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Pembrokeshire SchooSs.

IMilford Haven Sessions.


Milford Haven Sessions. I AN INVALID CYCLIST. MOTORIST WITHOUT A LICENSE. The Milford Haven Session were held on Wednesday before Col. \V. Ii. Roberts (in the chair), Mr J. L1.j Davies. Mr G. H. D. Birt, Mr J. B. Gaskell and Dr. T. P. B. Davies. PROFANE LANGUAGE. Albert Divies, of Castle Terrace, was summoned for Invmg used profane i??u?c-. P.C. Williams proved the CJP, and said that after I bclOg' requested to discontinue his conduct he went away quietly. I here was a previous conviction and defendant was fined 2s lid and costs. DRUNKENNESS. Henry John, labourer, Old Dockyard, was summoned for having been drunk in Hamilton Terrace on May /). P.C. Bowen gave evidence, and it was mentioned that defendant, who did not appear, had not gone to sea. He was tined os and costs. Yrellerick iuishman, fisherman, employed on the steam drifter Doy Hector," was fined 2s lid for having been drunk in N-ictoria Road on May lo. P.C. jklanser proved the case, mentioning that in company with P.C. Davies they saw defendant safely on board his vessel. There was no previous convictions against the defendant, and I'.S. Evans informed tho court that Rushman had called on him on Monday night, said he was goiug to sea, alici left 5s with him to pay the fine. The Chairman You can return him the other half- crown Stephen Mathias, Hazelbeach, was summoned for hav- ing been drunk and disorderly on May 3rd, P.C. Griffiths said that defendant was using very bad language in Great North Road, and accosted several people in the street. He was very drunk, hut went away on being requested. There being a previous conviction, defendant was now fined -3s and costs. XO MOTOR LICENSE. t Martin Fielding, fisherman, Castle Terrace, appeared and admitted a charge of driving a motor bicycle without having a license. P.C. Manser said detendaiK was riding a motor bicycle in Hamilton Terrace, and on being asked to produce his licenso he failed to do so, remarking that he was not aware that a licenso was requires. j Defendant said the motor bicycle was not his, but he had since obtained a license. It was mentioned that a license must be taken out both for the machine and for the rider. Fiued Is without costs. SCHOOL CASES. John Bevan, hairdresser, Robert Street, was fiued :20, G.1 and costs for failing to send his child to school regularly. Thomas Knight, fisherman, Pill, was summoned in respect of two children. The mother appeared and told the court that she sent her girls to school as often as she could, but her husband had been ill for a long time and she was obliged to go out and earn the living. The bench adjourned the case for two months. A S(_N,,S -NE(,T,ECT. Wilkam Griffiths, labourer, Rhosciuarkut, was sum- '■ mouod by Mr Joseph John, relieving officer, at the iustauee of tho Haverfordwest Guardians, for neglecting to maintain his mother now chargeable to the Haverford- west Union. Defendant said he could not possibly make any offer, as he did not have regular employment, and when at work he earned :;3 bel per day. He had one daughter at home, and she was an invalid. Mr J. LI. Davies Can she ride a bicycle r Defendant: Well she can get on a bicycle. Mr Davies Was she riding a bicycle all Sunday ? Defendant replied that she was not. Th3 bench made an order lor defendant to contribute Is per week.

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