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Pembrokeshire SchooSs.


Pembrokeshire SchooSs. I- HEADSTRONG AND STUPID." LLANGWM MANAGERS CRITICISED. TENBY MANAGERS' PROTEST. A meetiug of the Pembrokeshire fcilucaiiuu Committee was held at the Shire Hail, Haverfordwest, on Fiiday. when the members present were Messrs B. Sketch, J. Howard Griffiths, J. Whieher, NV. Lawrence, E. H. James, Dr. Williams (Dnm), Archdeacon Hilbers, NN-. (j. Pareeli, W. T. Davies, W. U. Llewellin, J. Harries, Rev. W. Powell, and Miss Ada E. Thomas. ELECTION OF CHAIUMAX. The first business was the appointment of Chairman, and on the motion of Mr J. Harries, seconded by Mr W. Lawrence, Mr S. B. Sketch was re-appoiu ed. In taking the chair, Mr Sketch expressed the hope that his health would be better them it had been of late so that he might be spared the pain and annoyance of being absent. Mr J. Howard Griffiths was re-appointed vice-chair- man. The Chairman mentioned that lie had received messages regretting absence from Mr W. P. Morgan, Mr Walter Williams, and Dr. Griffith. 0 OVERCROWDING AT MILFORD N.P. SCHOOL. The Board of Education wrote drawing attention to the excess of average attendance over accommodation at Milford Haven Schocl. The Board stated that the average attendance in the mixed department was 177 while the recognised accommodaMou was for 121, and iu view of the fact that they had called attention to this matter since 1907, the Authority were asked for an explanation for this breach of the code for the third year in succession. On this matter the buildings sab-committee reported that the Head Teacher of the School had enquired as to the use of the Institute for some of the classes, aud it was resolved by them that the matter stand over until the sub-committee had an opportunity of visitiug Milford. The Chairman explained that this matter was gone into at the last meeting of the Education Committee, and it was decided to send a copy of the Board's letter to the Local Managers with éL request for a reply within a month. No reply, however, had been received. The Director said the request from the Head Teacher was intended as a temporary expedient in order to relieve the overcrowding during the summer months. The Institute would accommodate :;() or 11) children, but that would not meet the requirements of the B-idrd of Education. Archdeacon Hilbers asked if the Authority wore not taking all the steps necessary to increase the accommo- dation at Milford. It appeared that the whole of Milford was suffering from want of accommodation. The Chairman said the Authority had reason for ex- pecting that the Non-Provided School Managers at Milford intended enlarging their school premises. With regard to the Provided Schools steps had been taken to provide the increased accommodation and the local schoolmaster had received notice to qnit, so that the ground on which his house stood, as well as the garden, would bo available for the erection of new school buildings. The Nou-Provided School Managers had not replied to the communication, as requested. Archdeacon Hilbers quite agreed that the Non-Pro- Provided School Managers shnuid be hurried to give the Authority a definite reply, but he thought that the Com- mittee's reply to the Board of Education should be that they were usin g their best efforts to provide the increased accommodation. Mr J. Whicher The Board of Education say our attention was drawn to the matter in I \)D7, and they will want something more definite than our best intentions." Rev. W. Powell thought the Authority ought to apply all reasonable pressure on their friends at Milford to ex- tend the accommodation. Mr Liwreuce thought the Milford X.P. Managers were treating the matter with contempt. The Managers knaw the seriousness of the case, yet they had not troubled to reply. It was decided to send a reply to the Board of Edu- cation in the terms suggested by Archdeacon Hilbers. SUPPLEMENTARY TEACHERS. A tie Anglesey Education Committee asked the Authority to support a resolution protesting against the demands of circular 709, "as they would very materially increase the cost of education to the already over- burdened ratepayers unless more financial aid can be extended from the Imperial Exchequer." The Chairman remarked that this circular did not affect Pembrokeshire very much as the school were very well staffed. Archdeacon Hilbers pointed out that a deputation had waited on Mr Runciman on the subject, and he had declined to do anything. He agreed that it would be a good thing if they could have more help from the Imperial Exchequer. Mr Whieher thought the Committee ought to support Mr Runcimau's circular. As they agreed with the circular the Authority would b3 stultifyiug themselves if they adopted this resolution. The Ch:tij-niir, Only we should like more money. Rev. W. Powell moved that the Committee do not support the Anglesey resolution. Ho believed Mr Runciman's intention was to raise .the standard of teaching, and it was full time to get rid of the supplementary teacher. Mr J. Harries moved that the Committee support it. To abolish supplementary teachers would be to increase the rates enormously in this county. These teachers were paid about£liJ less than the other teachers, and if they were abolished there would be from GO to 11)1) teachers Gu 5 of work in the couuty. They had had one supplementary teacher at Hayscastle for a period of ten years. The Director pointed out that Mr Harries was under a misapprehension. The circular referred to merely lessened the staff vallie of supplementary teachers, but the small schools in Pembrokeshire were staffed in such a way that it would affect the county very little. The Vice-Chairman supported Mr J. Harries, and said he failed to see that supporting the Anglesey resolution would do any harm. It was pointed out that a resolution on the same subject from the Monmouthshire Education Conimitttee would meet the wishes of the Vice- Ciiairtnan and Mr J. Harries. This resolution, while approving of the circular, protested against any increase ot charge on the local rates, and called upon the Government to provide for beavier expenditure by an increased grant. They also urged that the time allowed for the repayment of loans be extended to at least 00 years, and that the declared opinions of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer on this subject should receive immediate attention. This resolution was adopted on the motion of Mr J. Harries, seconded by Mr W. Lawrence. LODGINGS FOR CHILDREN. The Breconshire Education Committee invited the Authority to pass a resolution supporting a Billl empowering Education Authorities to pay for the lodging of children who live far from school during the winter months. It was mentioned that an allowance made by the Breconshire Authority would not be sanctioned by the Board of Education in future, and the Authority were reminded that the Scotch Education Act of last year empowered the Education Authority to pay for the lodgings of such children. Mr J. Harries moved that the letter lie on the table, as there were plenty of facilities in Pembrokeshire. This was seconded by Mr W. T. Davies. Mr E. H. f-jlncs said he could not quite agree to that course, as there was a gentleman present that day who had a similar request to make. In North Pembrokeshire there was a case of a family not living within three miles of a school, who were consequently not being eiucated. Rev. E. D. Evans, the gentleman referred to by Mr ,Tames, appeared with a petition from the inhabitants of Crymmych asking for the establishment of an infant school in that locality. The petition was signed by every inhabitant within a mile and a half of the villige. Mr Evans pointed out that there were So young children within 11 miles of ( rymmych, and he said that while the Committee rightly studied economy, they had tirst of ail to study the interests of the children. The Chairman suggested that the petition be referred to the buildings committee for report. Rev. E. D. Evaus That is an easy way of getting out of a thing. The Chairman replied that the committee must conduct the business in their own way, and to refer the matter to a committee was the best way to get correct information. Xo action was taken with regard to the Breconshire resolution. WELSH NATIONAL PAGEANT. The Lord Mayor of Cardm sent a statement showing how school children may see the Welsh National Pageant in Cardiff, and asked that all facilities be granted necessary to the carrying out of the project. Mr W. T. Davies did not think that tha county should he mulcted iu the expense of sending children to see the pageant. The I);rechr expbi!wt! tJ¡;¡ t that wad not suggested. The authority Were only asked to ;;rant facilities fur those children to go who desired. The matter was referred to tho stalling committee. NEW SCHOOL FOR GOODWICK. A deputation consisting of Mr James, Caerlem, and Mr J. O. Bowen, Goodwick, waited upon the Committee with a view of inducing them to erect a school to accom- modate ooO children instead of for i2o0as advertised The deputation pointed out that the Local Managers and the Llanwnda Council were unanimous in recommending a school for 3o0 childran, and they were surprised when thew saw how the authorities proposed to provide accom- modation for only :2,50. The Chairman referred to the existing school at Henner, i and said the buildings committee looked at the matter from a county p>'int of view. Mr James said the intention was to convert a portion cf the Henner school into a master's residence. After accomodation was provided for 3-30 children at Goodwick there would still be 71 children living in the rural puts available for Henner. They did not propose tint any children from Goodwick proper should attend Henner school. Mr. iY. T. Davies thought it rnreasouable to expect children from Goodwick to go in boisterous weather to Henuer school. The deputution had made out a very strong case for the bigger school. Mr J. Harries agreed, and pointed out that on this subject the inhabitants of the districts wore unanimous. Rev. Poweil also supported. I r triat the pregeiit Mr J. C. Bowen informed Mr Whieher that the present ratabl- va be of the parish was Mr E. H. James And it is increasing dr-ily. The Architect replying to a mf"(!)hrr, 3<1iù that one acre of land had been acquired, and Mr J. C. Bowen urged that the provision of a new school should be proceeded with at once. On the motion of E. H. James, seconded by Mr J. Harries, it was resolved that a school to accommodate children be advertised, and the Architect was instructed to prepare plans. LAND AT £ 590 AN ACRE. The Chairman called atteidiou t?) g paragraph in the buiDi?scoruM?'-te" report, recon:m<-a d i:??h.t an ti:il :¿;t1 acP"})f ;t-l,1' tl:; Htik'n Couucii Schcoi. 'J'Le owner, it Was stated, wa-, i prepared to sell the land at the same rate as was paid for the former plot, the owner being also prepared to con- tribute a sum not exceeding £ o'> f°r removing the boundary wail. The Chairman suggested that this matter be allowed to stand over, as uo explanation was given why this laud should be acquired, :ud the Com- mittee were entitled to the fullest possible explanation. They could not close their eyes to the fact that the owner was the chairman of the buildings sub-committee. It seemed to him that the paragraph was a very barren thing. Mr J. Harries explained that the chairman of the buildings committee intended to cell the land adjoining I the school for building plots, and if the Authority did not take advantage of this offer it might be disposed of. The new school was intended tu accommodate :250 children. Mr Whieher asked if the half all acre of land acquired would not be sufficient to enable them b enlarge the school a little if necessary. The Architect: Not to aeommodate 3-30. Mr Whieher But a school for 2od is iu excess of the provision ?-? quired at present ? The Architect replied in the affirmative. ?Ii J. Ua, cuenTioli^'a t' Ijr. <j.t.?l<.???ni<.cl: TUd.(lU the generous offer cf removing the boundary wall, and the Director explained that the Committee were thinking of contingencies by reason of the development of Hakiti. Mr Harries informed the Rev. W. Powell that £:2U.í was paid to Dr. Griffith for huif-an-acre of land at Hakin, and thet the owner was prepared to sell to the Committee nt tÎli: SJ œ" price now. The matter was referred back to the buildings com- mittee for a fuller report. I "HEADSTRONG AND STUPID MANAGERS." j Are I i,, e,o n called attention to another paragraph i? the buildings committee report decliuing to pay £ 10 for !1USIWJ g purposes. The Archdeacon thought it only fair that the Managers should be re-paid this expense. Mr J. Harries slid the sub-committee had bad a lot of trouble wri) the Llangwm managers, who were a very headstrong and stupid iot of people. (Laughter). The sub-comuiittee asked for one thing, and the Managers did another. This expense was incurred without the committee's approval, and although the committee were prepared to pay fur flushing, the Managers were so lusolent and stupid that the sub-committee did not feel disposed to recommend payment of Rev. W. Powell said they had better divide the head- strcngness between the sub-commiittee and the Managers. (Laughter). He proposed that the money be paid. The paragraph was referred back to the committee for further consideration. MEDICAL INSPECTION UNSATISFACTORY. The attendance committee reported having considered a letter from the Board of Education dealing with the question of medical inspection iu the county, and the committee instructed the Director to enquire of other counties as to their method of carrying on the work of medical inspection. Mr W. T. D ivies, the chairman of the sub-committee, said tho committeo were not at all satisfied with the wav in which some of the doctors were carrying out their duty of medical inspection. lie added that some of the doctors were doing their worK very well, and it was hoped to have a scheme prepared for the next meeting of the Authority. GARDENING AND SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. 1 he percentage of average attendance for April was >■'> 7. It was reported that 47 schools and departments had secured the special half-holiday for good attendance. The reason given by some of the attendance officers for low attendance wa3 that the children were employed at home to help setting the gardens. It was resolved to inform tha officers that they should not accept this as a sufficient excuse for keeping the children home. CASE OF DISCIPLINE AT XARBERTH. Attention was called to the case of two bovs at Nar- berth whom the parent wished to transfer from the X.P. School to the C,)uncil Scho,. The attendance committee resolved to write to the parent akin him to send back the boys to tho X.P. School until the end of the year when he might apply for transfers, acd that if he refused he be prosecuted. Mr Whieher asked if the Authority could prevent a parent sending his child to any school iu which there was sufficient room. The Director said the view of the Board of Education was that the managers of a district may refuse migration to scholars without satisfactory reasons for such migration. If the parent was not satisfied he could appeal to the Board of Education. This was said to be a case of discipline, and several members spoke in favour of maintaining tho discipline of the schools. SATISFACTORY REPORTS. Referring to the staffing committee's report Archdeacon Hilbers said the committee had received a large number of reports from the Inspector, which were of a very satis- I factory nature. TEXUY MANAGERS RESIGN. By way of protest against the action of the Authority, the Managers of the Tenby, Lamphey, and Orielton Council Schools resigned in a'body. These are Mr C. F. Egerton Allen, W. S. Wynnc, Mr W. Gibbs, Rev. Godfrey Wolfe, Rev. D. H. Lloyd, Mr J. Thomas, and Mr John Morris. The Chairman said the Managers were a little annoyed over the action of the Com nittee in disallowing a pay- ment of 10s <)J which the management had spent oil a bag for the clerk to carry his papers. The Committee took the view that the clerks of groups were very well p tid, and that if they wanted bagi they must provide them themselves. It was this same clerk, he believed, who applied for payment of hit; railway fara. Continuing the Chairman said he was sorry this had happened, because this school management was composed of very excellent men. But the committee could not forget that they had about no schools, and that the clerk to each group would he entitled to a bag if they allowed it in the case of the Teuby clerk. It was a pity that the Managers should take umbrage at this. Jaev. Powell asked it it was a tact that the Managers resigned because this bag was not allowed. The Chairman It seems to me there is a good deal of bag" about it. Rev. W. Powell Th<m it hardly seems worth while to ask them to re-consider it. The Committee, however, thought otherwise, and it was decided t. as'?? the M?na?';i? to re-consider thir decision.

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