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CRICKET. MILFORD HAVEN v. PEMBROKE. This Pembrokeshire League match was played at Milford and furnished the most dramatic finish ever witnessed on the ground. Pembroke have only once been beaten at Milford and this year they look like going strongly. They were short of Lieut. Sharpe and Sergt. Paish, whilst the homesters lacked the services of the destructive Jimmy Morris. The locals had first use of the wicket and runs came quickly until H. Cole was out lbw. Then the two footballers, Walters and Blockwell, formed a grand partnership and carried the score to 52 before the latter was caught. The midget took his score to 32 at which total he was bowled. His innings was most creditable aud in him is the making of a fine batsman. The remainder tailed off poorly and the total should have been much larger. Pembroke started with much con- fidence, the early batsmen forcing the game, but to the captain, C. Worster, the merit of their success is due. He batted brilliantly all through and looked like repeat- ing his last year's performance, when H. Cole beat him. Blockwell coming on for Ben Lloyd played havoc with the rest and bowled magnificently. It is safe to say that if a change had been made sooner Milford would have won this match. As each wicket fell, the excitement became intense. A lucky drive to leg brought the scores exactly level and then Blockwell bowled the last wickot down, the spectators rushing on nearly shook his hand off. Besides bowling aud batting well, he brought a grand catch in the long field. Ben Lloyd also made two fine catches. The bowling honours for Pembroke went to W. Murray 6 for 37, F. Murray 2 for 18, Milford: Block- well 4 for 8, C. Mason 4 for 29, H. Cole 2 for 14. A few matches like this will make cricket exceedingly popular locally. Scores:— MILFORD. E Walters b F Murray 32 H Cole lbw, b W Murray 4 B Blockwell c W Murray b E Hay 18 C Mason b F Murray 8 B L Roche b W Murray 0 J Ritchie run out 3 F Lloyd b W Murray 3 G Cole not out 7 B Lloyd b W Murray 0 T H Powell b W Murray. 0 G A Coleman c F Murray b W Murray 0 Extras. 5 Total. 80 PEMBROKE. F Murray c B Lloyd b C Mason. 7 H Bowen b C Mason. 14 T Williams c H Cole b C Mason. 0 C Worster b II Cole 37 W Murray c Blockwell b C Mason 2 A Simon c Ritchie b B Blockwell 10 E Hay b B Blockwell 0 F Howells b B Blockwell 0 T Warlow b Blockwell 5 F Pilcher c B Lloyd b H Cole 2 H Gou!d not out 0 Extras 3 Total. 80 HAVERFORDWEST v. MR B. L. ROCHE'S XI. j Some interesting cricket was played on the Racecourse on Thursday between the Town and Mr B L Roche's XI. The visitors batted first with Colman and Tossell, but three wickets fell for two runs. Then M E Morgau, of Haverfordwest, came in and batting in good style carried his bat for 35. J Russan was unfortunately run out after a lively ten, and the only other batsman who scored double figures was L H Ellis, of Haverfordwest, who added another IS. The tenth wicket eventually fell for 90 runs. Ewart Davies bowled exceedingly well for the homesters taking 3 wickets for 6 runs. Penn and Harries opened tho homesters' innings. Two wickets fell for 8 runs, and Jones and Scott carried the total to 35 for the third wicket. Runs now came rather slowly, and 8 wickets fell for 70, and finally the tenth wicket fell for 77, the visitors thus winning by 13 runs. The bowling honours went to Morgan, who took 3 wickets for 10 runs, and J Morris, who took 5 for 22. The umpires were Dr F R Greenish and Mr Hammett, of Milford Haven. MR. D. L. ]ROCHE'S Xl- R A Tossell c Scott b Ewart Davies I G A Colman c Penn b Davies I J Morris c J D Jones b Davies 0 M E Morgan not out 35 J Russan run out 10 T Cleaver c Davies b J D Jones 0 T Lloyd b Penn. 8 B L Roche run out 4 B Cattenach b Penn. 3 L H Ellis c Hammond b W Roberts 18 J M Thomas c Parry b W Roberts 1 Extras 9 Total. 90 HAVERFORDWEST. L W Penn, b Roche 0 Rev. T A Harries, c Thomas, b Morris 1 J D Jones, b Morris 20 F A Scott, b Russan 12 W E Roberts, b Morris. G G B Griffith, b Morgan 11 Ewart Davies, c Colman, b Morgan 10 W Roberts, b Morgan. 2 J W Hammond (not out) 3 A H Howard, c Russan, b Morris 2 D F Parry, b Morris. 1 Extras 9 Total 77 ROSEMARKET v. WILLIAMSTON. I Played at Rosemarket on May 22nd. ROSEMARKET. H.ev T A Thomas b D George. 1 J H Venables b D George I T Belton b D George 4 J Morris bE Goodridge (senior) 13 J Russan not out 28 W Rees b J \V e bb I A John c and b J Webb. 0 A B A Cattanach b E Goodridge (senior) o A Bowen b J Webb 0 J Venables b J Webb. 0 J M Thomas c E Goodridge b J Webb i Extras 9 Total. 58 WILLIAMSTON. J Webb b A B Cattanach 5 E Goodridge c Russan b A John 0 D George b A John. 3 W Elkins c Morris b John 17 A E Brown b Cattanach 0 George b A Johii 4 E Goodridge (senior) b Cattanach 5 W John c Russan b Cattanach 2 A J Brown c Russan b Cattanach. 2 TDaviesbJohn 2 L Oxenham not out 2 Extras. 7 Total. 49 Albert John took five wickets for 12 runs.