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St. Mary's Church, Haverfordwest.

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 MILFORD H??M M?W§. ARTIFICIAL TEFTE—Edward England, Limited, NOW avteuds at Mr Meyier, Chemist, Charh-s Street, Milford Haven, every Tuesday. See large adver- tisement. Estimates free. English and Aineiicar- Artificiai Teeth. Tee::i fixed bv the Company's Patent Suction, requiring no fastening. For articulation and eating ti. are equal to the n,u teeth. PEMBROKESHIRE CRICKET LEAGUE. A meeting of the aoove took place on Thursday night at Pembroke Dock when Mr C. Worster, Pem- broke,presided over a good attendance of delegates from the ai'dliated clubs. The offer of Sir George Armstrong to present a cup to the winners of the League Championship was aceepted. and the donor \vas thanked for his gift. The previous decision bv the committee to obtain a shield was then rescinded and instead it was resolved to increase the value of the medals to the successful players. At a meeting earlier in the season Pembroke Dock proposed that the names cf the winners of the championship since the League's formation should be placed on the tablets of the shield, but this was defeated. A similar proposal was again brought forward, that Sir George be asked to consent to this course with regard to the cup. but it was pointed out that that the cup only originated this year and could not be retrospective. The motion was negatived. A vole of thanks to the Chairman concluded a harminous meeting. Mr R. Morris date of Ashdaleh Pembroke Dock C.C., is the hon. secretary of the League. POLICE CO-CRT. Col. \Y. R. Roberts and Mr C. H. D. Birt sat at the Police Court on Wednesday morning to bear a charge of beiug drunk and disorderly preferred against Albert Ernest Potter, a trimmer and native of Wilton, Hampshire. P.C. Manser proved the case and said he saw defendant committing a nuisance in Robert Street at on Tuesday night. He was drunk, and when spoken to became disorderly and witness had to take him into custody. There was nothing against him previously, but Potter was described as one of a gang which had given much trouble to the police.—He was fined 5s. including costs, and allowed a day to get the money. TERRITORIAL* MARCH OFT. The inhabitants of the town were afforded an opportunity of witnesing the first appearance of the newly-formed band on Monday evening. The o. 1 Company. I-Vmltrokp K.G.A., assembled at the drill hall at 7.30, and paraded under the command of Capt. T. W. Price, and then with the band marched with steady step up Cliarles btreet. The impression made by the band which numbererd 1H performers was decidedly good. Sergt.-Trumpeter Gardner was in command, and they were assisted for the occasion by Messrs John and G. Lewis. Haverfordwest. The martial procession, the rear of which was brought up by by tne Church Lad's Brigade, under Captain Guest, w :li the vicar iChapiain). proceeded down Hamilton Terrace, over to Hakin. thence back to the headquarters. The appearance of the Territorials was exceptionally smart, and evoked more than passing approbation. TJTAL ABSTINENCE MEETING. The second of the series of meetings arranged by he Total Abstinence Society was held on Sunday evening in the National Schools after the church and chapel services. The attendance was not so large as on the last occasion but considering the attractive nature of the weather perhaps it could not be expected for folk to thus meet indoors. Still those who were present were rewarded for their fidelity to tne cause, for everyone left the room with their sense of duty quickened. The icar was anounced to preside, but he was from home, at Amroth for the day, and the Rev. John Harris took his place. After the opening exercises Mr Williams, student from Carmarthen College, who was supplying at the Tabernacle, gave a pointed and practical address. A solo was afterwards rendered by Mr C. W. Cobb. Rev. George Lang (Wesleyan. Mumbles. Swansea, addressed the meeting. The pity was that the time was limited for here wasa speaker who had mastered every phase of this absorbing question. His words burned themselves into the hearts of all and his remarks were aptly illustrated by quotations and stories of the degradation wrought by the drink fiend. He thanked God for the Children's Charter, that they at least were to be safeguarded against early temptations. It was indeed of the most sane and timely abstinence addreses we have heard for sometime. An invitation was given for any to join the Society and cards were distributed for this purpose. The meeting was closed with the Doxology. FISH TRADE AND TRAFFIC. Prices have continued to be far from satisfactory all the week the supply being in advance of demand. Yesterday iTuesday> there was a good jump upward, hake fetching 2-js per kit an advance of los on the previous day. Tonnage of fish dis- patched from Milford Docks during the week ending May 22 Trawl. Mackerel. May 17 th '24H 11" loi; los f.2 2otli 1"1 •Jist 00' lit; :\1 22nd 0') 90S 141 FISH TRADE'S Of TING. The annual excursion in connection with the nsh trade has been fixed for Saturday, July ;¡rd. The merchants met on Friday and it has been decided that the place to be visited this year should be Blackpool, the breezy Lancashire resort. A few years ago the trip went there before and the memory of that visit still lingers. Mr A. E. Fielder has undertaken the secretarial work. Further par- ticulars will be published in due course. TRAWLER ^DISABLED. The steam tracer "Scotia" (Mr G. H. D. Birt) ran on to the rocks off Bride on the Cornish coast in the mist a fortnight ago and had to be towed into Swansea. The vessel was very badly damaged, and tenders for her repairs resulted ac under:—Hill's Dry Dock. Cardiff, 1.:1,0:13 (20 days): Ocean Dry Dock. Swansea, t'I¡ (1/; to isi; Diamond Dry Dock. Cardiff. cm ill) Mordey. Carney. Cardiff, £ <>4S Jersey Dry Dock. SwanOiea,t:51.) ill days1. The last named tender has been accepted. THE DOl AND POULTRY SHOW. It has been decided to hold the Milford Haven Dog and Poultry Show on Thursday, August :2iith. This date should prove much more convenient to the public, than December, the month in which it was formerly held. The judges have already been appointed and their names will be sufficient guarantee to all intending exhibitors. Mrs Victor Higgon will judge Sealyham and Working Terriers, and Mr W. J. N icholls, Wimbledon, all other classes poultry, pigeons, rabbits and cats, Mr Augustine de Win ton, Cambridge and show and working homers, Mr H. Williams, Haverfordwest. The schedules will shortly be issued. ST. CATHERINE'S CENTENARY BAZAAR. The Venetian China Tea Service was drawn for at the Institute of the Church of England Men's Society, on Tuesday, the 11th mst.. when theHev. T. Osweli, as the holder of ticket number ".o, became the owner. I THE PARISH CHURCH. On Whit-Snndav there will be celebrations of holy communion at 7 a.i-ii. Peter's;. a.m. and 12 noon. Re-union of Sunday Schools in the Church at p.m. Festal en-eusong and sermon, 6.30 p-m. Autbem: "Send out Thy Light," Gounod. The company of the Church Lads' Brigade will have a church parade attended by the bugle baud on Sunday Evening.


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