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St. Mary's Church, Haverfordwest.

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We regret to Lear that Mr. Thomas Russeil, of Dew Street, of the firm of Messrs Price & Russell, was stricken with paralysis in the left side early this moi-iiitig. Haverfordwest Golf Club.—The Bogey Competition for Mr W. Howell Walters's Challenge Yase, was played on the Racecourse ou Thursday, when Mr M. E. Morgan returned the best card, being four holes up. Pembrokeshire and Haverfordwest (Open) Dog Show.—The annual meeting of the above will be held at the Coffee Tavern on Friday evening next, May 28th, at 8.30, when all interested are especially asked to attend.—F. D. Phillips, lion. see. QUALITY—the keynote of business success- the point of value-the predominant feature of the "Telegraph" series of Private Stationary. If you once purchase your Notepapsr and Envelopes at the office of this Journal, you will do so again, because of the value we offer. Your address printed on the shortest notice or stamped from die in any colour. PEMBROKESHIRE AND HAVERFORDWEST IN- FIRMARY.-Number of patients in the akove institution for the week ending May 22nd in-patients, 14; j admitted, 1 discharged, 0 No. of out-patients 107. The Matron begs to acknowledge with best thanks the following gift:—Miss Williams, rhubarb. Haverfordwest Life Boat Fund.—The collection made on May Fair day resulted in the sum of £ 5 7s Sd being credited to the general fund, of this, Miss Florrie Roberts, City Road, obatincd more than half (t2 I is 2d), and as a reward for her efforts, the Mayor, on behalf of the Mayoress, who was unable to attend, presented Miss Roberts with a dainty handbag, in the Council Chamber on rnday last, at me same time thanking the other ladies who gave their services in this worthy cause. N.S.P.C.U.-The Carmarthen and Pem- broke (Counties) branch of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, has during the quarter ended March 31st, enquired into 54 complaints of neglect, ill-treatment and other wrongs of childhood, of which 53 were found to be true, affecting 104 children and 77 offenders.—Action was taken as follows :-46 cases were warned, two were prosecuted and convicted, and five were otherwise dealt with. The Society's Inspector made 281 visits of supervision.—E V. Collier, Carmarthen branch. Meteorological Register. Taken at St. Ann's Head for the week ending 8 a.m. May 24th, 1909. Highest Barometer reading reduced to 32 F. and to mean sea level, 30'33 on the 24th; lowest, 29-87 on the 17th; maximum temperature in the shade, 63 on the 21st; minimum 41 on the 19th amount of rainfall, 009 inches hours of bright sunshine, 59 5 prevailing winds variable, chiefly east and south-east; moderate to gentle an d light bi-ezes weather, fine, hazy, dry, thunder and hail, at 7.30 ;p.m. on the 17th dense fog on the 23rd; heavy dews mornings and evenings; solar halo on the 17th sea, slight to moderate ground swell on the 21st and 22nd. <> Important Property Sale.—An important property sale was conducted by Messrs T. Rule Owen & Son at the Mariner's Hotel on Saturday. The Mount, consisting of house, out-buildings, gardens, and about 14 acres of land in the occupation of Mr Charles Evans at a rent of £ 59 was sold to Mr William Cole, Milford Haven, for 11,230. Neeston Hall Farm, comprising farm house, ont-premises, cottage and garden, and 118 acres of land in the occupation of Mrs Beynon at a yearly rent of X230, was sold to Mr Wm. H. Davies, of Sampson, for £ 4,900. Herbrandston Farm, comprising large farm house, out- premises, five cottages and gardens, and about 248 acres of land, all in the occupation of Mr James George, at £ 400 a year, was sold to the tenant for £ 8,600. Empire Sunday.—As usual Empire Sunday was celebrated at St. Mary's Church. The Mayor and members of the Corporation, the Fire Brigade, under Captain H. Roberts, the Boys' Brigade, under Instructor Sergt.-Major Pearce, together with a large congregation were in attendance at the morning service. Special hymns were sung and the anthem 11 Lift up your heads (Hopkins), was rendered at each service. At the evening service the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis were sung to Dr. F. R. Greenish's beautiful composition. Dr. F. R. Greenish presided at the organ. Very appropriate ser- mons were preached throughout the day by the vicar, Rev. J. H. Davies. At the close of the service the Mayor entertained the members of the Corporation and the other officials to light refreshments at the Council Chamber. Ascension day.—On Thursday last, Ascen- sion Day, Communion for the members of the local branches of the Church of England Men's Society was held in St. Mary's Church at 5 a.m. Some 60 members were present from the parishes of St. Mary's, St. Thomas, and St. Davids, Prendergast. The Yen. Archdeacon Hilberts, the local president, consecrated, and the other clergy present were: Revs. J. H. Davies, D. Akrill Jones and Norman Parcell. Appropriate hymns were sung with Dr. F. R. Greenish at the organ. A collection was taken in aid of the society's funds. There were further celebrations at 8 and 11 a.m., which were fairly well attended. In the evening there was a short even- song and an address was delivered by the vicar, the Rev. J. H. Davies. Communion was also celebrated at St. Martins Church at 5 a.m., the Rev. A. Baring Gould officiating. Shocking Accident. A very painful accident occurred to Mies Jones, of Belle Vue Terrace, Haverfordwest, a school teacher at Sutton, while cycling on the Broad Haven road on Wednesday evening. Two waggons belonging to Mr Thomas, haulier, Old Bridge, were proceeding along the road in the direction of Haverfordwest at the time, and Miss Jones dismounted in order to allow the waggons to pass. Subsequently she again mounted and turned in the direction of Haverford- west. This time she endeavoured to ride past the first waggon, but unfortunately her bicycle caught in a rut, and Miss Jones was thrown to the ground with the result that the back wheel went over her hand. Mrs Webb Bowen arrived on the scene shortly afterwards, and took Miss Jones home, where she was medically attended. The young woman was found to be almost in a state of collapse, but although her hand was badly smashed, no bones were fractured, and we are pleased to hear that the young lady is making satisfactory progress.


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