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THE HOLIDAY SEASON HAS COME, And Ladies requlriog HIGH-CLASS DRESSMAKING of any description, should go to J. LLEWELLYN PHILLIPS (Late DAVIES & EVANS), Where they will find a very choice selection of Materials suitable for BLOUSES, MUSLIN DRESSES, COSTUMES, &c. The Dressmaking Department Is under the management of a highly qualified lady From the well-known COURT WAREHOUSE, DUBLIN, WHILST The Showrooms & Underclothing Departnient Arc also under capable supervision. Nothing has been left undone to maintain the firm's reputation for FIT, STYLE and FINISH. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDUKSS— Cleddau House, High Street, Haverfordwest (OPPOSITE POST OFFICE). ALL ORDERS BY POST WILL RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION. IT'S WORTH TELUNGTr WHAT IS ? That Saxiot is the name of a Registered Tweed made from Pure Home Grown Wool, THEN when you think of ordering a SUIT OF CLOTHES, and anyone is' speaking about a Saxiot Tweed, remember IT PAYS YOU TO USTEN As it will moan unlimited value for limited money. LEWIS, Castle Square, Haverfordwest. (SEVEN YEARS witt BROWN, Conduit Street, LONDON, W.) ->- FOR TOBACCO, CIGARS AND CIGARETTES, YOU SHOULD PATRONISE THE OLD TOBACCONtST SHOP (WHOLESALE AND RETAIL), 42, High Street, Haverfordwest (Opposite entrance to Hill Lane). T\ JAMES (Late A. M. MtLLAR), PROPRIETOR. SMOKERS' REQUISITES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. LOCAL VIEW POST CARDS IN GREAT VARIETY. | A Little Ring [ What a lot it means to a woman. How many women when they are alone sit down and toy with the Rings on their nngers. They have associations. The Engagement Ring never loses its glamour in a woman's eyes. It holds all ro- mance, all the poetry, all the tender secrets of her life. Selling an Engagement Ring is more than business with us. We like to show the beautiful reminders the magic circles set with glinting stones, about which some woman will wreathe all her best thoughts. D, PANTALL WATCHMAKER and JEWELLER. 11, MARKET STREET, # HAVERFORDWEST. And 48, HIGH 5TREET, NEYLAND. -+-. PAPERHANGING, PAINTINGS AND DECORATING. SUPPORT the Firm that understands its BUSINESS. IF YOU WANT THE BEST YOU MUST GO TO THE FIRM who can supply you with it, at LOWEST PRICES. J?ICE <3T S Have a reputation of 50 YEARS STANDING to maintain, and consequently supply ONLY THE BEST WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIALS. JUST ARRIVIIDI ?g? .;1 Large aSS01"tment of this Season/8 ALI.JPAPERS From I-Id. per Piece. FULL MEASURE IN BACH ROLL. C!ass of every description! Lead Lights a specSa!iiv! ALL ORDEUS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. KtNDLY NOTE AODRE5.5— TOWER HILL, Haverfordwest. TASKER'S High School for Girls, HAVERFORDWE.ST. Headmistress :— MISS ANDERSON, B. A (Assisted by Highly Qualified Mistresses). FEES.—.61 6s. Sd. per Term. Specie Subjects Greeh, Gerriian and Paiutiu, 1.)8. pes' term. Country rupiis are ou!y allowed to board at houses approved by ths Govcruuig Bo,l y, ami, white there, must cot't'orm to the by the Governors. Any other inf,)rmiltirm can be from the Hea.dmu.hpM, or fro'u Mr J. \V. rmijUi's, Sclicitor. Tower Hill, Clerk to the Governors. Please Notice Alteration of Address. I Mn. C. BUIIER, ¡ F.B.C.O., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., PROFESSOR OF MUSIC. P?(pil8, 1905 Higher Exams., A.R.C.O., A.T.C.L.: 11 Pupi!? also passed the Trinity College, including ? Senior, 1 Intermedia.te Honours, 3 Intermediate Pass, 2 Junior Honours, 3 Junior Pass. ADDRESS II HANOVER HOUME, 10, Q17AY STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. JAMES i 'nm, UNDERTAKER, JOINER, &c., Opposite the WESLEYAN CHURCH, PRIORY ROAD, MILFORD HAVEN. All Orders receive prompt and persona l attention. PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS— OppositeWesleyan Church Wm. Evans & Sons, FOUND-BY, BRIDGE STREET, HAY ERFORD WEST, t'OB BRASS & IRON CASTINGS. THE BEST PRICES GIVEN- FOR OLD SCRAP IRON, BRASS, COPPER, LEAD, c. NEW BRISTOL STEAMER. THE WATERFORD STEAMSHIP COM- \1 PANY'S LIMITED, AVew and Powerful Passenger and Cargo Steamer Menapia, 1,000 tons, Or other vessel is intended to sail from BRISTOL every FRIDAY carrying cargo for HAVERFORD. WEST, MILFORD, NEW MILFORD, PEM- BROKE DOCK, PEMBROKE. TENBY. &c. From Cumberland Bann, Bristol:— (Calling at Tcnby and Pembroke Dock. Friday Aug. 2 U.O a.m. Friday. ,) 9 <i.0p.m. Friday „ Ui 10.0 a.m. Friday 23 5.0 p.m. Friday „ 30 10.0 a.m. (roods received in Bristol every Tharscta.y at load- tng berth. City Quay, Welsh Back. No Cargo re- oeived at Cumberland Basin. Goods for Haveriotdwest, Pembroke, Pembroke Dock, New Milford and Milford ate trauebipped into lighters at Milford Haven, and are conveyed to destination at Oompany't! Expence, but entirely at Owner's risk. N.B.-All Emptier carried free must be distinctly understood to be conveyed solely at Owner's Risk, unless Freight be paid on same. To ensure shipment Goods must b alongside steamer at City Qlay, Bristol, at least three hoars before advertised time of sailing. Goods Shipped by thia Company's Steamera are received subject to conditions on their Genera] Notices to be seen at their oSces. Information aa to Insurance of Goods and further particulars and conditions of carriage can bo obtained on application at the Company's Omoes. Agents— Messrs. SELLICK, MORLEY & PRICE. 536 Milford Haven. -_u BACON LINE. JULYT 1907. The undermentioned Steamers will sail (unlesa pre- vented by any unforeseen circumstance) with or without Pilots &nd with liberty to tow. DIRECT STEAM COMMUNLCATION between the following ports as under :— THE FIBST-CLASS NEW BTBEL S.S "PRESTONIAN," or other auitab!e vessel). J''t'ont Bristol for Milford (With libertv to ca,M at any port in Bristol t;h.nn"t July o'clock. Tuesday 2.10 nighty Tuesday tI. 12 night: July o'clock. Tuesday 16 9 night Tuesday 2? 12 night tfuesdayso. 12 9 ininht From Miltor(i for Liverpoo¿. -0- July o'clock Wednesday 3.10moru ) Wednesday 10 12 noon July o'clock Wednesday 17. 9morn Wednesday 21 12 noon I Wednesday 31 9morn The b.S." SUNLIGHT," or other suitable vessel). }frQm Liverpool for Milfor(i. July o'clock July o'clock Saturday ti G.;)O night I Saturd;y 20 .4.30after Saturday m 11 night Saturday 27 H mght The Ste&m Barges "Cleddau" and "Taurus," are ntended to ply on Milford Haven, in connection with the above Steamers carrying Goods to and from Pem' broke Dock, Havcrfordwest, and he adjacent towns, and will deliver to such towns first, aa may be deemed most expedient. A few Passengers carried by arrangement. Loain Berth at Livei-pool-Trafalgar Dock. All Empties on which no freight has been paid are earned at Owner's risk. NoTlCE:-lhe landing and embarcatlon of Goods or Passengers at Milford, by whatever conveyance, whether at the expense of the Steamer or otherwise, and whether loaded into Barges and transhipped from one Barge to another, is at the risk of tne l'assengers and the owners of the Goods respectively For tTther particulars see small hills, or apply to John B_acon, Limited, 3 & 4, Oriel Chambers. 14, Water- street Liverpool, John Bacon Lmtd., Bristol John Bacon Limited, Swansea. street, Limited, PHILLIPS Agent. Milford. J. FASTEST LINE TO CANADA. For Sailings and Pamphlet ie WORK and WAGES Apply to C. P. Ply., 18, St. Augustiue's Parade, BRISTOL, or F. W. LEWIS, Bridge St., Htwerfordwest. 317 WARNING. It having come to my knowledge that there are Publicans and Dealers who have adopted a practice of refilling Old Glomore Whisky Bottles, Old Imperial Whisky Bottles, The Doonmorey Whisky Bottles, and other proprietary Blends belonging to JAMES WILLIAMS, of Narberth, with Spirits of an inferior quality and selling such mixed or blended Spirits as Old Glomore, Old Imperial or the EBoonmorey Blend and whereas the said James Williams has reason to believe that the system is extensively carried on. I A Reward is hereby offered to any person who will give such information to Mr. James Williams, of Narberth, or to his General Manager, or Solicitor, as will enable him successfully to prosecute the persons engaged in such fraudu- lent and unfair dealings. WILLIAM HOWELL, Solicitor for James Williams, 32, Stepney Street, Llanelly. WARNING. Messieurs JULES GRAMMONT ET CIE, OF COGNAC, Shippers of pure Grape French Brandies, hereby Give Notice that they will Prosecute all Persons found refilling bottles bearing their One Star, Two Star, or Three Star gold labels, with inferior Brandy or Spirits, and selling such blended Spirits as their well-known One Stai-, Two Star, or Three Sial- qualities. A Reward is hereby offered to any Person who will give such information to their sole Consignee for the United Kingdom, Mr. JAMES WILLIAMS, of Narberth, as will enable them successfully to prosecute the Persons engaged in such fraudulent dealings. WILLIAM HOWELL, Solicitor for Messieurs Jules Grammont et Cie, 32, Stepney Street, Llanelly. T JL?J'm-SJT?JTMHTL?JTL T?'T?r"T?TT?T9 JSJLJL JLJ&J? JA?T J?JT&?. MARCH BREWING. IN BR!LUANT CONDITION. PER DOZEN 2/6 IMPERIAL PINTS. WORTHINGTOK'S & BASS'S PALE ALE 4s. GlTXESS'S STOUT 3s. ed. per Doz. Pmts. GEORGE :P:>AL1\I.[ER <&r F-,OW, Wine Merchants, Haveriordwest. JAM E S BROS., I BACON CURERS, 64, CHARLES STREET, MILFORD HAVEN. Sausages, German Sausages, Puddings, Potted Meat, Brawn, Ox Tongue, Glazed Beef, Cooked Pork, Pickled Pork, Saveloys. None but Best Mome-cured kept in Stock. PRIME WELSH HAMS, SHOULDERS, OR S!DES (WHITE OR SMOKED) THOROUGHLY DRIED. Prices.—Hams, lid.; Shoulders, !od.; Sides, tod. CARR!AGE PAID. 312 ESTABLISHED OVER HALF A CENTURY. CORN, SEED, AND MANURE STORES. IS.A.IAJE3: REYNOLDS7 (Lale JOSEPH YHO.11,48)-. HIGBL-OLASS GROCERIES. FRESH BUTTER DAILY. I S W¿l .N'- SO IBEY 11.4VEIRFORDTVE,ST. TEETH. TEETH. TEETH. :0: EDWARD ENGLAND LIMITED CAN BE CONSULTED FROM il to 5 p.M., AT MR JOHN BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, 3, Victoria Place, New Bi-i(Ige,, Havei-foi,rlivest, EVERY ALTERNATE TUESDAY AND SATURDAY. Next Visits, SATURDAY, Aug. 10, and TUESDAY, Aug. 6, 1907, Also CHESTER HOUSE, 8, Picton Phce, Haverfordwest, Daity. And will attend at Charles Street, Miliord Haven (Mr Meyler, Chemist), every other Tuesday. Next Visit, Aug. 13. And at Mr. Meyler's, Chemist, Main St., Fishguard, every other Thursday'. NEXT VISIT AUG. 1.5. CONSULTATION FREE OF CHARGE. TEETH.—1. Perfection in eating and speaking. 2. Perfectly natural and life-like in appearance. TEETH EXTRACTED PAINLESSLY with Nitrous Oxide 3-as. Notice.—AU Letters to be addressed to BRECKNOCK HOUSE, TENBY 123 I I' aa:a-c.C1:-CCC SBSBSS?S??eS???s 7h<f< !$ ? ?!;M ? I th!e!!h' ivan!.t, ? ? there." The man who never t;a?s and ? ?'sever onthequivive.Meisperennia))vt? < alert and eager-and looks it I Why ts ? Jl!f. he cheery, sc confident ? !s he immune ? ? from the every=day!itt:ett[sthst upset tvI ? others so tnuch? Not at stt. Onty, he ? ) is prompt in regard to himse:: as he is ? f? Qhis business. t!e puts his finger on a ? I weakness at once, neter !etting ahead- ? K ache or any other ache. due to tempos ?{ y ar:!y arrested stomach action have a ? j chance. There is no other wav. Attack ? ? little aHments at once. A time!y use of M ? it?BTST/?BB M??e ?? SS w M URLrLrU fn!?AM?! 0?$! I) PJ I J. t: l) {s I LLJ S J! ?iH never !pt them ?row. Aches?an'?h ? M and you keep brisk and up-to-d?te. That ? it} is a business asset.''ingtc. ? ? te« scmeone else. E?ervbo?v mere 0; ? ? tess suHers from stomach troubtes in ? ? these strenuous days. and nc one can ? ? afford to be ill. tndeed. the need to. a ? KS safe and speedy medicine, to retieve ? ? promptly and s<:re)y the minor i!ts that ? ? depress the brightest men. is univprsa!. ?s A1 Here ts an impresshe fact to remember. ?) ? Over six miHion boxes of BEECHAM S ? ? P)LLS are so!d every year! That is ? ? eloquent testimony that ? hi!e the need ? ? iss-reat and wide-spread Beecham'sPtHs ? ?Ktt??!!M??S ? ?i ? ?,.?.-???_?-??-??—?_ ? N Pftpaftd oc!y by Thomas Beecham, St. Hekns. t? M Sold everywhere in boxes, price f? & 29. ? GEORGE PAL ME I{ & SON., — lÎer srECJALITI]:S. bottle; EXTRA SPECIAL tion of Scotch Whisky, of gl'(:it age and 4/- softness, equal to thcHuc'bi French Brandy as a stimulaut 'GLEN'STUART' Scotch \lÜky. An idea] b!eud of carefully selected Pure ? /? Highland Malt AVhi?kies, well matured <)/ ? and mcHowed by age purs Pot Still Dubim ?''hi?;y puar- '0 /?; aTitced over 12 years old, i'i shcrr"v J/0 God. t PORT. Ceuuiue Oporto Wir.e. excdieut value 2 INVALID PORT. :pecia]]y OLD LODGE A perfect type of a re?Dy '? ? old Tawny ?Viuc, gtored iua:]' vears iu 3 6 Oporto I. 31 ? SHERRY. Pa]e,dn-up.rhjr CHAMPAGNE. Ackei-maa Jh-v nnyal" \i bots., I b'jts.. 2 -2) '1- PALE'BRANDY. LJitabk for domestic pUtpOSCM c CO&NAC BRANDY. Gcnuun.' French, g'nod age. 3 a EAU DE VIE VIEILLE. A rurc Grape e Brandy' great age. MarteUs & nmlldv 5 C. RúM. Fincold.T"l;wica. 25 Very J HOLLANDS. DeKuypers, Anchor Erand 3'8 Colcman's Wiucaruis, Hall's \Viue, Quinjue Sherry. &c. .1 ?- c. Cigars and Cig-prettes of' the choicest brands, at Lowest Store Price. High Street, nAVERFORDWEST. WILLIAM JENKINS9 COAL MERCHANT. Yard-ADJO!N!NG QLAY STORES, [ ffílLFORD HAVEN. Orders for Cual au'.l Culm received on the premises. 234  ??'?????.? ,1MPOTANT TO MOTHERS! ? Y,Icrl?* mother \<.ho values the Health ar.?g .d&t ¡ .:1c:a:'Jll:C:SS 0: htr child use ? ???????? ? ? ???i??E-? r ? ??????r.. ???f???? ? N? L'e a;-r' )''??'' ??!s ?] ?' -s ai-! d Vej-min. 10 r, i??u:;?e'! sr.d ?'.rc:K'Lh:s die H?i' ? ? CEO. W. HARR?SH. CHEMt&T, B3CAG ST.. READiXC. ? tOLD BY CHKXISTS. Agent MUford Haven-.J. T. JONES, Chemist, Charles Street. KeyLicd-C. H. APPLEDY. Hiph Street. Haverfordwest-J. L. JEXKIS. Chemist. 51 NOTICE! FOU Welsh Flannel AND WOOLLEN GOODS GO TO WILLIAM CLARK. THE NEW FLANNEL SEOr, NEAK THE POST orEICE, :pl I c-r m-1: STREET. STOCKINGS RE-FOOTED 9d. Per PaSr. I- 174 I 1.4 u C 0 Buitders, Contractors, and Undertakers, 17, CHARLES STREET, MILFORD HAVEN. Estimates given for all kiads of Buildings und Repairs on the Shortest Notice. SPECIAL NOTE: LLC'YL) & Co. wish to notify the Public jtlt.nt they L FUNERALS and FURNISH THE SAME THROUGHOUT, th(,Ir 0 AdJre.?5: .7.CHARLES STREET urrut-lTL MA.HKHT ;it;UAH! SO THE TAUMTOH BUILDING SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED 1857. HEAD OFFICE-. 3, HAMMET STREET, TAUNTON Secretary: MR. R. A. GooDttAN. QUMS OF MONEY are ready to be advanced on I security of any description of REAL PROPERTY, HOUSES or LAND on the most equituble terms. The principal and interest re- payable by Monthly Instalments. Subscription Investing Shares, and Fully paid-np Shares issued. Deposits received at Interest, 4 per cent. per annum. Prospectusco, or any further particulars, may be obtained on application to the SECRETARY, as above, or to MR. JAMES WILLIAMS, Market Square, Milford Haven, 3094 A!?ent for the Society. -+ THE SWANSEA MERCANTILE BANK, Ltd., Of 18, PARK STREET, SWANSEA MAKE CASH ADVANCES DAILY FROM £5 to .8500 npO FARMERS and ALL CLASSES of respecuabi householders upou their own Note of Raid and other kinds of securities. ALL TRANSACTIONS STRICTLY PRIVATE Apply to- H. B. JONES, Manager or W. D. PHILLIPS, Auctioneer, Haverfordwest, Local Representative. Persona.1 attendance every Wednesday afternoon, an at other tides by special appointmt.m, at Victoria-road opposite the Dock-gates, Milford Haven. 16 CASH ADVANCED ON PROMISSORY NOTE ALONE Without sureties or the usua.1 money-lending routine, by A VKAl.Tuy TEjTATi: GESTL1DIA=-. to Ladiep, Gentlemen, URicers, Clergymen, Farmers a.nd Tradesmen. f2.5mODth]y. £1. 10 OjilOOmonthty ..JE:10 0 0 £jO monthly 0 0 12.50 montMy f25 0 0 i7t) monthly £7 10 0 £500 monthly.. iE50 O 0 Address H. LEwis, 27, Charles-street, Cardiff. Life PoHcies and RGverstons bOUOHT OR ADVANCES arranged thereon. A\OID PBOFESSIOXAL MOXEY-LEXDEES. 5 TO X i- 1 000. I.NTLHEST :2: C!). IX THL jEl. W. JACKSON, 70, Plymouth Grov, Manchester. Td. 234 Hucholme. 432 ?s-. '? ? ? ?.?? €??& ??.?????''—??.?? .j3?e ? r:'t ?!;AT <r ??t.*? tut?s ? ?? ? ? )!? t H' ?:!S !? i't.ort.t: ? B f ?? .<:t ? !('C\)!!? IS TH?t? f ? ri<t'\<ST t-'??trT: \T THIS B ? \?!')L''??rs?,i!<UUR??i!? t S i ?;.s \) L T:iAT IS CLAl.?t I' ? on D. ? ?T<? 0?'' nccC puffcr ?vith t?' ?L?u?iiti?tn. !?-\spcpsia, N ,r,, u 1,? Kidney Dis- ( ??dcr?.< ?t.urYt, piabt:tes,C.c'nsH- p:<tic't). ] c?cTnu cr any anmcnt ) misin?trc'm impure bibod. One ? ? BUSS M&mE HERBS ? BLiSS NATIVE HERBS ? tt'Lcn C:C]1 day "iJl lj II ic1,;l)- put 1110,;1 c;ened system in herb nnj in its cc'tnr'osition has a spccia) mission tc' perform. !h 1,x c'< the remedy cc'ntains 2<'<' i.Ieis tor 4 and a Reqis- tcied Gnarantcc to crHK' or .'knc) Hc:funded. 32 Page \);r).)nac teJis the story ? )H? AiO?/0 < ULISS COM ? <a ?\?Y. 0??(?, W.c.. ARE L t? s?L? yiAKJ US or BL!SS ?m ? .? ?ATlVt; Ht.KBS ? SOLD 0:\L1 BY- NURSE A. PHILLIPS,' MILLBROOK LODGE, X E A H HAVERFORPWEST. 34s JOHN HENRY EVANS MASON, Begs to miorm the Pubhc that he has REMOVED FROM 6. NORTH STREET, re — to, GLOUCESTER TERRACE. — At whidi Address all Orders will receive prompt attention. CHIMNEYS SWEPT OX THE SHORTEST NOTICE. ESTIMATES OIVEX FOR EVERY KIND OF MASON WORK. NOTICE: J OH N TTH OM AS, WtNCH LANE, MASON, BUILDER & CONTRACTOR, Begs to inform the Public that he has —— REMOVED TO —— No. 5, Bush Row, St. Thomas Oreen Haverfordwest. Where he will continue to give his best care and attention t.o all Orders entrusted to him. CHIMNEYS SWEPT ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS. BOROUGH OF THE TOWN AND CuUNTY OF IIAVERFORDWEST. FAIRS FOR 1907. T HE FAIRS for  'be held as fouowm r?HE FAIRS lot 19?' ''111 be held as follow* JL unless uutore?ecu cir'?tnst&nces eball make an a!terat:ou ucceesa'y :— JANUARY Tuesday, Sth. FEBRUARY Tuesday, 12th. MARCH .Tuesday, 19th. APRIL Tuesday, 9th. MAY. ,Tucsd!l.V, 14th. JUNE (for Wool & Stock), Tuesday, lith. JULY .Tuesday, 9th. AUGUST.Tuesday, Hth. SEPTEMBER Et'iday, 6th. SEPTEMBER .Tuesday, 17th. OCTOBER (Hiring) .Saturday, 5th. OCTOBER Tuesday, 22nd. NOVEMBER.Tuesday, 12th. DECEMBER Tuesday, 10th. THE pfGr FAIRS Will be held on the day after the C&ttle Faire. Dealers and others attending the Haverfordwett Fairs ;).rc hereby cautioned against the practice of 'Lacerating with a Knitc or other Instrument for the purpose of Marking any animal. and Notice is Hereby Given, thut under Statute 12 and 13 Victoria Cap. M. all persons found Lacerating any Anima will be liable to a Penalty of t,5. JAMES REYNOLDS, Mayor. Haverfordwest, 'KoT.9th, 1906. OE?CE ENVELOPES for Cbur?he;- and ChtLpeIe r -s 3d per K"X'.—"'' OHice, H?verfordwee