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Pembrokeshire SchooSs.

IMilford Haven Sessions.

Two ftlisiakes Havepfcrdwest…

Milford and the Train ServiccE

I Dungleddy Sessions.i

--.-I CRICKET. !



Quality and Style in Notepaper.—There is nothing adds more to the character of a writing paper than an address neatly printed. It gives a tone that is characteristic of good form in letter writing, and the slight extra expense incurred is trivial in comparison with the result obtained. 120 sheets with printed address and 100 envelopes to match supplied for 2s 6d at the office of this journal. ACCIDENTS of ALL KINDS Sickness, Employers' Liability, Burglary and Fidelity guarantee Risks INSURED AGAINST BY THE RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE COMPANY Capital (fully subscribed) I; 1,000,000 Claims paid 5,600,000. 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. A. VIAN, Secretary Agents—Mr E. J. Biddlecombe, G.W.R. Old Milford Mr F, Langford, G.W.R. Haverfordwest. AGENTS REQUIRED IN UNREPRESENTED DISTRICTS. BOO FIRST PRIZES 800,000 MrNCIS FOUR OOWS AND AN H! "ALFA-LA VAL" St SEPARATOR PRODUCE MORE BUTTER AND COST LESS THAN FIVE COWS AND NO 8EPARATOR. The Alia-Laval Separators are fixed in any Dairy, and a month's free trial given. Apply to the Sole Agents for the L nited DAIRY SUPPLY Co., LTD., MIISOUM-,st., London, W.O. L 0 T T CREAM SEPARATORS Have the Largest Sale in the British Empire. Hp HAVE NO EQUAL. J |*j fM & vga cJ*' $- W L But be sure it is a "MELOTTE," and bears the Trade Mark shown in lUg the corner, without which no machine g is a genuine "MELOTTE." S.     ? e  e  e  V* ^ggfST1 IMPORTANT.  6$^ I'ho splendidly designed oiling arrangements.  00 The low speed, viz., about 7,000 revolu- I |qh tions ??' minute instead of 15,000 to 20,000  as with other machines. TO BE OBTAINED ONLY WITH THE AGENTS: PHILLIPS & WILKINS, HAVERFORDWEST. SPECIAL LINE iN CYCLES FROM C3 15s. to C17 17s. See our Stock before purchasing. All Kinds of Repairs. I The Economy of Puritan Soap ,41U is wise economy. It makes sure of the soap, and so makes sure of the clothes. It says: If but lI!iII one tiny garment is spoiled ??N?  in the wash, what avails it ?__ B??? in I get my soap even for BBJEB-—. -y O:he; :'v:oaosve:: IIrlt"a thing worth more than a ????M SB  ?'  pound of soap-that  m?"?*? spoiled sarment Don t  /?\? "J you see how it is trac ?][JJJ? ???MSjS?S????? economy to use ????? ?' >J| KiWi d. and Make sure 1 pi -2U' ? the soap g '? J? I FLS&f and the clothes I I it' wM take care of § «||1f I J 001' ?emsel?es. 'T?' SL ???? ™ B.i.J.:i.1,Jl Bristol. in regard to dress differ, but Clothes of the best quality and finish at a reasonable price must eventually win the day. That is the reason the reputation and sale of Imperia Clothing is increasing so rapidly. Q" Imperia" goods appeal to the purchaser by their high standard of excellence, and because they are made under the best possible conditions. Q Every little point has been so carefully studied that Imperia Clothing has a steadfastness of quality, material and work- manship which guarantees each garment. ITMPEKIAI | CLOTtliNG ) Q Once bought, always bought, is the Imperia aim, and you can easily decide this point for yourselves by seeing patterns and testing the goods them- selves. WE make what YOU want. a ¡ DAVID DAVIES, 18, High St., Haverfordwest. WYON HOUSE, MARKET STREET, is THE RECOGNISED CENTRE OF FASHION FOR ILLINERY- WE ARE NOW SHOWING OUR NEW PARIS MODELS. FLOWER CHAPEAUX IN GREAT VARIETY. Not only in our Millinery do wo excel, we have some striking Bargains in COSTUMES, DRESSES, CORSETS, HOSIERY, GLOVES AND BELTS. WE ARE SPECIALISTS IN CHILDREN'S OUTFITS Mr5. LLEWELLIN, Wyon House. DEW STREET FOR VALUE I HIGH-CLASS DRESSMAKING. A FINE STOCK OF MATERIALS NOW ON VIEW. This branch is under the management of a highly qualified person, fit and style guaranteed. Prices very moderate. There is also a Largo Stock of HOSIERY, CLOTHING, AND GENERAL DRAPERY. THE VALUE OFFERED MUST APPEAL TO KEEN BUYERS. All Goods bought in the best Markets and sold at reasonable prices. WILLIAM EVANS, FLANNEL SHOP, DEW STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. Printed and Published by the Proprietors, WL. LEWIS & Soxs, at their General Printing Offices, Bridge Street, iu the Pariah of St. Martin, Haverfordwest, on Wednesday, May 26, 1909.