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Pembrokeshire SchooSs.

IMilford Haven Sessions.

Two ftlisiakes Havepfcrdwest…

Milford and the Train ServiccE

I Dungleddy Sessions.i


Dungleddy Sessions. THEFT FROM A WIDOW'S HOUSE. [ I TWO MONTHS HARD LABOUK. The Dungleddy sessions were heH at Clarbeaton Road on Friday before Mr R. P. L. Penn (in the chair), Mr R. Lloyd (Pentypark), and Mr Victor Higgon. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. William Williams, Farthings Hook, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly on the 20th of April. P.C Morris proved the case, and defendant was lined 5s and costs. FURIOUS RIDING. John Yaughan, Ffynoabedw, was charged with furiously riding a horse on the highway on the 11th inst. P.C. Lewis told the court that he saw the defendant riding his horse between Spittal Cross and Corner Piece, at a rate of about 10 miles an hour. Witness requested him to stop, and he replied Don't be nasty Defendant, who admitted the offence, said that several cyclists were racing after him and that he galloped off in order that they might net frighten the horEe. The case was disi-,aisscd. WITHOUT A LICENCE. For keeping a dog without a licence, Thomas Roach, Hook, Rudbaxton was fined 7s Gd and costs. STRAYS. For allowing a horse to stray on the highway, Elijah Evans, travelling gipsy, was fined 2g Gd and costs. For allowing two horses to stray, Wester Boswell, another gipsy was fined 03 and costs. For a simiiar offence James Price, gipsy, was fined Gs 6d including costs. For allowing one heifer and one steer to stray on the 3rd inst., Benjamin Gibby, the Mill, Maenclochog, was fined Gel and costs each anitnal. For allowing a donkey to stray Edward Griffiths, Crundale, was fined 5s Gd, costs included. FISHING IN PRIVATE WATERS. | Andrew Peikius, Lttestou ws summoned by Mrs Victor Higgon, for Mnng in pnvate waters, on last Good Friday. Mr R T. P. Williams, Haverfordwest, appeared for the prosecutrix.. Watts Owen, mason, Ford, said that on Good Friday he was working in his garden overlooking a stream, when he saw the defendant fishing. Witness went down to the stream aud commenced talking with the defendant, but no mention was made that defendant was fishing in private waters. During the time defendant was fishing there witness saw him catch one fish. Mr Higgon said defendant had on previous years received permission to fish from his lands, but the request was refused this year. Defendant, who pteaded that he was fishing in this stream in absolute ignorance, said that he had had per- mission from Col. Edwardes to fish from the field ad joining Mrs Higgon's property and he naturally thought this field also belonged to Col. Edwardes. The bench imposed a fine of 5s including costs. David Lewis, Letterston, was summoned for a like offence, but be having previously sent an apology to Mrs Higgon, the case was withdrawn. SCHOOL CASE. William Sturgess, postman, Llysyfran. was summoned at a previous sessions for neglecting to send his child Annie to school, and the case was adjourned for the Doctor to attend. Dr. Price, of Narberth, now appeared and told the court that he saw defendant's child about the end of February. She had an internal squint in one eye and as she was not in a fit state to attend school, witness advised the parents to see about having glasses. Witness added that if the child had glasses, she would be able to attend school. Mr Marshall George, who appeared on behalf of the Education Authority, said the defect was one which could be remedied, and he maintained that since defen- dant had not had the child's eyes seen to before, an offence had been committed. The case was adjourned for three months in order that the girl's eyes might be attended to. MAINTENANCE ARREARS. Benjamin Jenkins,. Clarbeston Road, was summoned at the previous sessions for disobeying a maintenance I order, tha arrears under which amounted to 1;14 9s. It was now stated that defendant had paid a portion of the arrears, and the case was again adjourned. HOUSEBREAKING ON THE FISHGAURD I ROAD. Daniel Walsh, a tramping labourer, was charged with feloniously breaking into the house of Emma Bevans, of Ivy Cottage, on the Fishguard Road on the 13th inst., and stealing therefrom the sum of Gd. Emma Bevans, told the court that she was a widow living on the Fishguard Road, and that her house was adjoining the highway. On the 13th inst. between fi o'clock and quarter past six III the evening, she went to the well for water. Before leaving she closed the door, and left no one in the house. When she returned the door was open and a man in the house. Witness then asked him what business had he in her house, and he replied that there was nothing to do. Mrs Rees, a neigh- bour, was also in the house when witness returned from the well. Prisoner left and witness searched the house and found that Gd was missing from the shelf. The Chairman You swear that the money was on the shelf when you left ? Witness: Yes, sir. Emma Rees was nest called, and said she lived at Glanafon Cottages, on the opposite side of the road. From something that was told her witness went up to Mrs Bevans's house and saw the prisoner in the inner doorway. He said he wanted some water. P.S. Morgan spoke to having arrested prisoner at a lodging house in Quay Street, Haverfordwest. On being charged with breaking and entering the house of Mrs Bevans, prisoner replied "Come on" and walked forward. On the way to the police station prisoner said he called at the house for water hut the Oid woman wouldn't give it. On being seaiehed he found on the prisoner 10s iii gold, zls in silver, and in copper. The following morning he was identified among several other men by Mrs Bevans. Prisoner pleaded guilty, aud wished the case dealt with summarily. He said that he had walked from Fishguard and wheu near the complainant's doorway he stepped on his boot-lace, which was loose, and fell. Prisoner added that he had had a great deal of drink. Prisoner was sentenced to 2 months' hard labour, the Chairman remarking that people must be protected against such men as the prisoner. The sixpence was returned to Mrs Bevans.

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