland on Saturday last. A full report of the day's proceedings wili ha found in nuother part of to-dty t3 Tt tt'j<i'(tph. The importance of these meetings, and of the resolutions adopted, cannot bo too highly estimated. The projected line of steamers, and especially the line from Alii ford tn Li&bon and the Brazilq, are au earnest pledge of the future commercial eminence of Milford Haven. They will be, to use the words of Mr Lever, "the one maN determined energetic effort, which will place Milford amongst the first-class sea-ports of the British empire." To Mr Lover a lasting debt of gratitude is due from the inhabitants of this district. His persistent determination to make Milford a great outlet of foreign commerce, and his indomitnhle energy will ensure com- pletc success to his schemes. His successful establishment of the Atlantic Mai! Steam Navigation Company." is a cheering augury of more abundant, success here. Messrs Ford & Jackson, too, the pioneers of these new enter- j prizes, aud who, we believe, were instrumental in bring- ing Mr Lever down to Milford Haven, arc deserving of all honour. Such run] will develop the resources of our district, ::nd will awaken us to put forth our own efforts to secure commercial prosperity—{Lradhifi article). THE MILFORD HAVES REGATTAS.—We have received communications from several correspondents, but which we are unable to insert th's week. enquiring whether there are to be re?attns at Pembroke Dock and Milford this year, and when the promoters of fhee nautical sports intend to issue their programmes. We can only reply that we are not in the secret of our friends at Milford and Pembroke Dock, and can, therefore, only echo the enquiries of our correspondents—are there to be regattas and when ? A finer spot for regattas than the beautiful bay of Milford, nature never formed in her happiest moods, and. the success of the former years ought to arouse our friends to be instantly up and doing. The arrangements should be at once tnside so that the regattas may not be delayed till too late in the season.—Leading Article. POST OFFICE LIBEEEALITY.—Hitherto the Haverford- west postmen have we bslieYe) been compelled to provide the conveniences for carryiug out the letters, such as letter bags, straps and boxes, at their own expense. But the post office, in an unheard of fit of generosity, have at length supplied them with new guUa perch a post bags and leather straps. The bags are decorated with the Royal Arms, with the letters P.O. beneath. Are the red coa's and the official hats to follow ? BAPTIST COLLEGE, HAVEEFORTAVEST. The puhiic examination of the students of this college took place yesterday (Tuesday), and was conducted iu the presence of the committee and visitors Ly the RoJv. William Aitchesou, A.M., of Xewport (Men.), the Rev. Theophilus Thomas and others. The examiners expressed themselves highly gratified with the progress of the students and the general efficiency of the College. It is a pleasure to hear, though an unusual number of young men have enjoyed the advantages of the Institution during the year, yet that the funds, under the admirable management of the Treasurer, exhibit a balance in hand. The Rev. W. Reynolds, Middle Mill, preached in Welsh, at Hill Park chapel, from 2nd Cor. vi. 3rd, on Momlay evening, and the Rev. W. Aitcheson, in Bethesda, on Tuesday evening, from Luke xii., 12-41. Both sermons were eh tracterised by unusual excellence and appropriateness.

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