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Pembrokeshire SchooSs.

IMilford Haven Sessions.

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Two ftlisiakes Havepfcrdwest Hakes, M-i'v Have) ford west men and women who are caronio suifcrers from piles are making two mistakes: Firstly, they do not look upon their ailment as anything serious secondly, they have come to beliove they can never be cured. But- piles mop se; ions, because if neglected they become torturing, and a surgical operation may become necessary to prevent fistula. And piles can be cured, completely and perma- nently, by Doan's ointment. There is plentv of home proof of that, for local cases like the following are continually being reported to us I was ciuvd. of piles by Doan's ointment nc.arb/ (ilil, and I have scarcely felt anything of the distressing ailment. since," says Mr Joseph J. Mead, 31. Briton Ferry-road, l'\ca'h, j ran highly recommend the ointment to others troubled in the same way." Here is what Mr Mead told us just after his cure. Doan's ointment has done me a lot of good in the case of piles, from which I had sufiercd for six years, and wt, never free from pain. The piles used to bleed very much, and I could hardly get about. I tried ail kinds of treatment, but I got worse instead of better. J lost a Iot of time from work, and 1 was laid up when I heard of Doan's ointment. I got some of this, and in a few days it had done me so much good that I able to go back to my work. I persevered with the ointment, and I became free from the painful trouble. (S n c d J. J. Mead." Doan's Ointment, is two shillings and niuepence per pot, or six pots for thirteen shillings and nine- pence. Of all chemists and stores, or post free direct from the Foster-McClellrnl Co., 8, Wells- street, Oxfmd-st rut London, W. Be sure you get the same kind of ointment as Mr Mead had.

Milford and the Train ServiccE

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