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LOCAL AND OTHER NEWS. Will of Mr. Wm. Francis, Haverfordwest. Mr Wm. Francis, of Castle Cottage, Haverfordwest r i«A%-vhe ISth April last, left "tateZttS value of £ ,8 aud probate of his will has been granted to hia son, Mr Wm. Benjamin Francis, and his daughters, the Kisses Mary Ann and Nellie Francis, all of the same address. Cycling Acci(lent.-Cycling down Milford Road, on Saturday evening, Mr Stanley James, son of Mr James, ex postman, Prendergast, met with an accident whila taking the corner for Albert Street. Rider and machine were dashed up against the houses opposite, but beyond a severe shock Mr James escaped injury, but his bicycle was completely smashed. Hill Park Sunday School.—The Sunday School Anniversary services in connection with the above place of worship were held on Sunday. Special hymns were very tastefully sung throughout the day by the children under the conductorship of Mr Vincent Davies. The preacher throughout the day was the Rev. J. A. Thomas, of Bethlehem and Salem, whose earnest and inspiring sermons must have proved very help- ful. The lessons were read by Mr John Bowen, of 1 icton Place. Miss Edwards, of Prendergast, presided at the organ with her usual ability. The services were well attended, and the collections were in aid of the school funds. Organ Recital.—On Wednesday evening last a very enjoyable organ recital was given in St. Martin's Church by Mr H. E. Morris, B.A., F.R.C.O., organist of St David's Cathedral. The organ has been removed from the Chamber in the side chapel to the West End where it is now capable of being heard at its best. The interpretation of the "Storm" (Lemmens) was very realistic and impressive. Two solos were very tastefully rendered by Miss Gertrude Matthews. The programme was as follows :-Toccata and Fugue in D minor (Bach); Larghetto in F sharp minor (S. S. Wesley); vocal solo, "Abide with Me" (Liddle), Miss Gertrude Matthews; Toccata in D minor (F. W. Holloway) Meditation in F (E. d'Evry); Grand Iantasia, "The Storm" (Lemmens) vocal solo, "Ave Maria" (Mascagni), Miss Gertrude Matthews Lied in G (Driffield) Meditation in D Flat (Cadman) March, Pomp and Circumstance (Elgar). A collection was taken in aid of the Phelps Memorial Chapel. Golden Wedding.—On Saturday, May the ioth, Mr and Mrs Henry Hall. of Sunnyhill, Rhosmarket, celebrated their golden wedding. Mr Hall is now 74 years old and Mrs Hall i3. They were both born and brought up in the parish of Rhosmarket and have lived in the same house ever since they were married 50 years ago. there was a very happy gathering of near relations on the l >th of May to celebrate the event. Anyone of GO who looks so well as either Mr or Mrs Hall might very well feel proud and thankful. Many teiegraiais, letters and cards of congratulations were received together with numerous presents. There is a family of six-three sons and three daughters all of whom arc living and doing well. Mr W. Hall, Master of Haverfordwest Workhouse, is the eldest. Mr and Mrs Hall are well known and highly respected, and whilst heartily congratulating them we hope and trust they will yet be spared many years to enjoy their quiet life. Far from the madding crowds ignoble strife." Velure Gives Satisfaction.—An advertise- ment in this week's issue calls attention to the great value of Velure, a perfected Japan paint, superseding varnish with remarkable spreading, elastic, and weather resisting properties. It is sanitary, washable, will not crack, chip, peel, blister or fade. It is kept in 120 stock colours, any shade is matched, and one gallon covers about 90 square yards if applied on a flat non-absorbent surface. Velure his been successfully used in in-doors and out-doors for a great variety of purposes, in- cluding ships, yachts, bridges, public buildings, hos- pitals, schools, factories, water-works, shops, signs, carriages, bicycles, it- may be used as a cheap substitute for glazed bricks, or a cure for damp walls, as well as on machinery, motor cars, on gas and electric light standards. It is claimed that one important advantage of velure is that if used exactly as supplied, a better finish can be obtained with one, and often two coats less than paint or varnish, so that the saving in labour and material more than makes up for the difference in price. On this point an unsolicited testimonial received from the Rev. R. Burke, Catholic Church, Milford Haven, states that the iron looks very well with its one coat of velure. It has never been painted before, and the painters were surprised that one coat of paint made the church look so well." To MOTHERS Mrs Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It will relieve the poor sufferer immediately. It ts pleasant to taste; it produces natural quiet sleep, by relieving the child from pain, and the little cherub awakes "as bright as a button." Of all chemists, Is Ijtd per bottle,