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St. Mary's Church, Haverfordwest.

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APPROACHING EVENTS. Will readers please note ttn ah notices for which ?n'jttEg is done at the office of this Journal are inserted REE OF CHAliG). IL il. other cases the fee is (d. per i ?, I. Thursday. May 27.—Tier's Cross Chapel annual tea and entertainment. Thursday, May 27th. — Concert by the Prendergast Juvenile Choir in Hill Park Schoolroom. To commence at 7.30. Tickets. 3d. Sunday. May 30.—Tier's Cross Sunday school anniversary at 10.;)0 and (j:U. Preacher: Rev. L. Price, Zion's Hill. I Whit-Sunday. May 30th.-Broad Haven Blrhst Sunday school anniversary services. Preacher Professor Owen, B.A., B.D., Carmarthen. Sunday, May :3u. Bethlehem Sunday school auuiversary. 10.30, 2.3i, 0.30. Preacher: Rev. W. J. Evans. Penuel. May 31st.—Grand Eisteddfod and Concert at Haverfordwest on Whit Monday, May ulst. Pro- grammes, iMd pest free. from the hon. sec., Mr W. G. Rowlands. Thursday; June 3.—Di>trict Nurse Fund. —A tea and small sale will be held at The Glen. Thursday, June 3rd. Annual tea and competitive meeting at Broad Haven Baptist Chapel. Sutton Sunday School Anniversarv, June Gth. Preacher, Rev. B. C. Evans, Neyland. Annual tea and entertainment, Thursday, June 17th. June Gth.—South Dairy Sunday School anniversary. Preacher Mr Sinnett, of Haverfordwest. Services at 10.30. 2.30 and 0.30. Sunday, June Gth. — Wolfsdale Coiigre- gatioutl Church anniversary services. Preacher Rev Bond Thomas, Pembroke Dock. Collections for church funds. June 10th.—Carnival and open-air concert in connection with the Institute, Thursday, June JOtL. Sunday. June 13th.—Sunday school anni- versary at lJreeu Hill Chapel at 2.30 and (;3u. Sunday, June 13th.-Peuuel Baptist Sun- day School Anniversary. Preacher: Rev. J. Williams, Camrose. Sunday June 13.—Anniversary services at Pope Hill Chapel. Preacher Rev B. Roberts, of Sandy Hill, and Marloes. Services at 10.30, 2.3ii and (,(1. The Rev. Edward Lawrence will officiate at Sandy Hill and Marloes. on the above date. Monday, June 14th. — Penuel Sunday School annual treat. Thursday, June 17.—Dreon Hill Chapel annual tea and entertainment. Thursday. June 17th. — The Grammar School musical and dramatic entertainment will take place in the Masonic Hall at o o'clock. Tickets, 3s, 2s, Is. Carriages at o o'clock. Sunday June -O.-Poittield Gate Wesleyan Sunday School anniversary. Preacher Mr A. E. Fielder, Milford Haven. Sunday. June 20th.—Nolton Haven Sunday school anniversary. Preacher' Rev. L. Price, Zion's Hill. June 20 and 21.—Bethesda Church anni- versary. Preacher Mr Samuel J. Burrow. Plymouth. June 2-1th.-Haverford west Improvements Committee's Annual Fete at Scotchwell. Further particulars will eppear at an early date. Thursday, June 24th.—Nolton Haven Chnpel annual tea and enterta nment. June 21 th. Anniversary services in connection with Prendergast Morning Sunday School will be held on the above date. Particulars to follow. Thursday. July ht. Porttield Gate Wesleyan Sunday School annual treat. Thursday, July I .-Tlie summer outing of the Free Church Girls' Guild will be held at Broad Haven. Thursday, July stli. — Garden Fete at Ilaroldston Hall in aid of vicar,ige fund. Sunday. July 11th. Merlin's Bridge Wesleyan Sunday School anniversary. Open-air services, 2.30 and 6, Rev. W". Reynolds Mouday following, 7.30 Rev. S. L. Connor. Sunday. July 18th. Albany Church anniversary services. Preacher Rev R. J. Wliiams, of Narberth. .J uly 2:2nd.-Dioeesan Bazaar will be held IT), in Haverfordwest on July 22nd, 112 Bank Holiday Aug-ust 2nd Annual flower show and visitors' concert at Broad Haven. Sunday: August 8th.—Broad Haven Church anniversary services. Preacher: Rev. (wilym Davies, B.A., Carmarthen. August 12th.—Annual tea meeting at the Tabernacle Chapel, Little Haven. August 12th,—A bazaar and jumble sale will be held in the grounds of the Infirmary. Contribu- tions of all kinds will be gratefully received by the Matron or Secretary. August 14th and loth.—Visit of Rev. Mark Guy Pearse. Sunday, August 29th.-Tabernacle anniver- sary. Preacher Rev. T. Nicholson, l'adùingtúll Chapel, London. October 28th and 2'Jth.—Haverfordwest Wesleyan Church grand bazaar. November SOth.—Sec-ono visit of Mr George Kendall. -A ¥-


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